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“Ben and I had a running joke, basically interspersing the word ‘Pork!’ at random points in conversation,” he said. “It was beginning to get a bit mundane, so I decided to kick it up a notch by hacking one of the talking fish to say ‘Pork!'”

Corridors and spots between desks are crammed with potted plants, matched in turn by the leaf-green plastic mesh on all the ergonomic chairs, which coordinate with a moss-colored sofa and accent wall. Other walls feature blown-up images of fashion accessories, while one in the foyer is inscribed with the words “delight the user.”

Verdict: It’s plausible Musk will meet this deadline, but his own track record says otherwise.

The last solar device chargers I reviewed were the Etón FRX-2 and FRX-3 devices, which were extremely weak when it came to providing device power and were clearly for emergencies only. The focus of the solar panels in both systems were to power the emergency radio and flashlight; the USB device charger was a bonus capability.

Keep in mind of course that Prism and Refractor are both Mozilla Labs projects which means they’re still in the experimental stage and aren’t meant for prime time. Still, despite a few quirks, if you’re looking for a way to get a more desktop-like experience from web apps, Prism just might be the answer.

There are seven components to a fully decentralized, open social media network, as I’m using the term:

So, in just a few minutes’ time and with minimal effort, athletes were able to significantly boost their performance, making gains that – according to the authors – would normally take an average of two years of intense training to accomplish.

Both Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and incumbent, right-wing President Jacques Chirac –- considered the two main contenders for the presidency – have been eager to assert their credentials as progressive, Internet-savvy politicians.

When the GeekMoms received an invitation from the Aristotle Circle company to review their new Stanford-Binet Test Preparation and Enrichment Kit, we discussed that latter question at length. Being scattered around the country (and the world!) we have many varied accounts of our school systems’ gifted and talented programs, if any at all. We debated whether this was actually something we could prepare our kids for. Some of us (myself included) had regarded being a gifted student as more intuitive…that one can’t necessarily study for it.

“E-mail’s success is also its biggest weakness: It is too popular,” said Maurene Grey, Intranets and Electronic workplace analyst with Gartner. “Trying to be more helpful and communicative, employees unnecessarily e-mail their co-workers too often. They clutter e-mail inboxes, fill up servers and sap productivity with the volume of these messages.”

Kraft has always been Doppler’s best cheerleader. But when I walk into his office to talk about the end of Doppler, he’s different. Normally talkative and assured, Kraft now takes long pauses to collect his thoughts, fidgets in his chair, and can’t even bring himself to sugar-coat the situation. His sales pitch didn’t work, he says. Why keep selling? Instead, Kraft has been doing a lot of reflecting over the last few weeks, wondering what happened and what could have been different.

“While several previous studies have looked at the robustness of food webs to a variety of sequences of species loss, none of them have come up with a way to identify the most devastating sequence of extinctions,” said food web biologist Jennifer Dunne of the Santa Fe Institute, who was not involved in the research. Using a modified version of PageRank, Dunne said, the researchers were able to identify which species extinctions within a food web would lead to biggest chain-reaction of species death.

Like many geoscientists, I find that visuals help immensely in understanding processes. We can go to a modern river, delta, tidal inlet, etc. and observe firsthand the processes. We cannot do this in the deep water; our monitoring of processes in this environment is extremely limited and still more-or-less indirect.

“While we strongly believe in the merits of our suits, we are pleased to avoid the distraction and expense of litigation,” wrote Zenimax chairman and CEO Robert Altman in a press release on Monday.

A secret billion-dollar stock opportunity The world’s biggest tech company forgot to show you something, but a few Wall Street analysts and the Fool didn’t miss a beat: There’s a small company that’s powering their brand-new gadgets and the coming revolution in technology. And we think its stock price has nearly unlimited room to run for early in-the-know investors! To be one of them, just click here.

Thanks to the FTC deal, RB assured webmasters that the affiliate program payments would resume shortly.

Apple Computer released four new versions of its popular iPod for users who want either a compact device or a full-color media player that can display photos.

People don’t “die” in the games (operators don’t like that); they only have their robot batteries depleted. They simply recharge and keep on fighting and spending more money (the operators like that). And, of course, It’s Alive gets a cut.

Former FCC lawyer Gigi Sohn, who worked for Pai’s predecessor Tom Wheeler, applauds Pai’s move to release the text of agenda items before meetings. Sohn, who is now a fellow at Georgetown Law School and the Mozilla Foundation, says government agencies can never be fully transparent, but the net-neutrality complaints and information related to the May 7 outage should be made public.

