Given Shortage Of Shares In Newly Public Companies, Many Short-sellers Find It Easier To Bet Against More Established Firms

Watching on the iPad is a joy. You can even watch on your phone—helpful if you’re sneaking into the break room to watch the announcements. Just fire up Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running any iOS newer than 7.0. Go to Apple’s WWDC website and load the stream there.

But it’s the alchemical relationship between readers and authors that really propels Wattpad. Fiction is often romanticized as a solitary craft—the authors secluded in their aeries, away from worldly distraction—but Todd, like many Wattpad writers, says she couldn’t have produced nearly so much without the daily encouragement, scrutiny, and (frankly) pressure from readers hungering to know where the story would go. In that sense Wattpad narratives are perhaps closer to other forms of serial writing—TV or comic books—than to modern literary novels.

Wired News: Can you tell us what’s exciting about web 2.0 and what we can expect from the conference?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an order on Wednesday for all U.S. federal agencies to remove Kaspersky products from their departments, stating that the Russian government could be gaining access to U.S. information and communications through the company’s anti-virus products.

She just looks at me. “Yeah, right,” is written all over her face. I can read it clearly – it’s written in capital letters.

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But a new public art project in Ohio encourages kids to think bigger than that new porch swing: using software and digital cameras, the youngsters are collaborating to re-design their city.

TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is an open-source pen testing framework designed specifically for simulating social engineering attacks, such as phishing, spear phishing, credential harvesting, and more. Elliot used SMS spoofing from within SET, a module that’s unavailable on the newer versions, but Mr. Robot tech adviser Michael Bazzell said that it’s possible for users to add that package back in within the new version.

As examples, Pilgrim points to scripts that add links on a Yahoo Maps page to Google Maps, and mix web services like Bloglines and del.icio.us.

Visit the Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks website for more information.

I’ve seen a lot of iPhone cases and the Alter Ego is a pretty basic one. It’s a flexible silicon skin that’s easy to pop on and off and it’s inexpensive. It will provide basic impact and scratch protection without adding much in the way of bulk or weight, and the silicon combined with a stamped hexagon pattern means your hands can get a good grip on the iPhone — unfortunately, that grippy texture means it can attract dust and dog hair too, but that’s probably a bigger hazard in my house than most.

Part of NASA’s vision for space exploration is the Ares I program, which is a two-stage rocket that will launch astronauts into space. Along with the Orion crew vehicle, it is meant to replace the aging space shuttle. Critics would say that the project has exceeded its budget and is behind schedule. Activists have proposed cheaper, simpler alternatives, such as a re-hash of the national launch system, which uses parts from existing rockets instead of a completely new design.

A person familiar with the matter said that two of the companies had submitted amended proposals, while a third had asked for more time, declining to specify which one.

This morning, Twitter announced it’s teaming up with Square to allow Twitter users to make a donation directly through Twitter. The goal is to remove some of the friction would-be donors face, by putting a big blue “Contribute” button right in their Twitter feed.

Given shortage of shares in newly public companies, many short-sellers find it easier to bet against more established firms.

They set up field trips, bicker among themselves and swap e-mails about the murderer’s famous letters to police and the press.

For some extreme hands-on testing of the physicality of the SlingShot, I recommend watching this video review by ‘Blunty’ Burr.

“Providing real resources that are really going to help artists is a tough job,” said Tom Chernaik, CEO of All Indie, a company that helps bands promote and distribute their music. “There aren’t a lot of people who are doing this stuff. Riding it out in the long haul will be a good situation. There is a lot of space for this, but there aren’t a lot of artists who are ready to use the services that we are offering.”

“The more cell lines the better, because then you can compare them,” said Dr. Ariff Bongso, a Singapore scientist. Bongso has created stem cell lines for his own use and for the Singapore-based company he helped found, ES Cell International.

An investment from Berkshire, which has purchased a large stake in Apple Inc. but traditionally avoided technology companies, would help Sprint invest in its network and afford price cuts to drive customer growth.

