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In The US, Russians Posed As Both Trump Supporters And Bernie Bros, The Iran-linked Websites And Pages Pushed Explicitly Anti-Trump Content, Seizing On Hashtags Like #Resist, #LockHimUp, And #NotMyPresident

Nicholas Graham, an AOL spokesman, said as long as people keep installing the software, the company is glad the discs are becoming collector’s items.

And Kia attempts a humorous approach. In an ad for the Niro car, Melissa McCarthy takes on political causes like saving whales, ice caps and trees, each time to disastrous effect. The message: “It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one” with a fuel-efficient Niro.

The retailer’s previous program, ShippingPass, was a blatant attempt to undercut the price of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime, the online retailer’s incredibly successful membership program. Prime began as a service that offered free, two-day shipping on millions of items in exchange for an annual fee. Now a $99-a-year (or $10.99 a month) Prime membership comes with all sorts of perks beyond two-day shipping including Sunday delivery in many markets, the company’s streaming video and music services, early access to some deals, and unlimited photo storage.

“The RuleSpace knowledge base is going to be very attractive to a lot of corporate users,” said Bill Gassman, an analyst at the Gartner Group. “Their list will find its way into corporate America. They’ll figure: ‘If AOL is using it for their members, it’s got to be reasonably good.'”

It’s a move that will not only continue the expansion of Facebook’s reach and influence, but provide the tech giant with a new stream of data it could use to target ads across its services – its main source of revenue – or even to guide its path into the future, showing it where the mobile game is going.

According to a source familiar with Breitbart and the Mercers, the company held a meeting at its headquarters Monday to discuss Breitbart’s future. That Bannon was then removed so swiftly from the company he helped grow since 2012 clearly shows where both the billionaire Mercers and rapidly growing media concern believe their fortunes lie: with Trump. “They’ve been a mouthpiece for Steve,” that person said of Breitbart. “It goes to show you that Breitbart readers are going to pick Trump 10 times out of 10 over Steve Bannon.”

In Europe, the United Kingdom’s Government Advisory Committee on Novel Food & Processes (ACNFP) was the authority that initially assessed Monsanto’s GE soy and proposed to approve its import into Europe. In January 2001, the Committee agreed there was still uncertainty regarding the origin of the DNA and asked Monsanto to provide data demonstrating that this DNA is “silent” and does not result in the production of a novel protein.

In the US, Russians posed as both Trump supporters and Bernie bros, the Iran-linked websites and pages pushed explicitly anti-Trump content, seizing on hashtags like #Resist, #LockHimUp, and #NotMyPresident. Though Facebook found some accounts dating back to 2011, much of the network FireEye discovered seems to have been created in early 2017, after Trump assumed office.

The bigger danger is that reinforcing helmets with Kevlar – providing “Novocaine for the brain” – could compound the epidemic of concussions by providing athletes with a false sense of security. Two weeks after sustaining “concussion-like symptoms,” both Polamalu and Bergeron returned to the field with Kevlar in their helmets.

Left: Flickr developer Cal Henderson takes a Faceball on the nose. That’s a score for his opponent.

Sean Casten had a humbling experience, too. A Chicago-area cleantech entrepreneur with a master’s degree in engineering, he is trying to unseat Republican Peter Roskam in Illinois’ Sixth District.

Microsoft has scored partnerships with Sendo, Mitsubishi and Samsung, but no phone running on its Stinger software will come out until the end of the year.

A: No, I think there are many good club owners who care about their fans. It is not a backlash on the way football is going, but an interesting alternative and an attempt to see what fan power can really achieve.

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According to Susan Brown, Fortune‘s deputy director for communications, Forbes got caught when “spot checks of selected Forbes ads indicated that national equivalent pages for some ads in 2004 appeared to be incorrectly reported in the PIB figures. A Time, Inc. representative raised the issue to TNS, which looked into the issue and determined that as a result of submission errors, Forbes national equivalent pages were inaccurate.”

Male members of the Tuareg desert people are called “Targi,” and as tribal leaders they deal in goods from near and far such as dates, salt and pepper to get highly coveted gold coins and benefits.

Microsoft said residents of any country are eligible for the $250,000. The company previously has said it will not pay rewards to anyone involved in creating the viruses.

Members of the Five College Learning in Retirement Program (5CLIR) sought out someone to teach them what’s so important about DNA and the Human Genome Project.

