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(When I Think Of Cowbell, I Think Of Will Ferrell

EA says it has to shut down the servers due to the expiration of the Tolkien license. But some players say they aren’t too pleased with the way it was handled.

Caption from LIFE: “Gangbusters Bike mounts 13 shotguns, two revolvers, six bayonets, flare gun.” Photo: Wallace Kirkland—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Noonan is among those who believe the current flap is partly the result of a generation gap between younger, tech-savvy recruits for whom life online is second nature and older, more senior military officials who don’t get the net and are accustomed to the military’s long-established history of carefully monitoring release of information from the battlefield.

Zuiker_anthony_2SAN FRANCISCO – Television can be saved… by videogames. That’s what Anthony Zuiker, creator of the TV phenomenon CSI, told an audience of gaming execs today.

Both McCain and Barack Obama support the idea of passing the bailout legislation quickly, despite polls showing that public support is plummeting.

When hiring assistants, one of the questions Niccol asks candidates is which they prefer: Frank Gehry’s flamboyantly curvaceous Guggenheim in Bilbao or the restrained boxiness of the Getty Museum. If they choose the Getty, they don’t get the job. “It’s just taste,” Niccol says.

Progress in the controversial field of stem cell research has been hampered in the United States by legislation that limits federally funded work on stem cells to a small number of cell lines that were created before April 9, 2001.

Competencies are learning deconstructed. A single course, such as algebra, contains several competencies, which blend some core knowledge, such as understanding linear equations, with broader skills like applied analysis or problem-solving. Instead of a C+ in algebra, for example, a competency-based report card could show that a student has mastered four algebra competencies but hasn’t yet figured out quadratic functions or basic statistical analysis.

The slightly more staid Broadway World gives us the 411:

(When I think of cowbell, I think of Will Ferrell. And when I think of Will Ferrell, I think about how much moviegoers would have to raise to stop him from making yet another retreaded seventies spoof. )

The tool is designed for a part of the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems known as Internet Information Services that must be installed publish Web pages. That function fell victim to the Code Red worm attack, bringing down hundreds and thousands of Web sites.

Google’s diversity and inclusion program is a major priority at the company, employees say, with managers tasked with hiring more minorities and women, or at least showing efforts to do so. The program was in part sparked by poor happiness ratings among women and minorities at the company in annual surveys, one employee said. Google said in June that 69% of its staff were men, 56% were white and 35% were Asian.

You can see all the photos as they come in on the University of Arizona website.


Miller said the character emphasis started even before any of the episodes were written. To prepare for the upcoming season, he held a four-day retreat with the show’s writers and that included show co-creator Zak Penn. “We spent an entire day going over all the characters and, from there, you get the heart of the show.”

At the conference, Jeff Bezos said that Alexa and Echo have been four years in the making, and that Amazon now has more than 1,000 employees on the team. Amazon’s advantage is that it knows so much about your habits and tastes – especially if you’re a member of its Prime service – that Alexa is remarkably knowledgeable … and useful.

Anoto’s pen was chosen by mobile phone company Ericsson for the Chatpen, which will send data to mobile devices using Bluetooth and is due out in early 2002. Anoto uses a digital camera in the pen to track movement, but can only do this when writing on proprietary paper impregnated with invisible-to-the-eye dots.

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