They are not what I thought feminism looked like, but then I had to change my idea of what feminism looked like.

The penguin concept was picked from the crowd of other logo contenders when it became apparent that Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, had a “fixation for flightless, fat waterfowl,” said Jeff Ayers, a Linux programmer.

But if recent trends in elementary and secondary education hold their course, that stereotype could be changing.

When Wales put his support behind an effort last fall to launch a news site, he said he expected the result to be a far cry from a mainstream journalism operation. So far, he hasn’t been proven wrong.

Adapted and excerpted from Breakpoint by Jeff Stibel. Copyright 2013 by the author and reprinted by permission of Palgrave Macmillan, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd.

One of the animators profiled on the show is Los Angeles animator David Poole, who has spent 20 years as an animator and artist. His website, Computer Putty, which showcases his work, brought him to ABC’s attention.

Sexually explicit material isn’t supposed to be sold on military bases, but you’ll be shocked – shocked – to learn that physical-media pornography can occasionally be found in on-base post exchanges. In 2007, that caused religious groups to beg then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates to crack down on Playboy or even lad-mags like Maxim. They were aided by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.), who warned Gates, “If soldiers want to read that stuff, they can walk down the street and buy it somewhere else… I don’t want (the military) to help.”

Wait. That’s not entirely true. Whenever there’s a new plan, you can always count on Yahoo to confuse the heck out of everyone. And yesterday’s news that sent the stock up more than 2% was no exception. Except this time, it was the media that got it wrong.

MetaMind is just four months old, but its website, launched today, provides a taste of the technology the company will offer to businesses large and small—not to mention anyone else on the net. You can see how its deep learning tools can, say, recognize particular images or understand the meaning of particular sentences. If you drag and drop a few chocolate-chip-cookie photos onto one MetaMind tool, it can then automatically identify other images of chocolate-chip cookies. If you type “bald man on a horse,” it can show you images of bald men on horses.

Interestingly, no one had the objection that it didn’t feel like, well, reading a book. I expected to have this problem with the eReader but I found it very easy to get used to, even though I love physical books. I grew especially attached to the ability to make any book instantly large print. Far better than holding a paperback close to my nose.

With creditor approval, investors will be able to buy ProSiebenSat1, providing a strong footing in Europe’s biggest television market, then buy its film rights through a capital increase.

Not just any scientist, of course. This is Michael Faraday, the first Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at Britain’s Royal Institution, considered by many to be one of the greatest experimentalists in the history of science. He discovered benzene, invented an early version of the Bunsen burner, identified metallic particles on the nanoscale, studied industrial pollution, investigated mining dissasters, made so many profound discoveries in the field of electromagnetism that Faraday is as beloved by those who know the history of physics as by those who follow chemistry. My fellow editor here, Jennifer Ouelette, last year wrote a tribute to Faraday, and his lessons on the candle, on her blog, Cocktail Party Physics. At the equally physics-loving blog, Skull in the Stars, you’ll find this tributeto Faraday’s early education into the politics of science.

Ball said that he is particularly surprised because he considers AdWords advertising unusually cost-effective – candidates don’t have to pay when their ad appears on Google, only when users click through to their sites. And in his Saturday experiment, the cost per click for reaching voters was 13 cents.

Using the app, parents can send messages to their kids that are then printed using a thermal printer inside of the tiny wooden mailbox. Parents can control what time their kids get new letters and if other family members also have access to the mailbox—so if a grandparent wants to send a note, parents can enable that. And since this is 2016, the toy mailbox also receives and prints photos, so you can send your children a picture, minus more screen time.

1UPDATE 3:47 PM ET 03/02/16: This story has been updated to accurately reflect that Ghostery does not collect the same data that third-party trackers collect, but rather collects and sells data about the trackers themselves.

EA is selling old products to unsuspecting consumers at a premium price, and fans are confused and angry.

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