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No One Wants Their Child Bullied Even Though We Know It Will Happen

The IAB guidelines address a leading complaint among marketers over ad “impressions,” or the number of times an ad is displayed to viewers. Many publishers count mere requests for a page hosting an ad as ad impressions, while most marketers insist that the entire image must be displayed to count.

The ioSafe Solo G3 hard drives come in 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB models and retail from $300-450. ioSafe also has other types of rugged hard drives, including more portable ones. Check out their website for more information. I cannot recommend these hard drives enough. If you want reliable external storage, and are sick of battling with lost data or worry about natural disasters, you can’t go wrong with ioSafe.

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The Takeaway: Then again, perhaps the increasing complications of all the investigations in Washington and their related ephemera explain a mystery that some have wondered about for some time.″Part of the charm of these films is that they are so atrociously underbudgeted and the effects are so cheesy,” said UCLA Film & Television Archive programmer Shannon Kelley, who curated the upcoming free film series “Aztec Mummies & Martian Invaders: Mexican Sci-Fi Classics.”

MIT Cheered From a Distance

Star Citizen

Perfect 10 first sued Google and, which runs the A9 internet search engine and uses Google technology, in 2004. Matz said he would issue a separate order for Amazon.

Perhaps the cleverest method of snagging some ill-gotten software was described by Machacker, who claims to have sent himself software over the Internet from inside an Apple retail store.

Three provisions under Section 215 of the Patriot Act are set to expire on June 1, and the doomsday predictions have filled newspaper pages all week. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, “anybody who neuters the program is going to be partially responsible for the next attack.” This in spite of the fact that the program is unconstitutional, has been largely ineffective, and “would provide the illusion of triumph even while leaving much of the machinery of surveillance intact,” as Cato Institute’s Julian Sanchez points out. But who needs facts? Luckily, the national security fearmongers are no match for the visionaries of Twitter, who have channeled their collective mockery to colorfully illustrate what we can expect in the pending apocalypse under the hashtag IfThePatriotActExpires. Make sure you’ve stocked up on food and supplies, for the end is nigh.

If I disclose information to you, your power with respect to me increases. One way to address this power imbalance is for you to similarly disclose information to me. We both have less privacy, but the balance of power is maintained. But this mechanism fails utterly if you and I have different power levels to begin with.

That’s Jonas Mekas, the filmmaker-impresario-poet-critic who created this grainy Who’s Who of the American underground art scene. For nearly 50 years, Mekas has lugged his camera around New York, creating short films about himself and his friends. (See video below.)

FatgilEntertainment Tonight
always freaks me out, but last night was the freakiest. The celeb show aired a segment about Gil Gerard, the slab-assed himbo who played Buck in the wonderful, campy 1980s show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Apparently, he’s gotten really fat over the last few years, and this merited an entire Discovery Channel show about his road to “recovery” via laproscopic gastric bypass. Yes, he got the gut-munching, anti-fat surgery, but it was super high tech because the surgeons used a laproscope – that means they only made a few tiny incisions in his gut, and didn’t have to cut him all the way open. Pretty cool, except for the part where I DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW THIS ABOUT GIL GERARD. Why can’t Hollywood just let me remember him the way he was, in his tight, shiny white pants and rainbow armband, fighting Princess Ardala with some help from trusty Colonel Dearing and Doctor Gay and Professor Gay and penis-headed robot Twiki (biddi biddi biddi).

“I saw that a lot of my South Asian friends were having trouble meeting people with whom they could have serious relationships. I started the website to help them out and it has grown since,” said Rajiv Giri, founder of

No one wants their child bullied even though we know it will happen. We just don’t need yet another website trying to solve a problem best handled at the local level instead of trying to be the clearinghouse for the nation.

The retailer introduced “Countdown Deals” for Prime members in the days leading up to July 12, with each day of deals focusing on a specific product category [electronics, outdoor living, etc.].

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