Aside From The Deal With The Seahawks, SportStream’s Web App Allows Fans To Connect With Basic Functions Within Most NFL, NBA And NCAA College Football Games

Phoenix returns: Shares of Napster soared after the online music distributor raised its fourth-quarter revenue guidance, citing strong subscriber growth and better-than-expected sales of downloads. Napster said it now expects revenue of between $16.5 million and $17.5 million for its recently ended fiscal fourth quarter.

HP’s website says the new iPaq will go on sale around Dec. 16.

Aside from the deal with the Seahawks, SportStream’s web app allows fans to connect with basic functions within most NFL, NBA and NCAA College Football games. The app still filters relevant tweets and Facebook posts, and allows users to log in to leave real-time comments.

The whole inquisition, he says, has made him rethink his dismissal on TV last year of George Papadopoulos as a “coffee boy.” He apologized to Papadopoulos on Twitter this morning, lifting a sense of shame that Caputo says had led him to question whether he’s worthy of marching in this weekend’s Memorial Day parade in his hometown of East Aurora, New York. With the apology made, Caputo says, he has a clean conscience: “Now I can have a hot dog and march.”

Prosecutors also used the CFAA last year to charge a ring of online ticketbrokers who wrote a script to circumvent CAPTCHA challenges used by TicketMaster and other ticket vendors to detect and slow down computers attempting to purchase large numbers of tickets.

Another craft that I found fascinating (and wanted to add to my long list of things to learn) was the paper marbling at Danny Ebru‘s booth. He had his art on display, made with multiple exposures, but he had a couple of trays where you could make a little bookmark with the marbling. You drip the colors onto the surface of the water, shape it with toothpicks, and then drop the treated paper onto the surface, where it picks up a “snapshot” of the current swirls and splots of color.

Application software: Internet Explorer users might have expected the program to incorporate easy-to-use cookie handling and pop-up blockers. After all, other browsers do, and users have found them useful in defending against internet annoyances. But Microsoft isn’t just selling software to you; it sells internet advertising as well. It isn’t in the company’s best interest to offer users features that would adversely affect its business partners.

The new Google Sites tool is designed to make it easy for anyone to create, edit and invite collaborators to help build a website — Google Sites seems aimed at anything from corporate intranets to school classroom pages to small project collaborations.

But aside from making the world a better place, what’s in it for the GQ or Wired reader? Making or saving cash, for a start. “People renting out their driveways on Parkatmyhouse, their spare rooms on Airbnb, their cars on Whipcar are making thousands of pounds,” Botsman says. “There are assets all around us with high ‘idling capacity’ that are essentially like an ATM machine. People use the extra cash for everything from offsetting car payments to taking the holiday they could not otherwise afford. Collaborative consumption is an easy way to become a micro-entrepreneur.”

Their favorite feature of the Zamzee website is the ability to accept challenges which will multiply points created within a set time by X amount, which often has them ending their night by doing jumping jacks in the living room for ten minutes, and I’m okay with that. My favorite feature of the site is that I can track both boys on one family account (accounts are free and the family account is separate from their respective individual accounts), because, frankly, I’m too tired for much else after chasing point earners around the yard.

Reclassification of broadband will do more than wreak havoc on net neutrality. It will also undermine our universal service construct for years to come, something which the Order implicitly acknowledges. It will undermine the Lifeline program. It will weaken our ability to support robust broadband infrastructure deployment. And what we will soon find out, is what a broadband market unencumbered by robust consumer protections will look like. I suspect the result will not be pretty. I know there are many questions on the mind of Americans right now, including what the repeal of net neutrality will mean for them. To help answer outstanding questions I will host a town hall through Twitter next Tuesday at 2pm EST. What saddens me is that the agency that is supposed to protect you is abandoning you, but what I am pleased to be able to say is the fight to save net neutrality does not end today. This agency does not have, the final word. Thank goodness.

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