For Now Dynamic Pricing Seems To Be The Best Option We Have To Help Free Up Parking In Congested Cities, But It Requires Cities And Taxpayers To Foot The Bill For City-wide Sensors And Upgraded Parking Meters

Dutch customers will gain access to four Netflix-only series, including House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, as well as a number of other episodes and movies, including comedy Modern Family.

Muzyka wrote that he would like to get more involved with charities focused on education, and perhaps take up mentoring young entrepreneurs.

It’s still early days for Plantronics, but according to Chief Technology Officer Joe Burton, his headsets are adding more sensors and computing capacity with every update. He sees a world where programs can whisper reminders of upcoming appointments into people’s ears, and where software that uses Twitter or Facebook or Google+ can gain access to some of the sensor information that’s already being processed by a Plantronics headset.

Voice over internet protocol is going mainstream, available to consumers and increasingly replacing the private phone systems in businesses of all sizes. Like the traditional phone, a VOIP call is broken into two parts, or channels. The first is signaling, which negotiates things like when to start and stop a call, what to do if another call comes in, and what to do if something about the call changes. The second part is media, the bit where we talk. In most VOIP systems neither of these channels is actually encrypted.

The app’s drag-and-drop feature lets users select photos from their phones, bypassing digital cameras in favor of the accessibility of a smartphone. But Wilhelm is also aware that typing up instructions on a phone is less than ideal. So Instructables lets you save on your phone and access on the web, and vice versa. And it lets you see all of Instructables’ 90,000 user-submitted projects, so you can bring directions or supply lists with you.

My best guess is that Evan Ratliff left Kansas City just a few hours later on Delta flight 4499 at 6:00AM, bound for Portland, with a layover in Salt Lake City. But by that time clear thinking had come back to me, and I vowed to myself that I would not make a scene at the airport. It’s also possible that Evan Ratliff never was in Kansas City.

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[Editor’s Note: The TechCrunch20 application
(.doc) states that, in order to be selected for a slot at the event, entrants must first submit at least a portion of their business ideas to TechCrunch20. Calacanis and Michael Arrington, the organizers of the event, are both actively involved in other for-profit investments.]

It begins with simple threats. You know, rape, dismemberment, the usual. It’s a good place to start, those threats, because you might simply vanish once those threats include your family. Mission accomplished. But today, many women online — you women who are far braver than I am — you stick around. And now, since you stuck around through the first wave of threats, you are now a much BIGGER problem. Because the Worst Possible Thing has happened: as a result of those attacks, you are NOW serving Victim-Flavored Koolaid.

In May 2015, Mr. Morgenfeld joined Twitter from Hewlett-Packard where he was senior vice president of treasury, financial analytics and corporate development, joining a slate of other veteran finance executives to bolster the team under Mr. Noto, a former Goldman Sachs banker.

For now dynamic pricing seems to be the best option we have to help free up parking in congested cities, but it requires cities and taxpayers to foot the bill for city-wide sensors and upgraded parking meters. If those sensors prove to be worth the cost in San Francisco, it could spur other cities to follow suit. Shoup is optimistic that will happen, saying that Los Angeles, Ventura, Seattle, Washington D.C., and St. Louis are all trying out programs similar to San Francisco’s.

The significance of the Iris browser derives from how the page is rendered. In Iris’ case, the page is rendered using Webkit, the same powerful rendering engine behind Safari. Webkit is robust, fast and quick to jump on the newest and coolest web standards. It’s also an open source project, which means, thanks to Iris, Windows Mobile users won’t have to wait for Safari to be ported from the iPhone to Windows Mobile for the same web surfing experience.

Now that Sarkeesian, who had until this project not solicited Kickstarter funding, has more money to use for research and filming, she’s expanded the scope of the videos she plans to produce. Each of the 12 videos will run 10 to 20 minutes and explore issues related to the representations of females in videogames. Topics include “Damsel in Distress,” “Women as Reward,” “The Fighting F#@k Toy” and “Top 10 Most Common Defenses of Sexism in Games.” She is also planning on developing a classroom curriculum for teachers.

“We can’t waste the hundreds of hours that we spend every year on the nutcases out there – people who say they can fly by flapping their arms,” says Randi. “We have three file drawers jam-packed with those collections…. There are over 300 claims that we have handled in detail.”

However, PayPal declined, saying it has an exclusive charity relationship with United Way of America.

My fingers tremble as I remove the SIM card from my iPhone and insert it into the MP01. I power up, and the phone comes to life. No need to crack the manual. If you can play Pong, setup doesn’t take more than a minute. I punch in the time and date, then select a “bespoke ringtone”: Morgenfugl (“morning lark” in Norwegian), an eerily realistic bird chirp. That’s one reason why this bare-bones phone is so expensive—the details. When British designer Jasper Morrison insisted on a luxe and cost-ineffective “high specification camera paint” finish, the budget rose accordingly; and, when the Norwegian “sound artist” Kjetil Rost Nilsen was inspired to design ringtones that could pass for bird calls, the budget took another big hit. Digital detox for fancy people costs a bundle. I plug the MP01 into a power strip. A full charge will give me 290 minutes of talk time and three weeks of standby. Goodbye low battery anxiety, hello nomophobia. I scroll through the Punkt. menu: alarm, calendar, reminders, saving contacts. So much for features. This is basically a Nokia 6210 for minimalists.

Banana Republic, another chain owned by The Gap (GPS), also closed its site two days last week before reopening Aug. 26.

If like me, your estrogen status renders you incapable of participating in the cultivation of a glorious facial garden, worry not! You can still support this cause by buying awesome merch, and of course posting info about Movember to your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and blog. It’s a great cause–and an excuse to ogle handsome men. Huzzah!

I am, of course, talking about the resolution to become a more present parent (you made something similar, right?), and to make sure school plays, soccer games, and science fairs rank higher than those things that couldn’t possibly matter, like budget meetings, conference calls, and the occasional test launch. We all know that childhood is fleeting, yet we often let the trappings of our careers and other interests keep us from some of the sweetest moments our kids will ever know. It happens, and, if you like regular paychecks, it will likely continue to do so.

“The app reinforces Under Armour’s commitment to the Connected Fitness space and validates our capabilities as a technology and a connected fitness platform,” Peter Murray, Under Armour’s vice president of global sports marketing, told FOXBusiness.com. “Ultimately, it’s a fan and consumer engagement platform. We’re excited to activate the NBA relationship, leveraging our connected fitness capabilities. And it will also engage Under Armour’s Connected Fitness universe of users as well as bring new users to the UA Record platform.”

He said Boeyink had found other interesting documents during his search, including a letter from Danish physicist Niels Bohr, and was all but certain to receive top marks on his thesis.

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