In What Would Be The Largest Project Of Its Kind, The Missouri Department Of Transportation Is Finalizing A Contract To Monitor Thousands Of Cell Phones, Using Their Movements To Map Real-time Traffic Conditions Statewide On All 5,500 Miles Of Major Roads

O’Neill said every kind of software will have its flaws and everyone should take the proper security measures when using smart phones and sending emails.

Austin Butler The Carrie Diaries

After that, I just needed to look at them some more, rub them between my fingers, and try to figure out how they were constructed. Bressner explained that as the new owner of a laser cutter, she will be launching a textile business that encourages do-it-yourself craftiness, and that the beautiful garlands were an example of the projects she’d like to encourage others to do. She was somewhat enigmatic with regard to details of this venture, so I will have to update y’all as I find out more. In the interim, enjoy Bressner’s video on how to save time when making pom-poms (which you can turn into earrings, flower garlands, whatever you’d like…).

It turns Digg into a short URL provider, so now all of our links will be, for example When you go to one of these shortened URLs, it draws a really thin bar across the top.

Opponents say the bill will change the way outside content is moderated on the internet, but they don’t agree on how. Some say the “knowingly” standard will push tech companies to stop all moderation efforts for fear of finding something and being held liable. Other say the bill will result in extreme censorship as companies scour their platforms for any content related to sex trafficking, harming sex workers in the process.

In October of that same year, MakerBot laid off another fifth of its remaining workforce. “[W]e’re not hitting our numbers. Not hitting our numbers equates to financial difficulties and burdens,” CEO Jaglom told me at the time. According to Stratasys annual reports, MakerBot sold just 18,673 printers in 2015 — less than half of what it sold in 2014.

Using a VPN ensures the data people are sending and receiving is encrypted and safe from prying eyes – such as eavesdropping hackers at Wi-Fi cafes, enterprising ISPs performing deep packet inspection for marketing purposes, or even governments looking to surveil traffic. (Dissidents for example would need to mask their locations in order to circumvent government blocks or surveillance when accessing sensitive content or services.)

People who make a full-time job out of selling items on auction website eBay will soon have access to a new work benefit: health coverage.

(Reporting by Mark Hosenball, additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle and Dustin Volz; Editing by David Gregorio)

In what would be the largest project of its kind, the Missouri Department of Transportation is finalizing a contract to monitor thousands of cell phones, using their movements to map real-time traffic conditions statewide on all 5,500 miles of major roads. It’s just one of a number of initiatives to more intelligently manage traffic flow through wireless data collection.

At OEP, Turoff worked with Dalkey’s Project Delphi team to speed up the expert analysis and harness the knowledge of hundreds of informal and formal presidential advisers on emergency situations. His first crisis wasn’t nuclear; it was Nixon’s August 1971 wage-price freeze, which attempted to pull the nation’s economy out of an inflationary spiral. Under orders to deliver a monitoring network in just a week, Turoff developed a system in just four days that came to be known as the Emergency Management Information System and Reference Index—with the inevitable acronym EMISARI, which allowed 10 regional offices to link together in a real-time online chat, known as the “Party Line.”

Mike Zietz, an NDSU junior monitoring the temperature of the spacesuit Saturday, said it was about 100 degrees inside the suit and 70 degrees inside the helmet.

The success of memes like the alt-right’s Pepe the Frog and ISIS’s one-finger salute points to political memes’ probable future function: spreading propaganda. They’re visual, and pictures often skip right over reason and punch your brain right in the truth center. Images and videos will only become easier to manipulate as AI gets smarter. Furthermore, something isn’t shareable because it’s objectively true. It just has to be relevant, to feel true. That space between truth and truthiness is where both memes and propaganda live. (If you’re thinking that you’d never share propaganda, remember this: Thanks to Russia, you probably already have.)

So much for CSD‘s big counter-offensive.

But they all use their cell phones to text, and they overwhelmingly agree that texting is more important than using their mobile phones to make voice calls.

9. Mythbusters Play with Sulfur Hexafluoride
Everyone knows that helium can make your voice sound high like a chipmunk, but what will happen when Adam Savage inhales some gas that is over five times denser than air?

* Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye, a 49-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen and imam of Oregon, is denied flight to Dubai, where his daughter lives.

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