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Forty Years After Apollo 11 Landed On The Moon, NASA Open Sourced The Software Code That Ran The Guidance Systems On The Lunar Module

“It’s very hard for me to make an argument that the public health significance of a whole population of people rests on a single finger tap,” says Davidson. “One could take the point of view, if one was not bent on over-regulating fish consumption, that the two studies are coming to similar conclusions and that the risk is very small.”

“The method always impacts the message in spite of what the faithful may believe,” Leonard said.

The American Physical Society has a comics series called Spectra, about a high school girl whose abilities are the same as those of a laser. It’s a funny superhero story with an educational slant, but unfortunately it’s pretty corny and I didn’t find the artwork all that great. It’s a shame, because I really did want to like it, but in the end I’m not sure that it’s something that readers would consider comparable to their other comics. Still, if you had to do some reading about lasers, I suppose Spectra is preferable to a dry textbook despite the cheesy dialogue. Physics teachers might get some use from the comics even if they’re not top-notch.

“If I like the personality of the team, I may donate even if I don’t intend to use the product myself,” Krusell said in an e-mail. “By donating to Fara I was able to live vicariously through the dev team.”

“This statement deals with the relationship between music and the public from a purely commercial point of view,” Prince said.

Will Twitter users revolt, as they did with the dickbar, bolting to other apps or networks? Will lightly targeted advertising so innocuously displayed actually be effective at capturing user attention? Or is this finally the next step in Twitter’s evolution from fun feature to rock-solid future business? Only tomorrow’s trending topics know for sure.

I want to thank you for this iMac computer. We can work on it and do other things in our classroom.

PP: …and I went out with Wil. And it was where we met, actually, when we first met in real life. And we were walking down the street and there was this gelato place. And we’re just looking and it’s like, This is nuts, look at all of this. He said, Well, we’ll try it. We took one bite of it. His eyes rolled back in his head. He got coconut something. And I took one bite of the mint chocolate chip and said, Oh my god, where has this been all my life? So the place here… Oh, their Bavarian Mint is out of this world.

With the deal, News Editor-in-Chief Arthur Browne was also named publisher, though he plans to retire at the end of the year.

Kalanick resigned as Uber’s CEO Tuesday week after investors demanded he step down. The investors who have financed Uber’s growth had concluded Kalanick had to go following revelations of sexual harassment in the company’s office, a federal investigation into company tactics used to thwart regulators, and the threat of even more trouble posed by the Waymo lawsuit.

But Dropbox does think Paper could become a sort of universal glue that connects teammates working together on updating a spreadsheet, designing a web page, reviewing code, or editing a press release. Once in place, it will save you from having to be “an archaeologist,” in Houston’s phrase, putting an end to excavations of long email threads and chats, treasure hunts for the latest version of a file, and reconstructions of who said what. In the longer term, Dropbox can unleash machine learning code on the Paper data and see how much further it can accelerate and automate all this information cultivation.

Forty years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, NASA open sourced the software code that ran the guidance systems on the lunar module.

Brenda would like to see developers create a game where people can explore their sexuality – especially those aspects they might not be able to try in their regular lives.

The tax-law presentation strikes others as subversive. “All I heard was ‘money, money, taxes, taxes, money,’” says Dudin. “That guy was just saying how to avoid US taxes, with the ambassador sitting right there. How is that possible?”

Davis’ last, best hope for the future of music most recently outraged the music establishment by saying he’ll give away CDs of his Planet Earth album to British fans who purchase next week’s Mail on Sunday newspaper. In light of the giveaway, Sony/BMG refused to distribute the album in Great Britain, provoking outbursts from music retailers who had been cut out of the action.

It will be interesting to see what role Sony will play going forward in the strategic partnership – especially how it might work with Sony’s consumer electronic devices such as e-book readers and tablets. One possible shortcoming of the project is the fact that the interactive experience is developed separately from the e-books – but this is likely because the project was launched more than a year and a half ago, before the arrival of the first iPad. However, because it isn’t tethered to a device, it means that it can be enjoyed by readers of the meatspace books as well as the e-books – meaning that the potential audience is much bigger. It will be interesting to see how the Pottermore team come up with a more seamless interactive e-book experience as opposed to the dual-platform approach.

That was the case for, the high profile U.K.-fashion site that spent millions on marketing before abruptly shutting its doors this spring. The company sold its domain name, trademarks and a potpourri of other leftovers to for a few hundred thousand dollars.

Hodgson and crew plan to mine the depths of the sci-fi and horror genres for movies that bear the special MST3K level of delightful god-awfulness. Rather than call the reunion a “show,” Hodgson described Cinematic Titanic as “a movie-riffing delivery system” that will keep loyal MST3K enthusiasts stocked with fresh laughs.

After this set of changes, we waited, hoping that we’d see the rebound we were promised. We also checked in on our mixed content issues during this time. We continued to see acceptable amounts of issues and a downward trend in the ratio of mixed content issues to page views. Our ad teams were getting into a rhythm with spotting and removing HTTP requests from ads before they ever made it to our site. At this point, we were quite confident in our ad delivery over HTTPS.

In Wirt’s mind, music gets popular like this. Band forms; band makes music; band tours; band puts out albums.

How early should I arrive to avoid the lines getting into the convention? If you don’t care about the limited edition collectibles, sleep in and arrive around 45-minutes after the con has opened.The general census agrees that Thursday is the busiest day to get in.

He said sending unsolicited commercial e-mail is not illegal in the United States. It is only illegal to send dishonest spam, which includes forging a company’s domain name onto the e-mail or having a misleading subject line.

No word as to when the demo might be available, but the game is due to ship for 360 on Sept 12th, with the PS3 version following shortly afterwards on the 24th.

HT means “hat tip,” and it’s what you use to credit an account who first clued you into the information you’re sharing in your tweet. It’s not necessary, but it’s a nice thing to do.

Cap’n Slappy: Takin’ into consideration that most pirates couldn’t read or write and mistook manatees for mermaids – and multiplyin’ those factors by current test scores o’ yer average 5th grader, then, takin’ the square root o’ the downward trend in adult population science knowledge and dividin’ it all by the Pi – rate … (tee hee …) We should all be talkin’ like pirates EVERY DAMN DAY starting March 4th (it’s not just a day – it’s an order!) 2033. (Give or take a day.)

To that end, they have turned their attention to existing organisms. By studying the molecular details of the reactions that green plants, algae and some bacteria use to photosynthesize, and by analyzing the evolutionary relationships among them, scientists are trying to piece together a cogent historical narrative for the process.

More than 2,000 identity thieves used the service to commit more than 5,000 acts of fraud, according to authorities.

Information about the disasters was disseminated on forums as varied as music lists to a discussion group for the computer game Diablo.

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