Of Course, That Was Back When Almost All The Internet Retailers Were Basking In The Sunlight Of A Bull Market

The best-case scenario for an investigator is seizing a physical device—one lawyer told me that he advises his clients to immediately destroy their phones or laptops after being accused, especially because Pakistani courts privilege physical evidence and a lack of it could help undermine a case. But even if there were a device containing incriminating content, could you necessarily determine who had transmitted or downloaded the material?

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson says he pre-ordered the Mark One about a year ago for $8,000, but was told last Friday in a phone call with a MarkForged salesman that the company refuses to sell him one, citing terms of service that disallow private citizens from using the machine to make firearms. So instead, Wilson is offering what he describes as a “bounty” to anyone who can get him MarkForged’s new carbon fiber printer.

Started by freelance media producer Pawel Janicki and media artist Jarek Kujda in 2001, the Gameboyzz Orchestra plays live music that can be simultaneously euphonious, grating and reminiscent of a Legend of Zelda implosion. The curious can grab a quick listen to tracks available for download on their website.

Emslie may have spent as long as 48 hours to create the mockup in Corel’s Bryce 3D software. He isn’t sure exactly how long it took: “A lot of late-night work tends to warp time perception a bit,” he said.

Thanks to my experiences and my research, by the time I actually set foot on a lot, I was heavily paranoid. I questioned everything.

BP launched a pilot program to test gas pumps that stream music from Pandora and post videos to social media.

But Opera encounters more difficulties rendering buggy or nonstandard Web pages (especially links containing JavaScript) than Firefox, Internet Explorer, iRider or Deepnet. Whether that’s an issue for you depends entirely on the websites you tend to browse.

OpenBitTorrent has been mixed up as being a part of and/or a side project to The Pirate Bay. The reason for this is that during the startup period during February through August of 2009, we shared the same hosting company and to some extent used the same tracker cluster and IP-address space provided by DCP Networks, the same service provider as The Pirate Bay used. OpenBitTorrent was at the time a customer of DCP Networks and Fredrik Neij, one of their employees but also one of the founders of The Pirate Bay.

Arment explained that his “read later” app Instapaper Pro was an example of software that breaks free from metaphor. In reading mode, you can view articles that split up into easily readable “cards,” but as soon as text is selected, you can begin scrolling. In that way, it’s a combination of the experience of reading a website and a book.

The alliance plans to continue the work of the Web-based Education Commission, which released a report in December titled The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice.

“What is most remarkable about this system is how you can support such a giant user population with such a small network,” said Michael Beckley, Appian‘s co-founder.

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Sylvia Liu is the winner of the $10,000 2010 G.I.R.L. Scholarship.

Personally, I’m often blown away by the empathic, astute observations my teenaged sons and their friends make with regards to bullying, and while we have talked about this issue at home with some regularity, I have to credit our school district and local community with some excellent anti-bullying curricula and programming, as well. My high-school-aged son is involved with an anti-bullying club that partners with his school’s gay-straight alliance to raise awareness of bullying’s toxic effect on school culture while empowering observers on the sidelines to speak up when they see bullying take place. My middle school son participated last year in a lesson in forgiveness where students delivered hand-written letters of apology to peers that they had bullied or teased in the past, as part of their home economics curriculum…

The Rojadirecta .com and .org domains were seized in January along with eight others connected to broadcasting pirated streams of professional sports.

The agreement stipulates that Ziff Davis must pay the state of New York $100,000, which will be divided among the three states for investigative costs, consumer education and other purposes.

Photo courtesy flickr user yummiec00kies**, YouTube video from user nz0z

Rivian Automotive, where Mr. Wagoner served as a director, has been designing an electric sports car and recently bought a shuttered factory in Normal, Ill. That factory had long built Mitsubishi Motors Corp. vehicles.

Postage Stamp FunniesPostage Stamp Funnies

“I think it has to be the lemon Gatorade for sure that’s way more popular,” DraftKings Co-Founder Matt Kalish said during an interview on FOX Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell.

The engine still slurps about 15 liters of 75% alcohol, and 15 liters of LOX per second. If we are not forced to shut down the engine we expect a 20-30 second burn.

Of course, that was back when almost all the Internet retailers were basking in the sunlight of a bull market. In the year and a half that followed its May 1999 IPO, eToys saw many of its online competitors, like Disney-backed, close up shop in the face of persistent losses.

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