Retailers Are Expected To Hire 25,000 Fewer Workers This Holiday Season, The NRF Said, As Current Staffing Levels Are Strong, And As Companies Such As Wal-Mart Offer Existing Workers More Hours Rather Than Adding Temp Workers

Raymond and Lentz-Gauthier concede the transition to electric flight will be slow, but insist it has already started.

Overall, U.S. retailers are expected to hire 25,000 fewer workers this holiday season, the NRF said, as current staffing levels are strong, and as companies such as Wal-Mart offer existing workers more hours rather than adding temp workers.

The next morning (thankfully, simulated drinking games don’t give you hangovers) my first stop was to see Ray Wehrs of Calliope Games. He showed me a finished copy of Tsuro of the Seas along with the Kickstarter rewards (you can see those in my PAX Kickstarter Round-Up), and then showed me his upcoming game, Roll for It. Each player gets three dice, and there are three goal cards set out at a time. Like Yahtzee, you get three rolls with the dice, setting aside the dice you want to keep. At the end, you get to commit matching dice to the goal cards — if you complete a goal card, you take it and reveal another one. If you have dice committed to incomplete cards, though, you get fewer dice to roll, so you’re forced to make some tricky decisions about how many cards to go for at a time. The game reminds me a little of Take It or Leave It, but with each player in control of their own dice rather than a central pool, and it’ll be a portable game that you can easily grab for on-the-go gaming. I’ll be looking forward to this one.

I quickly figured out that the easiest way to transfer settings, content, apps and data from the old phone to the new is to do an iTunes backup on the old phone and restore on the new one. The cloud takes too long. That, along with the automated setup assistant and a quick call to the carrier, had each restored and activated in less than an hour.

We could have continued Mercer’s story, but he had already achieved god-like powers that taking those further would have propelled us further down the path of fantasy. We could have also stripped Mercer of his powers, but we felt that would have been a disservice to such a cool and powerful character. Turning the tables such that you know have to take down that powerful character you knew so well from the first game is just so bloody epic!

Heather Hopkins, an internet trends analyst at Hitwise, has discovered an interesting bit of news. It seems that traffic to Second Life’s website has more than doubled among U.K. web surfers in the last two months. Here is Heather’s chart:

Larger companies such as Facebook publicly eschew discussions of “fit,” although the notion can unwittingly seep into hiring practices. For example, a 2013 study found that words used in engineering and programming job listings could serve to discourage women from applying. Words like “competitive,” ”dominant” and “leader,” can make a job seem less appealing to women in a field that is already male-dominated.

IdeaCity, a spectacular conference hosted by Moses Znaimer, “is an eclectic gathering of artists, adventurers, authors, cosmologists, doctors, designers, entertainers, filmmakers, inventors, magicians, musicians, scientists and technologists.”

In a filing to the court (.pdf) today in New York, they say that Ulbricht, as the Dread Pirate Roberts, negotiated for six murders-for-hire, none of which were ever carried out. This is four more murders-for-hire than have previously been known.

He says the hobotech genre wouldn’t have existed without Live, which gave him the ability to manipulate and modify snippets of weathered songs by the likes of Lead Belly and Son House, then quickly arrange them with other tracks, to create music different from other subsets of electronica that are sometimes separated only by hairline distinctions.

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Verizon Communications, the No. 1 U.S. wireless carrier that has agreed to buy Yahoo’s core business, reported a 6.7 percent drop in quarterly revenue as it added far fewer subscribers than expected.

This launch is really important because it will be the first time that a privately-developed spacecraft will be allowed to dock with the multi-billion dollar orbiting laboratory. It is also really awesome because SpaceX did what any good geek should and gave their spaceship a cool name: DRAGON! (Their name for configuring later capsules to carry up to seven astronauts? DragonRider. Seriously!)

Like many households, the Tobaks watch lots of TV, but on just a handful of channels, so a skinny bundle could work for us. That’s why I’ve been excited about the coming launch of AT&T’s new over-the-top service, DirecTV Now. Now that it’s here, not so much.

My most personal post is definitely my Anxiety and the Geek post. Before GeekMom, I didn’t have the strength to talk about my personal battles, but I felt this one needed to be told. Through writing it and posting it, I learned I’m not alone in this battle and I have people in my life fighting it as well that are there to help me when I need them.

There’s even an iPad app called Echograph that makes the process of creating an animated GIF easier than ever.

In Baghdad, with no preset plan, she films constantly what she witnesses, UN and US Army briefings, life in the Green Zone, the street view from inside a tank. I like the uncertainty. When I start a project, I do not know where it will go or where I will be. You have to venture out. If you are patient, things will happen. Like coincidences. All my best scenes come after coincidences.

We’ll be serializing the entirety of the novel, with a new installment every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until the whole thing is finished, sometime in January 2010.

Consider the decades-long fight for gay rights around the world. Within our lifetimes we have made enormous strides to combat homophobia and increase acceptance of queer folks’ right to marry. Queer relationships slowly progressed from being viewed as immoral and illegal, to being viewed as somewhat moral and tolerated, to finally being accepted as moral and legal.

Aside from the Apple influence, the most interesting thing about iMo is it could be cobbled together from the parts bins of 2008.

Social media already gives campaigns a good sense of which topics are most correlated with favorable or unfavorable conversation about a candidate. But Beauchamp says it’s tough to prove causality in those instances and what, exactly, caused that favorable reaction. An experiment like this one is exact.

“Any hacker worth their bits would have cleared the log so there would not be obivious traces of someone being there,” Sweeney said. “Any IP that is found there will probably be a cybercafe or a site that had been hacked and then jumped from. Tracking it back probably won’t really accomplish all that much.”

One such letter, downloaded 30,000 times, is the main attraction at the Italian Union of Rationalists and Agnostics, or UAAR, website.

Biotech Workers Excel as Artists

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