The launch base is near the Gobi Desert town of Jiuquan, a former oasis town on the ancient Silk Road in Gansu province, 900 miles west of Beijing.

Fara, a mobile action-role-playing game created by two former employees of Doom maker id Software, earned almost $6,000 on Kickstarter. That money was was essential to getting the game off the ground, said co-creator Andrew Strickland.

The game is very compact, and comes in a nice little metal tin. It includes a bunch of discs: 3 Drak-Borgs, and 12 player discs (6 of each color). There are also four wooden triangles for marking boundaries, and some instructions. My set (found in the sale bin at Cloud Cap Games on a recent trip to Portland) also came with with an oval wooden plaque, with the logo laser-etched on one side, and “99 of 100, June 2010” on the back. I don’t know if this means they have only a limited number, or if they make them in batches, but Blue Panther still has them listed for sale on their website.


Indeed, Fluffy Bunny has been stymied in the past. Unable to hack directly through the defenses of SecurityFocus.com, in November 2001 the group instead compromised a small, online advertising company, so that banner ads with its trademark pink bunny rotated onto the SecurityFocus site for several hours before being detected.

I think that being away from the connected world for three weeks will take more than three weeks to catch up … not sure how that works.

What does this mean for Facebook? A desktop client for the service is the most likely outcome from the acquisition.

Yes, the uniforms and players have been updated to match this year’s rosters, the website Nintendo Gamer reported. But otherwise, it’s a re-release of the same game with a new number on the box: The same gameplay modes, character models, graphics, menu screens, dialogue. And the same $50 price tag.

NEW YORK – APB.com News, a website focused on crime and courts that sought bankruptcy protection last month, may have found a hero in the form of SafetyTips.com, an APB.com spokesman confirmed on Monday.

“I thought it would be a good resource for creative types and people who might have an interest in that kind of thing,” Akpodiete said. “It has become a little bit obsessive, though.”

Supporters rioted before, during and after the April 17 match in Rotterdam. Two train cars were vandalized beyond repair, 43 fans were arrested and 47 police officers and an unknown number of fans were injured.

Michael Riskin, vice president of Alcor and chair of the board of directors suggested four possible reasons why they long for eternal life:

Chrome’s new feature adds Flash LSOs to the list of items you can delete when you clear your browser data. To try out the new tool, grab the latest copy of the Chrome dev channel and head to the wrench menu. Look for the “tools” menu item and then select Clear Browsing Data.

Perhaps its most unusual element is that it partners with third parties, such as rock bands or newspapers, to build custom, collaborative sites.

Yes, Michael Cohen, longtime personal attorney to the President of the United States, had his office and current residence—a hotel room—raided by federal authorities on Monday, which is … well, there’s no way to avoid saying it, a very big deal. Especially when details of the raid started to leak.

First, you can visit this link at Coupons.com, view a short promotional video and download a coupon worth $5 off any $20 KRE-O purchase (through 27 November).

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