Barger Couldn’t Be Contacted For Comment, But In December 2001, Just Before A Two-month Absence, Barger Announced He’d Be Going Offline For Financial Reasons

Cook has frequently traveled to China since taking the helm of Apple five years ago, but his latest visit comes during a critical period.

The bills are in response to Hollywood’s arguments that hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost every year due to pirate websites, despite little evidence to back up their claims. On the other side, much of the tech world maintains that the open nature of the internet has created millions of jobs, that millions of people pay for content online and that copyright and trademark holders already have the legal tools to fight copyright infringement.

Now you’re getting salty that a guy got asked a question in an interview and he answered honestly? Please play Rafa once that baby pops out

One player draws a “Something’s Happening” card, which has a little story scenario. Some are better than others, but they’ll tell you specific conditions like how many zombies appear (per tile), how fast each zombie can move, and whether there are any other restrictions you’ll need to follow. For instance, one scenario called “Stale Water” has you all fighting because the water pump is broken — but if you keep fighting over it instead of fixing it, the zombies hear you. So each player has to contribute one scrap, or place an extra zombie in the bunker.

Samsung Electronics is on a roll thanks to booming sales of memory chips required by the increasingly data-based economy.

By the way – if you work your way through The Game Maker’s Apprentice and want more, you’ll be happy to know that the authors released a follow-up called The Game Maker’s Companion in 2010. It contains updated instruction on the latest version of Game Maker as well as more advanced training on game design not covered in the first book. I have a copy on order and will try to do a follow-up on the book after I work my way through it. I’ve re-read The Game Maker’s Apprentice in preparation for it and I’m happy to report that everything in it made sense. Again.

Security expert Tom Noonan highlighted some of the shortfalls of government security, noting that only 5 to 10 percent of federal agencies use automatic security detection programs, and that the average salary among security experts at his company is $80,000, far more than what most federal employees make.

Smith found the same digital fingerprints in VicodinES’s kits as he’d discovered in Melissa, establishing a trail of virtual evidence that helped lead the FBI to David L. Smith, Melissa’s author.

The Nintendo gaming line has actually been the least “violent” gaming system, due to its fantastic RPGs and even more exciting racing games. So next time you decide to diss a system you have not researched, please research it more for me.

But Ticketmaster didn’t come to rule an industry by suffering interlopers. Over the past 30 years, the company has killed or eaten nearly every competitor: Ticketron, TicketWeb, TicketsNow, Paciolan, and Musictoday. And a potent combination of top artists, venues, and long-term ticketing deals makes Ticketmaster one Goliath well positioned to crush a whole army of Davids.

Late in 2014, when the company was already showing signs of trouble, Homejoy CEO Cheung posted a job titled “Dear Future Homejoy Engineer” on Hacker News, the Y Combinator news site. In the ad, she described how many employees were still in the office on Christmas Eve, playing 1990s pop music and fiddling with the algorithms. One Internet commenter called it “the most depressing job ad I’ve ever read.”

As recently as August, the companies said they were still in talks with the Justice Department and regulators in South Korea, Japan and China.

Of course you won’t see this blog cited, generally, in the mainstream press articles, because that would lessen the credibility of these articles back to where the belong – unsubstantiated, and indeed, false claims made by a source that is not credible. What is journalism coming to?

Better access for minorities: Last Wednesday, a U.S. Senate subcommittee discussed a bill that would provide federal support to colleges and universities that have substantial minority enrollment, to help them develop advanced computer networks.

Getting there is hard and complicated. But it is at least straightforward. If Breakthrough Listen speeds up its signal-detection and marshals more telescopic resources, it could cut down on false positives, unverifiable question-marks, and missed opportunities. Just ask the Russians.

– The content creation cycle has changed, because the consumer doesn’t go away during the down part of the album release cycle.

The game was designed to promote Monopoly’s new Here and Now Edition, in which game-board spaces correspond to contemporary landmarks of London. But the web-based advertising campaign is getting as much or more buzz than the cardboard product, thanks to its novel use of GPS technology and the promise of cash prizes.

