Princess Leia Gets A Futuristic, Art Deco Treatment In This Star Wars Poster By Szoki

In 2015, approximately 27 million Americans (11% of the adult population) were victimized by phone scams, compared to only 7% in a similar 2014 survey. Total 2015 losses to phone scams was $7.4 billion, or an average loss of nearly $274 per victim. Scams are trending in three alliterative aspects: mobile devices, men, and millennials.

You read that right: Partnering with Dark Horse, the legendary Atwood is releasing a comic book.* *The project sees the Canadian novelist collaborating with Canadian comic book artist Johnnie Christmas to, in the words of the announcement, “concoct a superhero who is part cat, part bird.” Atwood has always been interested in changing technologies and post-apocalyptic worlds, with some of her best novels—like The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) and The Heart Goes Last (2015)—set in futuristic dystopias. As one of the world’s great contemporary novelists, whose novels examine oppressive social structures and dangerous advances in technology, Atwood will no doubt help further comic books’ already solid literary bona fides.

“That would be foolish,” said Verizon Wireless spokesman Howie Walterman. “I don’t think there’s any point in having an outright ban. First of all, we go back to that statistic we talked about a while ago…. When you have nearly 140,000 people calling 911 from their wireless phones every day … it’s clear that the wireless phone is a safety tool and that cannot be compromised.”

The film studios – including Walt Disney’s film units, Vivendi Universal’s Universal Studios, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, and AOL Time Warner’s Warner Brothers – are concerned the code would allow their films to be pirated over the Internet.

Model 3 orders at 180,000 in 24 hours. Selling price w avg option mix prob $42k, so ~$7.5B in a day. Future of electric cars looking bright!

Designing a custom-tailored shirt is pretty quick and simple (you are guided through the process and detailed measurement instructions are included), although it pays to have a second person available to do the measuring for you. If you’re not certain, you can use an existing shirt from your wardrobe as a base for measuring, instead of attempting to be your own fitter.

Private equity firms TPG and Sycamore Partners are also reportedly in the second round of bidding for Yahoo, according to Recode.

Named for the hero of the epic poem written around 1000 about a man who slays a monster, Beowulf clusters are supercomputers that are built by linking individual, commodity (off-the-shelf) computers together, using an open-source architecture – developed in part by Becker – that enables the machines to work together.

“Just because there is a promise today, that doesn’t mean that’s how it is going to work out in the future,” Goldberg said. “Without any rules from the FCC, the contracts you sign up for are going to be your opt-in, and that’s a huge problem.

Princess Leia gets a futuristic, art deco treatment in this Star Wars poster by Szoki.

Given those last two points, it’s obvious that Flickr isn’t gearing up to compete with YouTube. By imposing the 90-second time limit (and 150MB file size limit) on videos, Flickr is encouraging users to keep the emphasis more on personal, “slice of life” video snapshots than the longer vlogs, lip sync videos, viral clips, re-posted television clips and other content typically found on YouTube. Yahoo also already has a sharing site for viral videos and more serious personal publishers at video.yahoo.com.

“I don’t think they specifically tried to hide it, but they seem to have been trying to avoid any undue attention by discreetly bundling the fix with a service pack,” said “Sozni” of Xato Network Security. “It is kind of like throwing a couple of personal deductions in with the business deductions on your tax forms, and hoping the IRS won’t notice them.”

HP says it will support HSPA+, which is the GSM version of 3G wireless technology, so expect the U.S. carrier to be either AT&T or T-Mobile.

Having the SBG domain registration expire on the day the United States was attacked is “a hell of a coincidence,” said Charles Boncelet, a University of Delaware computer and information sciences professor, who is an expert on the field of steganography – the science of hiding information.

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For his part, Reeves is working on a game to encourage people to use less electricity at home, by displaying their household’s usage as an icon on a website, glowing green if it’s using fairly low amounts of juice, and grey if it’s wasting energy. Neighbors can sign up and see each other’s usage, creating a competition to be the greenest household.

There is also ongoing consolidation. Verizon (NYSE:VZ) is buying Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) for nearly $5 billion, although the recent security breach at Yahoo has raised questions about whether the deal will get completed. Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo told investors the situation is under review.

Believing that the root of terrorism is religion requires ruling out other root causes, so Harris set about doing that. In his book he listed such posited causes as “the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza…the collusion of Western powers with corrupt dictatorships…the endemic poverty and lack of economic opportunity that now plague the Arab world.”

Now, they’re targeting never before seen episodes from flagship shows such as “Games of Thrones” (GOT) and “Ballers” just as AT&T (NYSE:T) seeks to close its $85 billion purchase of the premium cable channel, timing could not have been worse which begs the question: Why HBO and why now?

Gadget Lab will soon receive a Windows Phone 7 prototype for testing. We’ll keep you posted on our impressions this week. Follow @gadgetlab or @bxchen on Twitter to stay plugged in to the news.

It’s very important that Patch bloggers are not paid – in order to maintain their independence, according to New Lenox Patch editor Michael Sewall.

Wired News:: You mentioned that you’d been to the Wired offices before. How did that come about?

In addition to bumping up stakes in technology companies Yelp Inc.(NASADQ:YELP), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) David Einhorn also added six new positions to Greenlight Capital’s portfolio last quarter.

If Google did so, it could be revisiting ground that DoubleClick trod in 1999 when it merged with market research firm Abacus Direct, which owned detailed profiles on consumers’ purchases through mail-order catalogs. DoubleClick proposed to merge the two sets of data – putting names to online profiles, which set off a privacy firestorm and led to an armada of lawsuits and investigations by state and federal regulators.

Nelson believes her work could be misinterpreted by conservatives who have dismissed the idea of a digital divide.

The StunRay emits a controlled swath of white light, which claims to be about 10 times more intense than an aircraft landing light. (The company’s website says it is bright enough to read a newspaper a mile away).

WN: Does it make you a little sad that we even need a service like Open Source Risk Management? It bugs me sometimes that Linux has become a pawn in the corporate reindeer games.

As such, they’ve advertised Blast as a venture that will tout a wide range of bands, including southern soul/roots duo The Civil Wars, California noise-punk enthusiasts Weekend, soul shouter Charles Bradley and indie hot topic The Dodos.

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