I’ve Always Loved Point-and-click Adventure Games

“We want to develop content specific to peoples’ interests,” said Juan Bonilla, a spokesman for the company.

LOS ANGELES – The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI was named Green Car of the Year Thursday, the first time a diesel has won the award presented each year at the L.A. Auto Show.

Here in the U.S. our grocery stores, bookstores, movie stores, music stores and malls are all closing. From all I”ve read it is said Amazon is to blame. So I guess India is lucky. Not us.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos spoke with WIRED’s Steven Levy as part of WIRED25, WIRED’s 25th anniversary celebration in San Francisco.

For a whole generation of users, calculators were the first introduction to the world of digital computing. The desktop and later pocket-sized machines freed users from log tables and charts. Today scientific calculators are almost a status symbol among alpha nerds.

1UPDATE: 7:30 pm ET 04/06/15: An earlier version of this story misidentified these cases as leukemia cases.

Zutaut said he sees potential revenue streams from eventually charging people to use the service and co-branding.

The population of compact planetary nebulae in the Galactic Disk

Still, Yahoo asked Fogel to reassure the U.S. Internet industry that other countries do not have jurisdiction over Web content produced by an American business.

That the 404 should have crossover appeal seems fitting. It is near-universal and inherently emotional: pure disappointment, the announcement of an unanticipated problem. It’s also a reminder that technology, and the web in particular, is made by humans, and therefore fallible. The internet, after all, is hardly a well-oiled machine; it’s more like a version of The Garden of Earthly Delights built by unidirectional hypertext and populated by broken links, corrupted image files, and incomplete information.

Amazon and Google sign deal: Amazon and Google have signed a deal that will let Amazon customers access Google features from Amazon’s website.

10:20 Now Schiller is explaining the different specs of the 11-inch MacBook Air. It’ll have a 1366 x 768 display, and it starts at $999.

Just hours after Oprah Winfrey announced she’d closed her book club, her message boards were buzzing with fans worried where they’d get their reading recommendations from now on.

The creepy spectators (above) had already showed up at Harrod’s and other spots around London, but their persistent pop-ups at the All-England Tennis Club were by far their most public appearances. A couple of the world’s more ingenious media outlets reported that the figures weren’t really faceless and had pinholes in their masks for the actors’ eyes.

“If somebody’s on three different networks, we’ll know that,” Cliqset co-founder Darren Bounds tells Webmonkey. “We’ll consolidate their posts, de-duplicate the posts, refine them.”

>’Our criticism of internet voting is that it is not transparent and cannot be made publicly transparent.’

I’ve always loved point-and-click adventure games. I remember playing old LucasArts PC games like Sam & Max Hit the Road (I missed out on some of the earlier ones) and I’ve enjoyed the revival through companies like TellTale Games (who had a newer Sam & Max adventure). There are games for kids, like Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish, and the games are making their way onto iPads and even consoles. They had wacky puzzles to figure out, fun animation to watch, and were less prone to syntax errors than games like early Space Quest and King’s Quest where you had to type in instructions, but still offered a similar sort of adventure.

Fraud doesn’t pay: Former WorldCom finance chief Scott Sullivan was sentenced to five years in prison Thursday for his high-ranking role in the largest accounting fraud in U.S. history.

The finger-like, lobate shape of the boundary of those sandier sediments are submarine fan lobes that are constructing the Mississippi submarine fan over time. The next image below shows the same area but now in a regular map view.

“We’ve found that the atmosphere was changing, in terms of oxygen levels and in carbon and so on – all told, these things were probably going on over a million years,” he said. “And we’re beginning to think that the main pulse of extinction occurred over 100,000 years, which is pretty fast in geologic time, but it’s not an instant.”

Ostensibly, the changes are designed to improve the security and performance of Chrome and Chromium. For example, Chrome extensions now can access your browsing history. That means a bad actor could offer an ad blocker that spies on you.

On Sunday, shortly after Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the 2016 presidency, the internet erupted with a chorus of grievances. Not about policy or any number of other quibbles that often arise with a newly minted candidate. No, people were upset about her logo.

MIT officials did not immediately return calls. And an Army spokesperson said only that MIT won the award “based on the substance of the proposal.”

That all sounds fairly benign, but it comes amid signs of rising military competition in the Arctic. Last month, the Canadian government disclosed that its fighter aircraft intercepted at least two Russian bombers just outside of Canada’s Arctic airspace. Canada has also stepped up military exercises in Arctic waters, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced plans to open two new military facilities in the Arctic: an army training center at Resolute Bay and a refurbished deep-sea port at Nanisivik.

The operation to eject Beagle 2 will be highly delicate. The 143-pound lander – too light to have a steering mechanism – must rely on the 1.3-ton Mars Express to guide it into the proper descent path by dropping it at a very precise moment at a specified speed.

“It was a great talk,” said Bruno Mattarollo, a computer expert who works for Greenpeace International. “It’s the real difference between all this theory and all this geekiness and something that really matters in the real world.”

To test hardware support, I put a CD into my Mac and I was able to play it in Windows Media Player. As an OS X/iTunes devotee, that felt mighty strange. I also dragged some MP3s from a USB thumb drive plugged into my Mac, then downloaded some photos in IE7 under Windows and put them on the thumb drive.

MPAA anti-piracy chief John Malcolm said the trade organization’s actions were not aimed at criminalizing P2P technology itself, citing “legal torrent” services that specialize in public-domain material as examples of the technology’s non-infringing potential.

“It is a boulder coming down the hill and I am trying to keep it from getting to the bottom,” Fine said.

Freedom Hosting specialized in providing turnkey “Tor hidden service” sites — special sites, with addresses ending in .onion, that hide their geographic location behind layers of routing, and can be reached only over the Tor anonymity network. Tor hidden services are used by those seeking to evade surveillance or protect users’ privacy to an extraordinary degree – human rights groups and journalists as well as serious criminal elements.

“It’s been a very compressed and fast revolution,” said Ippolito, who said he believes the current challenge facing online artists is finding a way to preserve their work.

“Anybody that raises money for those in need is a positive. I’m always suspicious of stars who do it together because they call people of like sort of political values. And that’s ok if the result is good but it’s suspicious that if you walk down the aisle and ask anybody their political persuasion it would be the same,” he said.

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