HP Said It Expected The Market For PCs And Printers To Remain Tough For “several Quarters” And Forecast 2016 Earnings For HP Inc Of Between $1

“I’m happy about the ruling, but it isn’t going to change the way business is being done now,” said another freelancer on Slashdot.

One morning in December, I visited Squire in her small university office. She had agreed to show me the database. First she logged onto a foreign server, where she has placed Whack-a-Mole to keep it out of the US government’s reach. Her screen soon filled with stacks of folders nested within folders: the 1,200-plus hate groups in her directory. As she entered command-line prompts, spreadsheets cascaded across the screen, each cell representing a social media profile she monitors. Not all of them are real people. Facebook says up to 13 percent of its accounts may be illegitimate, but the percentage of fakes in Squire’s database is probably higher, as white nationalists often hide behind multiple sock puppets. The SPLC estimates that half of the 400,000-plus accounts Squire monitors represent actual users.

Memo to Next President: How to Get Cybersecurity Right

In the first one, the meaning is clear: we’ve had our back-and-forth over text, but I have plans, and they do not include continuing this conversation – period. In the second one, *without the period, it feels much more open-ended * – I’m heading out to the party now but who knows what I’m doing later, and you just might be part of it. Periods end things. Leaving one out keeps things open.

So I don’t have the luxury of assuming “it’s just online. Not REAL. It’s not like these people would ever do anything in the real world .” And what you don’t hear much about is what most targeted women find the most frightening of all: the stalkerish energy, time, effort, focus on… YOU. The drive-by hate/threat comment, no matter how vile, is just that, a comment that took someone 2.5 seconds to think and execute. It might be annoying, offensive, maybe intimidating the first few times. But you get used to those, after all, it’s not like somebody put time and effort into it.

In some ways, the tactics have worked: the number of Twitter’s total monthly active users rose to 302 million for the first quarter, up 18% from the same period a year ago. Last quarter, Twitter reported adding just 4 million new users, the smallest jump in quarter-over-quarter growth for the company so far. Costolo promised investors the company would rebound in this past quarter, which it did accomplish—amounting to a small win for Twitter. Twitter’s first quarter adjusted earnings also came in at 7 cents per share, beating analyst estimates of 4 cents per share.

Kaplan-Moss has two more parts to his documentation series, one in which he delves into topics like writing well, developing a clear, grammatically correct style and another that focuses on editing.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc launched free shipping with no minimum order threshold on all items from Monday through Friday, while Gap Inc is offering discounts of up to 75 percent on some of its brands.

In the days before cable modems, scam artists filled rented boiler rooms with telemarketers or took out classified ads in the local rags to locate victims.

The DPA corrected the report about half an hour later, but by then it was too late. The assault on dispatchers paralyzed officials through the night, even after the pranksters sent out a press release that made it clear the whole stunt was an elaborate hoax to promote a short film.

SAN FRANCISCO – Google restored a website critical of the Church of Scientology on its search engine Thursday while free-speech advocates slammed the company for removing the site in the first place.

There’s a case to be made that mobile carriers are being reasonable when they downgrade video connections to DVD-quality speeds. Most people can’t tell the difference between high-definition video and DVD-quality resolutions on smaller screens, so the bandwidth used delivering that data is essentially wasted.

HP said it expected the market for PCs and printers to remain tough for “several quarters” and forecast 2016 earnings for HP Inc of between $1.67 to $1.77 per share, excluding items.

Next we have a few different options. Many folks swear by stuffing your phone in a bag of dry rice, and letting it sit for 24 to 36 hours or more. This is cheap, easy, and can be done in a pinch. But this method could have some negatives: If the rice absorbs the water well, you may be left with a mushy rice mess stuck in its creases and I/O ports. Those with skin in the game (as you’ll see below) also say that the starch from the surface of the rice can get inside your phone and muck it up, but I haven’t been able to find solid empirical evidence of this. To be safe, wrap the phone loosely in a paper towel before dropping it into the rice.

