Last Tuesday I Wrote A Post Regarding A Slideshow That Local 10 Miami Had Posted On Their Website

Thousands of people have signed up to call their congressional representatives Tuesday to protest the Induce Act, a controversial copyright bill that many fear would undermine the legal protections that allow consumers to make personal copies of music or movies they’ve bought.

It’s traditionally been tough to quickly buy Bitcoins with U.S. dollars, and recently it’s become tougher. Regulators at the federal and state level have made it clear that anyone engaged in the business of swapping Bitcoins for cash needs to know who their customers are in order to comply with anti-money laundering laws. That’s led to a pretty healthy off-the-books market for Bitcoin traders. Ground zero for this business is a website called, but buyers and sellers can also hook up over Internet Relay Chat at #bitcoin-otc

The only effect that this has is confirming an e-mail address is alive … to be spammed more and more.


Read all the Dork Towers that have run on GeekDad.

“Hey Chef Boyardickhead, what stupid pasta sauce are you making with a pineapple?” —

Frenkiel (the company’s CEO) and Shamgunov (its CTO) installed their own engineering bootcamp inside the San Francisco startup – “we even hired an ex-Marine officer,” says Frenkiel, referring to executive vice president Carl Wright – and with their new team of engineers, they created a software system that would mimic the Facebook machine, letting the rest of the world harness massive amounts of data in ways that are now routine with Zuckerberg and company.

Apple is one of the few companies — if not the only one — that could pay that sum out of its pocket. The Cupertino, California, company ended March with nearly $257 billion in cash and marketable securities, according to numbers released Tuesday with Apple’s earnings report for the January-March quarter.

The LXD is an interactive transmedia experience billed as “the world’s first online dance adventure,” produced by Jon M. Chu and Hieu Ho in partnership with Agility Studios and distributed by Paramount Digital Entertainment.

Do-it-yourselfers are already feeling the pinch. Website administrator Joe Cancilla built his MythTV machine years ago. But now, his shared apartment in San Francisco sports a Comcast PVR so he can record high-definition cable shows from HBO. Now he uses his old MythTV box as a music server.

Last Tuesday I wrote a post regarding a slideshow that Local 10 Miami had posted on their website. It involved some very hurtful comments and captions towards cosplaying attendees at Star Wars Celebration VI. Since then, 501st fans from all over the world have been voicing their opinions about the hurtful captions under the photos.

One of Apple’s continued challenges is making more affordable products without making cheaper products. The biggest example of this, and reason it needs to be done, is the iPhone, which at a baseline price of $650 is way too high for emerging markets like China, India, and Brazil. Apple wants to – and, in fact, must – make inroads into these regions, which is why the company is believed to be hard at work on an affordable iPhone, possibly made of plastic.

“There’s still a gap in terms of what Myspace used to provide – a place for the creative community where people could express themselves,” Tahmasbi said. “For people looking to collaborate and discover around content, I think this is something different and something that will draw people to the application.”

This is the latest move by to create lifestyle channels around its music offerings, which the company hopes to parlay into subscription services. The newest channel will be developed in conjunction with Urb magazine and SonicNet.

The LG Dare was particularly interesting to us in advance because it’s a feature phone that wasn’t running Android or iOS. Because it didn’t have the wealth of apps to choose from, we had assumed it might have had less data than the other devices. That wasn’t the case. Reiber uncovered text messages, e-mails and lists of websites visited, as well as EXIF data from photos — ghosts of files past that left descriptions, if not the files themselves. There was enough personal information left behind to positively identify the owner’s first and last name, e-mail address and phone number. So not only was the data recoverable, it was connectable. In short, the phone was full of evidence. An investigator would be able to positively establish that its owner had visited certain websites, and had been in certain places at certain times. One could even read the messages that had been sent.

Classic Meme 5: Double Rainbow Double Rainbow became a meme after Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a video of a man freaking out over seeing two rainbows simultaneously. The man, identified as Paul Vasquez, shows the rainbows while he cries and talks excitedly about the phenomenon off-camera. The video went viral and quickly spawned all manner of reaction posts and remix videos. Vasquez even appeared in a Microsoft Windows commercial, which kinda killed the fun TBH.

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