From The Outside, A Pack Of Racing Micras Looks Like A Herd Of Kittens On The Warpath

There has never been a better time to write about human genetics. A recent wave of technological innovation is making it increasingly easier – and cheaper – for researchers to uncover the genetic basis of human variation in everything from height to disease risk. The same technology is also providing opportunities for those of us who are interested in our own genomes to gain direct access to them. For the first time in history, it is possible for someone with a modest income to peer inside their own DNA; the full impact of this new-found ability is still impossible to predict.

As David Vladeck of Public Citizen explained, “Most of these notices were drafted by lawyers trained in the art of obfuscation.

When we were going through all of the old Webmonkey articles preparing for the re-launch, we got most of the way through Thau’s Advanced JavaScript Tutorial when we realized that his original Virtual Pet had up and died. It’s a little JavaScript exercise that asks you to press a series of buttons to keep an imaginary pet alive, well-fed and happy. The Virtual Pet code was written in the 1990s during the Tamagotchi craze (it’s a little-known fact that Thau is a total otaku – he’s got stacks of the little multi-colored keychain trinkets and he spends hours a day caring for them). Somewhere along the way, the code stopped working. So, when we wikitized the tutorial, we posted the broken pet along with it and challenged our readers to fix it.

The person responsible, a programmer named Silent, explains how it was done. (Via Trip Kirkpatrick on Twitter.)

There is, of course, some truth to this argument. But there’s also a very persuasive counter-argument known as risk mitigation.

That he is in the middle of his second tour in two years is remarkable enough, considering his legendary stage fright that caused him to stop touring and concentrate on studio work.

Cloud services such as Nirvanix promise a new kind of convenience. They give you instant access to processing power and storage, and you don’t have to setup your own computer servers and other gear. But there are risks involved. You lose a certain about of control over your data, and if your provider goes out of business, you may be in a pickle.

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IBM, which has partnered with Nirvanix since 2011, hasn’t announced whether this will affect its SmartCloud service and hasn’t responded to our request for comment.

The Firefox 4 beta also now supports the Strict Transport Security (HSTS), a new security protocol that allows websites to require that Firefox always use secured connections. Designed to help stop the so-called “man in the middle” attack — where something lurking between your browser and the secure website steals your data — Firefox 4 Beta now remembers which sites use the HSTS protocol and will only connect to those sites using SSL in the future.

Amazon, after all, started with books because they seemed like the right product for the company to use as an experiment—a test bed for figuring out how commerce could work in the future. Now that Amazon is well into that future, the company is about more than books. But books still may help it reach greater heights.

But for the past year or so, Roku has struck up a few partnerships aimed at replacing that old, dumb TV entirely. The company is expanding beyond its boxes and dongles to bake its features right into new sets. Chinese TV giants TCL and Hisense were the first two companies to offer “Roku TVs” last year, aiming at making an introductory splash in the U.S. market. And at CES this year, Roku announced some new partners with its integrated features: Best Buy house brand Insignia and another major Chinese brand in Haier.

Voris said the buses benefit urban areas that have air-quality concerns because they have much lower emissions. The buses, which first hit the streets in June, can run on battery power when stopped, which is great for reducing pollution on a Seattle route that includes a 1.2-mile tunnel, he said.

Luckily in my role in Lucas Licensing, not only do I have the opportunity to nit-pick, but I also have the opportunity to work with our authors to explain the inconsistencies to make everything cohesive.
We did this with Boba Fett’s backstory (much of it was attributed to
Jango). We did this with the stormtroopers being clones (not all stormtroopers are clones explaining the height differences of stormtroopers and the degredation of their markmenship). We did this with the very early EU deaths of Jan Dodonna (captured) and Hobbie
Klivian (crashes alot). And rest assured, we’re already working it all out with The Clone Wars animated series.

Web security got a shot in the arm last year when the FireSheep network-sniffing tool made it easy for anyone to detect your login info over insecure networks – your local coffeeshop’s hotspot or public Wi-Fi at the library. That prompted a number of large sites to begin offering encrypted versions of their services on HTTPS connections.

For generations, the telltale signs of a lover’s cheating were devastating, but simple. And low-tech.

GOP leaders are taking a cautious approach. One hint about how Congress will proceed comes from a hearing on Thursday before the House telecommunications subcommittee.

Earlier, Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average fell 0.3%. Shares in Shanghai and Hong Kong rose, however, as investors eyed fresh trade data. China’s exports continued to fall in dollar terms in August compared with a year earlier, but at a slower pace, and came in above expectations.

The site’s popularity comes at a time when Christian-themed entertainment is playing an increasingly central role in mainstream culture. The apocalyptic Left Behind series of novels has sold nearly 29 million copies; Christian parents bought 22 million copies of the kids video Veggie Tales; $747 million in Contemporary Christian albums sold last year, more than jazz, classical and New Age genres combined, according to a recent Newsweek cover story, “Jesus Rocks!”