Shares of Snap closed up 4.15 percent at $13.56 on Wednesday, still well below the $17 price in the initial public offering, the third-largest IPO for a U.S. technology company. The company is set to report quarterly results after the market close on Thursday.

Michael Myers from Halloween undergoes a Szoki transformation.

Friends of Hawash, led by former Intel executive Steven McGeady, continue to campaign for his release.

Big Little LiesBig Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Tuesday’s development marks Google’s first attempt to be an OpenID relying party – a website that accepts OpenID logins from third-party providers. Also, this only works for Yahoo users for now, but Google says it’s going to start offering support for other OpenID providers soon.

Fung, in an e-mail, said his sites should be protected by safe-harbor provisions of the copyright law, which immunize search engines from infringement liability if they promptly remove works when a rights-holder notifies them to take down infringing content.

“At the time of the bubble burst in 2001, when everyone was downsizing, including DEC, the main two high-tech companies that were hiring were Google and VMware,” says Eric Brewer, the University of California at Berkeley computer science professor who now works alongside Dean and Ghemawat. “Because of the crazy lopsidedness of that supply and demand, both companies hired many truly great people and both have done well in part because of that factor.”

One of the key mechanics is the way that employees move up the vesting track. It takes them four years to become fully vested, and once fully vested they’re easier to poach because they’ll take all their stock options with them. Until then, you’ve got to pay a bit more to poach them. Retaining employees moves them back down the vesting track so they’re harder for your competitors to hire away. But eventually, once the pool of potential hires is low, the only way to get more employees is from other companies — by then you hope you’ll have piles of cash to lure them.

At present, Chiang-Mai is a major destination for travelers who are also working remotely. A Thai university city with a number of international schools, it tends to attract affluent and educated locals along with a sizable international community; its cafes and music culture would be recognizable to Western visitors—but you can still live there on $803 a month, according to its entry on Nomad List. As one digital nomad told me, part of Chiang-Mai’s appeal is its distinct lack of high-traffic tourist areas.

Barger couldn’t be contacted for comment, but in December 2001, just before a two-month absence, Barger announced he’d be going offline for financial reasons.

One site of choice these days is Gawker, which promises “media gossip and pop culture round the clock.” Gawker now reaches an audience several times larger than Romenesko’s and has paid backhanded tributes to “mild-mannered Jim Romenesko, who runs the most feared blog in journalism (except for this one).” Gawker has also needled the pioneer of its craft about his Starbucks gig, and its readers tend to speak of Romenesko more as a historical figure than a must-read. “I don’t feel obligated to check it daily since a lot of the news doesn’t directly relate to me,” says a young New York-based reporter at a major newspaper. “I think Romenesko is what Gawker would look like if it had morals. It’s basically a newspaper on newspapers and provides a great top-line summary for a dying industry—an invaluable tool for that master’s thesis 20 years from now on the fall of paper.”

But the White House has taken a remarkable–if small–step toward bringing greater transparency to the legislative process. For the first time, it has used the GitHub social coding website as a forum for discussing and ultimately changing government policy. With one GitHub “pull request,” it modified the Project Open Data policy document, which spells out how government agencies are supposed to open up access to their data. This represents the fusion of open source software and government policy that open-government advocates have long predicted. And it might be a sign of things to come as others—the city of San Francisco, and the New York state senate, to name a couple—bring collaborative government into the light.

Commands – like Cut, Paste, Save, Open and Close – are all done with simple gestures, which can also direct functions like scroll and zoom. View Slideshow View Slideshow The most common hand gesture made toward a computer may involve one finger, usually in frustration over a lost document.

The IT service firms rely heavily on the H1-B visa program, which U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered federal agencies to review.

Jobs broke the news that the next version of Safari will run as a native application on Windows Vista and Windows XP in addition to Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger. Beta versions of Safari 3 were made available on Apple’s website as Jobs stood onstage Monday morning.

In the latest stunt from the “Prius Projects” ad campaign, a team of record-setting experts will attempt to set as many records as possible in and around a fleet of four Prii – including the Prius Plug-in Hybrid and Prius V (shown above).

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