“The Primary Focus Of These Actions Is The Public’s ‘access’ To These Goods And Services Sold Over The Website,” Said Howard Behar, One Of The Attorneys Representing Access Now

I’ve written other books in the past, and as soon as I finish writing it I go straight to the printer, because even if I had a publisher waiting for me right there I’d still want to do that. It just takes too long. I don’t have the patience to spend a year of my life writing a book and then be finished, and all I want to do is have people read it and I’m so excited about … and then I have to wait a year for them to do all this process and make the cover, which probably won’t even be a cover that I like … By the time it actually comes out I’m over it already. So I want to put it out now, so that at least my immediate friends and family can see it, and my inner circle that actually pays attention to my website, they can buy it.

Berry said that Loca Records, which does not sign exclusive contracts with its artists, is investing in musicians by giving them the freedom to experiment and build on each other’s creations.

The Treca Digital Academy‘s report card states that the school is in “academic watch” after passing just two of 17 indicators. Test results for The Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy were missing from the Ohio Department of Education’s website, but information on the OHDELA website states that the school met the state requirement in one of five subjects. OHDELA and the DOE are investigating the omission.


According to a Symantec press release:

The scheme, conceived by Sydney-based Ocean Nourishment Corporation and slated for large-scale testing off the coast of the Philippines next year, captures the Wild West reality of climate engineering in the 21st century. Scientists and entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on global warming concerns have proposed everything from iron seeding to orbital mirrors to reflect the sun. Meanwhile, these practices are governed only by a skimpy patchwork of laws.

Part of the genius of EC2 is that it gave software developers virtual machines that behaved a lot like the physical machines they were familiar with. They could run the same sort of software they had always used. Amazon didn’t try to tell the customer what he wanted.

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This would require new protocols be written, however, since most card processors are not set up to decrypt card data.

Evanson specializes in blue chip domains like mm.com, which he sold for a tidy $1.2 million last year, so at first glance he isn’t impressed with the NSA’s portfolio—the spy agency used a lot of fake download sites, ad networks, and notional technology blogs in its espionage. “Not going to have a lot of appeal to Joe or Mary Sixpack,” he grumbles.

Billionaire investor and Wall Street activist Carl Icahn believes Apple is massively undervalued. And so, in a letter posted on his website Thursday, Icahn urged the Cupertino-based company to do something about it by using its “excessive liquidity” to buy back shares of Apple stock.

From the Tate Britain in London to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Google Art Project lets you browse 385 rooms in 17 galleries, and see more than 1,000 works by 486 artists.

Rozaid said AgendaMalaysia’s backers have injected sufficient funds to guarantee its survival for two years in case it fails to draw substantial ad revenue. The site’s operators hope to attract 60,000 visits a day within six months. Malaysiakini boasts nearly 200,000 hits daily.

38. When FOX built the fake “I’m no scar” website for Arrested Development, the visitor counter was fixed at 42.

Granted there are some good arguments against the settlement, because Google does obtain legal immunity from being sued for copyright infringement for scanning, displaying and selling the orphan books. Other companies that wanted to get the same rights will have to go through the same process as Google – digitize the books, get sued and come to a settlement.

U.S. Users Give It Up for the Net

Rich men hire security for the same reason that banks do; they’re where the money is. Robbery, gang attack, and kidnapping were always within the range of possibility for Kim’s family. They had never imagined a raid by a tactical antiterror team.

Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer, JB Straubel, says the company now has several hundred workers and machinery installed in its 1.2 million-square-foot factory in Buffalo.

Civil liberty and legal advocacy groups have called on lawmakers to reform the CFAA to prevent zealous prosecutors from punishing conduct that many feel doesn’t truly constitute a computer crime. Calls for reform grew particularly loud in 2013 after internet activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide following his indictment on charges related to downloading academic papers.

Immigrants founded half of the billion dollar startups in the US. Now many worry that Trump’s current travel ban and any future restrictions to work visas could hamper growth in Silicon Valley.

More than 50 percent of all online purchases are made with Visa cards, and security experts at Visa International agree that all sensitive data should be encrypted, both during transmission and storage.

Preying on the angst in America? “Absolutely not,” says Eli Lilly spokeswoman Debbie Davis. “This is aimed at patients who have already been diagnosed with depression and have been stabilized on fluoxetine. For them, this is another treatment option.”

So without further ado, here they are – Genetic Future’s predictions for the emerging (and ongoing) trends of 2009 in the field of human genomics:

“You’re not old enough yet to be selling your pictures online, but pretty soon you will be,” reads the accompanying text in the teacher’s lesson plan. (.pdf) “And you’ll appreciate if the rest of us respect your work by not copying it and doing whatever we want with it.”

He hopes these features will enable users to track the genealogy of music – like which artists influenced each other – with the eventual goal of creating a music encyclopedia.

Albright’s first map uses scraped data to project the route of fake news across digital platforms

Katz, who oddly was using Dave as a go-between, had apparently erased the words “impossible” and “no” from his vocabulary. He insisted on meeting ASAP, that night, at the bar. Barton refused. Telling co-workers he felt “harassed,” he cut his shift early and wound up playing a gig at another bar nearby.

The Great Batman Equipment Archive [Kainwind’s Website]

“The primary focus of these actions is the public’s ‘access’ to these goods and services sold over the website,” said Howard Behar, one of the attorneys representing Access Now. “Providing access to only those services that are offered at American or Southwest’s physical ticketing locations, when the rest of the non-vision impaired public is also given access to the Internet in the convenience of their home/office or anywhere is not the ‘full and equal enjoyment’ mandated by law.”

Referring to a musty United Nations list from which the Internet’s two-letter country codes were assigned, Maguire noticed East Timor had its own two-letter designator: tp.

“[N]o landlord has been prosecuted under the federal controlled substances statutes for renting an apartment to a know drug seller. Nor has any internet service provider been prosecuted because users of the service engage in illegal transactions using the provider’s internet service,” he wrote.

When I moved to Brooklyn, my roommate hooked me up with his weed dealer. He laid out shockingly specific instructions for contacting the guy. First, I had to text a certain number with the message “Is this mm?” Those capitalizations, that punctuation. If I was cool, I’d get a text back from a different (and ever-changing) number with the menu for the day. The prices were non-negotiable, there were no questions; I was to reply with a product name and a number of grams. It was complicated and felt somehow dangerous, but it worked: With just two texts, I summoned a carnival of cannabis to my front door.

The three groups issued a joint statement promising to cooperate to cooperate to recover the stolen funds, following weeks of accusations over who is to blame.

Okay, you’ve clicked on the link. Seen the video. Ogled the endless slides of photos perfectly doctored to make it look as though “all your base are belong to us” has infiltrated the entire planet. But you’re still scratching your head, afraid to utter the phrase that will reveal your ignorance of humor in the new millennium: “I don’t get it.”

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