Those who can afford it feel the benefits are worth the cost. Albina Fuels, a BioHeat distributor in Portland, Oregon, offers B20 and B100, and about 25 percent of Albina’s customers buy it. The company sells B20 for 22 cents more per gallon than regular heating oil. Albina began supplying BioHeat at the request of a customer who researched the product, says spokesman Steve Corah.

“The problem is no one is doing anything,” Winkler said, proposing that users be fined or blocked if their computer is infected.

SAN JOSE, California – Financially troubled ExciteAtHome stopped taking orders for its high-speed Internet service Wednesday, leaving cable operators with no way of hooking up new subscribers.

But if a domain doesn’t have trademark protection, there’s really no way to get it back, other than to buy it from the new owner. Lack of trademark protection could explain why pornographers appear to be targeting expired sites of nonprofit organizations, churches and local governments.

A more official number could emerge as soon as Thursday evening, when the Federal Emergency Management Agency expects to complete its search and rescue operations. The agency has 10 crews and a dozen cadaver-sniffing dogs scouring the destruction scattered across Bay, Gulf, and Jackson counties, according to FEMA spokesperson Ruben Brown, reached Wednesday at the agency’s interim operating facility in Tallahassee.

In the beginning, said Joe Sinacore, NKR’s director of education and development, the registry managed its own servers out of its office in Long Island. “It became costly and risky, and we knew we needed to hire a full-time facilitator,” he said.

__Q: Is there money to be made with crowdsourcing? If so, why will some people work for free so that others can profit? __

“I want to keep going,” he says. “And I think everyone else does too.” He’s hungry. He wants to win.

Moore: Well, over here, they’re called “dodgem cars,” but it’s the same principle. It suggests lots of colored vehicles bumping around chaotically, everybody having fun and nobody getting hurt, with the faint smell of carbonized ions in the air. So while I’m still not entirely sure what the title means, it feels more appropriate with each passing day.

Most security experts think that honeynets and honeypots are best used to track, trap and trace crackers who have already entered a particular system. The most famous honeypot of this type was devised by Clifford Stoll and documented in his book Cuckoo’s Egg.

The manual suggests operators change the default passwords. Presumably, Tranax sent out a reminder of this important tip last week after the Virginia heist appeared on CNN. Otherwise, expect long lines at the ATM for a while.

‘This case could really change the landscape. Everyone who has gripes about the media is going to start thinking about dollars and cents, and running to their lawyers.’

Oracle lawyer Peter Bick sought to undermine Schwartz’s testimony, Ars Technica reported, by reading from emails Schwartz sent at the time in which he referred to Android as “lame” and speculated that Google may have played it fast and loose with the licensing rules. Bick also managed to work in a few barbs about Schwartz’s leadership, pointing out that Oracle didn’t offer Schwartz a senior position after the acquisition. Bick also noted that Schwartz had once been named one of the worst CEOs of all time by Glassdoor. In other words, Bick was trying to portray Schwartz’s decision not to pursue legal action against Android as mistake made by a lousy CEO even though Android was “devastating” to Java.

From the outside, a pack of racing Micras looks like a herd of kittens on the warpath. From the inside, it’s a damn riot.

A case report in the published literature of sudden hearing loss in a male patient taking Viagra prompted FDA to search the Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) for postmarketing reports of hearing impairment for all PDE5 inhibitors. FDA found a total of 29 reports of sudden hearing loss, both with and without accompanying vestibular symptoms (tinnitus, vertigo or dizziness), in strong temporal relationship to dosing with Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) or Levitra (vardenadil). Hearing loss was also reported in a few patients in clinical trials of these drugs. There have also been cases of hearing loss reported in patients using Revatio (sildenafil) for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Though no causal relationship has been demonstrated, FDA believed that the strong temporal relationship between the use of PDE5 inhibitors and sudden hearing loss in these cases warranted revisions to the product labeling for the drug class.

“There’s one in a concession stand, right next to a pizza oven,” says Justin Webb, Bell’s vice president of Olympic services. “At one venue, we have one sitting in a shower. We made sure that we turned the water off.” In a venue like Canada Hockey Place, Bell has 20 or so switch locations like the Mona Lisa, handling not only the data traffic for journalists and spectators, but also phone calls and the video feeds that go out world wide.

Facebook said its investigation showed that conservative and liberal topics were approved as trending topics at nearly identical rates. It said it was unable to substantiate any allegations of politically motivated suppression of particular subjects or sources.

As great as the real-life history lesson was, especially for a visual learner like McCarthy, he wondered why it should it take an ambulance ride to get a geographic understanding of where Boston’s many historic sites once stood. There had to be a way to combine a literary and visual vehicle to the past.

Barrett raised millions of dollars for the Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, which provides assistance to teachers who want to buy a house in Silicon Valley.

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