The result is both simple and powerful. Fifth-graders get to grips with HyperCard in minutes, building databases of their Pokemon cards. Cyan, the game publisher, used it to create fiendishly complex games like Myst and Riven.

Using an average book that sells 30,000 copies a year, Amazon sales account for 7 to 8 percent, or 2,100 copies. Used books account for approximately 15 percent of that number – that’s 315 books a year.

Since Operation Torpedo, though, there’s evidence the FBI’s anti-Tor capabilities have been rapidly advancing. Torpedo was in November 2012. In late July 2013, computer security experts detected a similar attack through Dark Net websites hosted by a shady ISP called Freedom Hosting—court records have since confirmed it was another FBI operation. For this one, the bureau used custom attack code that exploited a relatively fresh Firefox vulnerability—the hacking equivalent of moving from a bow-and-arrow to a 9-mm pistol. In addition to the IP address, which identifies a household, this code collected the MAC address of the particular computer that infected by the malware.

Cook told Modi that he appreciated the breadth of young talent in India, and that the country’s youth have significant skills that Apple would like to tap, according to the statement.

Sex educator and Playgirl columnist Jamye Waxman believes that making an appointment for sex can become part of foreplay. “If you know you’re going to go home and get laid, then you can think about the how and where all day at work,” she says. “You can set the mood, plan it out and prepare a little more.”

An anonymous hacker named Anonymousown3r claimed responsibility for the outage, but it wasn’t immediately possible to verify this claim.
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“The biggest challenge we are facing today is the lack of proper graphics acceleration with free software, that may compromise the very possibility of having anything newer than [Android] version 4.0 running on devices without the non-free blobs for graphics acceleration,” he says. “We are currently investigating the use of Mesa, the well-known free software *GL library, with its software rendering backends.”

“Protecting privacy is about making certain that people have the ability to make informed decisions about how they engage in public,” boyd told the panel. “That said, I am opposed to approaches that protect people by disempowering them.”

Even as his approval ratings dip in the wake of deepening turmoil in Iraq, George W. Bush continues to garner strong support from one deep-pocketed contingent: chief executives of major technology firms.

The Gensona
Heart Health Genetic Test looks for a particular variation in the IL1
gene that is associated with excess inflammation – which is associated
with an increased risk for heart disease.

The Nintendo World Championships used a pastiche of small snippets of the three games, and a strict, total time limit of 6 minutes, 21 seconds. First, the player had to collect 50 coins in Super Mario Bros. Next, he would tackle a specially designed course in Rad Racer. The player then used the balance of the allotted time to rack up as high a score as possible in Tetris.

Gates and his wife, Melinda, released their annual letter this week. In it, they project the mortality rate of children worldwide will be cut in half by 2030, and mobile banking will help 2.5 billion people who currently don’t have access to inexpensive financial services.


As retailers prepare their online platforms for the busy holiday shopping season, there are also steps consumers can take to protect themselves from cyber fraud as they go online to shop.  SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos gives three tips for consumers to protect themselves from cyber fraud this holiday season.

But the pathology report describing his tumor cells was just three sentences. Before making a decision on his treatment, he wanted to know more. He wanted to see the tissue himself, but he couldn’t; as part of the paperwork, he’d signed away the rights. “They own all the tumor, for research purposes,” he says. “I didn’t have access to it.”

The rapid rise of the Android 2.1 indicates that the fractured nature of the platform–a major concern among Android developers and users–may no longer be an issue by the end of the year. In the 16 months since the first Android phone hit the market, Google has made four major upgrades to the operating system.

Cleaners who excelled would sometimes strike independent relationships with clients who wanted to see them again, but found it difficult to book a repeat visit via the Homejoy app. This often resulted in a pay increase, and some cleaners even attracted enough new clients to start their own small cleaning businesses.

Navision (NVIOF), one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of medium-sized business software, is already a key partner for Microsoft (MSFT).

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