MIT Officials Did Not Immediately Return Calls

Earlier in the day, Fox News cited unnamed sources that, indeed, the paper was “Hit by a Cyber Attack.” VentureBeat speculated the outage was due to “overwhelming traffic” to a 10,000-word feature article. The company had a deal with the Burly Bear college cable network to broadcast a television show, which featured bands chosen from […]


In These Days Of Apps For Everything, Starting With A Web-only Service That Communicates Via Text Is Definitely Unusual

The red ring of debris is from the recent satellite destruction shenanigans by the Chinese….who’s brilliant idea was that? Investors have, in recent weeks, ditched their positions in the social platform that bills itself as a camera company. Last week, Snap shares tumbled to their initial public offering price of $17 after figures showed Snapchat […]

The internet

“Ganga Mein Nahaya, Ab Ganga Se Naha (You Have Bathed In The Ganges, Now Bathe With Ganga),” Said A Billboard For Ganga Soap

9:55There’s a rumor that John Hodgman, the “PC” guy from Apple’s commercials, will be opening up WWDC. The campaign paid off. On Friday, Apple announced an exchange program for owners of the last-generation PowerMac G4s (those with mirrored drive doors). For $20, Apple will replace the original power supply and fan with new, quieter models. […]


Flying In The Face Of Infertility

“Sea smoke is scary stuff,” said Greg Vester, a commercial lobsterman. “One minute you’re fine, the next minute you see some wispy little clouds on the water, and the next minute you’re socked in and can’t see a thing. Worse yet, the other boats can’t see you at all.” The company currently holds more than […]


Before Mitnick Became A Security Consultant, Lecturer And Author (his Next Book Is The Art Of Intrusion), He Served Five Years In Federal Prisons Much Like The One Stewart Is In

“The real innovation ended for Apple in 2007-2009 with the first versions of the iPhone and we haven’t seen anything since,” said Herbold. Rather, keep your sphere of influence small and your interactions with others deep and rich. Spend time with your friends and family. Focus on growing your career or your business. Build real […]


Of Course, That Was Back When Almost All The Internet Retailers Were Basking In The Sunlight Of A Bull Market

The best-case scenario for an investigator is seizing a physical device—one lawyer told me that he advises his clients to immediately destroy their phones or laptops after being accused, especially because Pakistani courts privilege physical evidence and a lack of it could help undermine a case. But even if there were a device containing incriminating […]