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“Elliot Spitzer Is Constantly Educating Himself On New Technology,” Said Edward Hayes, A Manhattan Lawyer Who Worked With Spitzer On A Case About The Disbursement Of Funds For Victims Of The Sept

The first one: Enigmo — a “physics based puzzle game” where you try to get falling dropletes of water into a target, using touch / pinch gestures to move, size, and rotate objects.

“If you’re trying to destroy electronic communication because you don’t want your husband or wife or lover or whoever it is to discover it, that’s one thing. If you’re trying to hide it from the government or a law enforcement agency, that’s far more difficult,” says investigative reporter Jason Leopold. Many emails that disappeared between 2003 and 2005 when the Bush administration switched from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook were recovered, recalls Leopold, who covered that story back in 2008. “Even with Hillary Clinton, they purged a number of emails that she claimed were personal, and even that was difficult because they were able to retrieve them,” he explains.

The system details and source code for the project are available on the Waterloo Labs website, which volunteers that while there is no permanent set-up for Real-Life Mario Kart for enthusiasts to visit, “we would be happy to help you build your own!”

Alongside the physical book, Where You Are lives as a website where each of the contributions are laid out in an interactive feature made by The Workers. Visual Editions’ painstaking design process might seem like a lot of work, but when you place one of their titles next to an ordinary book, you begin to see why it’s worth it. “We think visual storytelling is a meaningful part of how we live, and we think its really an integral part of how we look and read and understand things,” says Iversen. “It’s about pushing the boundaries of what a book is.”

That could be one of the things you might be saying the next time you’re visiting England. And it wouldn’t be a gimmick.

Microsoft has released a new Windows Media plug-in for Firefox which allows you to use Windows Media Player inside the Firefox browser. The new plug-in supports Windows XP SP2 and Vista including the 64 bit versions of both OSes.

An Australian competitor of Cognitive Drug Research, Cogstate, offers a product called Cogstate Sport that monitor an athlete’s recovery from concussions. Customers include the Rugby Football League in Britain and the Australian Football League.

“It’s part reunion, and it’s part information gathering,” Toole said. “I think it’s going to be a big deal.”

“Elliot Spitzer is constantly educating himself on new technology,” said Edward Hayes, a Manhattan lawyer who worked with Spitzer on a case about the disbursement of funds for victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. “And he uses what he learns to take quick action against any schemes intended to rip off the public.”

The Google Home Mini unveiled Wednesday is a button-sized speaker covered in fabric. It includes the same features featured in a cylindrical speaker that Google rolled out last year in response to Amazon’s Echo .

In interviews posted online, this same geeky side of the man is even more pronounced. When Reuters interviewed him about bitcoin’s future last April, Karpeles spent the interview perched – awkwardly and without explanation – on a blue exercise ball. He told the news agency that Mt. Gox was receiving between $5 million and $20 million in incoming transfers each day, while paying out somewhere between $300,000 and $1 million.

If Fichtler’s path, as an up-and-coming marketing pro out of the local university, represents a very typical one toward becoming a TEDx organizer, Schotthoefer’s has been an unlikely journey indeed. A troubled and low-achieving high school student in Oregon, he considered seminary after graduation but joined the Navy instead. He wound up working 17-hour days on an aircraft carrier as an ordnanceman, loading bombs and missiles into F-18 Hornets. After his military commitment ran out in 2004, he went to school to be an ad copywriter, only to find, on graduation, that the recession had made jobs in traditional advertising nearly nonexistent. So he started getting interested in social media; after relocating with his fiancée and infant daughter to Bozeman in 2008, he began working odd stints at two digital agencies in town: 8 am to 5 pm at one, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the other. When a friend from high school grabbed the license for TEDxBoulder, Schotthoefer set his sights on bringing it to Bozeman. He signed up Ken and then scoped out a venue and started lining up speakers. The two set only one requirement: All the speakers needed to have some deep connection to Montana.

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