“Considering That My Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE (both First And Second Review Units) Didn’t Function Like It Was Supposed To, I Can’t Recommend Buying It — And Paying The Monthly Cell Fee — Based On Promises,” Verge Reviewer Lauren Goode Wrote

Jennifer Granick, a cyberlaw attorney at Stanford Law School who often works with the EFF, said Johansen would be wise to be cautious. “Johansen has been out of the reach of the U.S. government and the DOJ,” she said. “The fact is that when you’ve done something that the authorities think is illegal under U.S. law, you’ll probably attract attention when you’re capable of being arrested.”

Whoa! Thank goodness, after all my years (2) of fruitless searching, someone finally created a dating site that people like me can use. No, it’s not Date My Pet or, although if you were looking for those sites, I’m happy to direct you to them. No, I’m talking about a website for people like me and Derek Zoolander: extremely, extremely good-looking people.

Critical infrastructure systems around the world are the targets of repeated cyberattacks, according to a new global survey of technology executives in these industries. They believe some of the attacks are coming not just from individual cybercriminals but terrorists and foreign nation states.

It suggests that your entertainment media won’t be pumped into your house through a box or live on the computer you use to make spreadsheets. The digital hub isn’t your PC, and it definitely isn’t a server somewhere sitting lonely in your office or basement.

“Besides insects as we understand them today, the collection also includes such things as spiders, scorpions, millipedes and crabs…By the time of his death in 1778, Linnaeus had named some 305 species of butterfly, all but 6 of which still bear their Linnaean name today. Many of the best known, most intensively studied and most important species were named by him.”

The U.S. Commerce Department has ordered companies that administer internet addresses to stop allowing customers to register .us domain names anonymously using proxy services.

Dark Cloud Hovers Over Black Hat

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“Considering that my Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE (both first and second review units) didn’t function like it was supposed to, I can’t recommend buying it — and paying the monthly cell fee — based on promises,” Verge reviewer Lauren Goode wrote. (

Wired: Let’s talk about performance. Is your character the same person who is the ostensible voice speaking in the books or in the “Ask A Former Professional Literary Agent?”

The problem with most conventional produce like leafy greens is the travel time it takes to get into supermarket aisles.

UPDATE: In a nice ironic twist, it seems that one of the victims of the original Craigslist Sex con got his picture temporarily removed from Jason Fortuny’s website using a DMCA takedown notice. Fortuny says he filed a counter notice, which wasn’t responded to, and now the image is back up.

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