Green points to the late, great Hyperion as a model for space-based, science-oriented imaging spectrometer: a souped-up hyperspectral imager. Hyperion collected more than 200 spectral bands, in wavelengths ranging from 400 to 2,500 nanometers—that’s all of the visible light spectrum, and a nice chunk of infrared. Hyperion was recently decommissioned after 17 years of service (it was only supposed to last 12 months). It will spend the next 40 or so years slowly spiraling into the upper atmosphere, where friction will set it aflame in a brief, but colorful, spectral display of its own.

Founded in April 2000, SafeWeb marketed an advertising-supported service said to allow users to browse the Web anonymously. In interviews, SafeWeb CEO Jon Chun boasted that the technology had been “through the rigors of the CIA’s stringent review process, which far exceeds those of the ordinary enterprise client.”

He then made a generous offer to the Facebook founder: “If he does fall upon difficult financial times, and happens to be in Indiana, I will gladly handle his case in honor of our eponymy.”

When we talk about India and China in this country, we talk about an economic threat…emerging markets. I think that the real thing that America should think about is that these countries pose a challenge to culture and spirit. [In America] we are creating a culture of destruction and pulling each other down. India and China, for all the work that lies ahead of them, are starting to create cultures of hope and cultures of creation–where there’s a consensus on the question of ‘how do we create something extraordinary?’ We need to be worried not by an economic threat…but by that spirit in about two and a half billion people.

PITTSBURGH—Cindy Brewer seemed to attract a small crowd everywhere she went at a recent cartography conference here. If she sat, students and colleagues milled around, waiting for a chance to talk to her. If she walked, a gaggle of people followed.

The community was flummoxed by the move, and an outpouring of analysis hit the MakerBot Operators Google Group. Some were cautiously sympathetic: “I want to hear that he’s struggling as much as anyone else with the decision and I hope he finds a solution. Because if he’s just made this about-face without remorse I’m going to lose a lot of respect for Bre and MakerBot. I doubt that’s the case. I hope that’s not the case, but we’ll see,” read one posting. Others were less ambivalent: “There’s exactly zero reason going closed source will protect the design from being stolen or reverse-engineered and sold elsewhere. Going closed source only hurts the community,” read another.

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Drudge was referring to a list of hostnames such as “MICROSOFT.COM.AINT.WORTH.SHIT.KLUGE.ORG” and “MICROSOFT.COM.HACKED.BY.HACKSWARE.COM” that appear in a whois listing. But instead of a hacker’s exultation, they’re an off-color but technically legal use of the domain name system – for and in those examples – and they’ve been in the database for months.

However, Carr’s cited studies focus on interfaces that will soon be out-of-date. Newer mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones abolish the traditional graphical user interface we’re accustomed to. Gone are the mouse pointer and the mess of windows cluttering our desktop. On these mobile technologies — especially the iPad with its bigger 9.7-inch display — all the emphasis is placed on the content, and each launched app completely takes over the screen. The only pointers are our fingers. And going forward, we can expect future tablet computers competing with the iPad to replicate the single-screen interface.

Edwards’ blog is home-grown, customized by Chris Winn, a 20-year-old programmer who modified the open-source Slash content management, best-known for powering the übergeek news site Winn says he designed the site so that people can receive messages when others respond to their posted comments, receive nightly digests of news, and start their own personalized blogs.

Aftab, said examples of cyberbullying include “a website where children can vote for the ugliest, most unpopular or fattest girl in the school. It can be annoying but otherwise harmless — or it can be dangerous, such as when it involves stalking and pornography.”

Dread Pirate Roberts 4/5/2013 18:49: I’ve received the picture and deleted it. Thank you again for your swift action.
I would like to go after Andrew, though it is important to me to make sure he is who Blake said he is. I would rather miss the chance to take him out, than hit an innocent person. If he is our man, then he likely has substantial assets to be recovered. Perhaps we can hold him and question him?
I’d like to connect with you in real-time chat to discuss this with you further. I have a secure system set up that we can connect through. It requires downloading the chat client pidgin, and the plugin off-the-record (OTR) and some basic configuration to connect. If you are open to the idea, I’ll send you the instructions. This is how I communicate with my closest people.
If not, we can keep it here, but it is much slower.

Gent will step down after Vodafone’s (VOD) July 30 annual meeting, when Arun Sarin, of Accel-KKR Telecom, will take over, the company said.

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