Adrian of Nicomedia, an ancient pagan officer who converted to Christianity, looks after arms dealers and butchers. The patron of police and paratroopers is Michael, the angel who leads heaven’s militia. Thieves are devoted to Dismas, the robber who was crucified with Jesus. Joseph of Arimathea, who buried Jesus, is the benefactor of funeral directors and coffin-bearers.

The ruling overturns an injunction handed down by a lower court in 2010, that forced the site Theflyonthewall to delay posting leaked stock market buy and sell recommendations. The recommendations were intended for bank clients that earn the banks at least $50,000 to $100,000 in trading commissions yearly; by making them available to the masses in near real-time, Theflyonthewall was violating its intellectual-property rights, that court ruled.

Calls to the Justice Department, which had argued in favor of the law, were not immediately returned. The government may ask the 3rd Circuit to rehear the case or appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I feel guilty for reading about the Meg Ryan-Dennis Quaid divorce, because it’s none of my business and a waste of my time,” wrote another.

According to the organizers, more than 300 movies have been presented so far, and there have been more than 600,000 downloads. The selection will begin Saturday, and more than 8 million pesetas (US$45,000) will be distributed among the winners.

Data mining works best when you’re searching for a well-defined profile, a reasonable number of attacks per year and a low cost of false alarms. Credit-card fraud is one of data mining’s success stories: all credit-card companies mine their transaction databases for data for spending patterns that indicate a stolen card.

Siemens says changes to its IT unit include creating the capacity for “new tasks such as cyber security and the expansion of platforms for data analysis.”

The Mana comes with a waterproof storage compartment between your legs, where the fuel tank typically is (The Mana’s tank is under the seat for a low center of gravity). Running up to Hollywood to see a girl, I can throw a sweatshirt and my laptop in there, ready for the ride home in the morning. That compartment, plus a backpack, can carry a week’s worth of groceries. As a bonus, it encouraged me to switch from beer to whiskey; strapping a case of beer to the passenger seat tends to draw unwanted police attention, but you can slip a fifth in the storage compartment no problem.

As far as the US litigation, either side getting exactly what it asks for is unlikely, Lemley said. “Those numbers will likely come down, but really, the money is secondary to the injunctions at stake in this case.”

Launched over the weekend, joins the already populous field of do-it-yourself wiki sites, which allow anyone to add and edit content on a specified topic.

“Consumers have aspirations. Cross-border trade provides access to those aspirations,” Snapdeal’s Bahl says. “This tidal wave is so large that by the time governments figure it out, it’s going to be too big to quash.”

Mueller-Maguhn, something of a celebrity in Germany as a technology visionary, plans to take immediate action. He said he will contact Germany’s highest court on Monday morning and invite someone from the court for a debate before Germany’s legislature on the ruling – and how it should be applied in the future.

PP: 13. So that was fun. She understood it. I had to ask her why Max had to wear a helmet on the moon. She said, there’s no air on the moon! That kind of thing. So that was cute. Gosh, other than that there are just a million books out right now, kids’ books. What I tell people to do, is go to a library, see what’s there. Or if you’re in any place that has an astronomy society, an astronomy club. Any even moderate town has one. And they’ll have good recommendations for books. And I recommend that. People always ask me, What kind of telescope should I buy? That’s like saying, What kind of car should I buy? It depends on what you’re looking to do. If you’re hauling rocks all the time, I wouldn’t suggest a Lamborghini. It’s the same sort of thing. Go to a star party, go to an astronomy club, see what’s there, and try them all out. Get a good feel for telescopes. Same thing with books.

When the NASA NEEMO team uses Aquarius for a mission they send a crew down consisting of astronauts and other personnel to work in the extreme environment and simulate a space mission. The extreme environment provides conditions where the crew lives in isolation and have to appropriately equip themselves for work outside the habitat. NEEMO places additional equipment around Aquarius to aid in the mission simulation. Back in Key Largo, a large, well-equipped trailer is brought in for the Mission Control end of the simulation. Called the Mobile Mission Control Center, or MMCC, the trailer provides an amazingly accurate Mission Control atmosphere. During mission operations, additional divers also go down to support different aspects of the mission, making for an amazing sight with the support divers and Aquanauts all working together in an well-choreographed dance.

I wish that you would also report the other themes of the convention (“A Gathering to Hack the System,” July 12, 2004). There was so much more than the dark side which you present. There were speeches that had underlying themes that dealt with issues on the ethics of hacking, and job opportunities that hackers have in the IT fields. If you do a search for hacking on the Army’s website, you get jobs for “74B Information Systems Operator/Analyst”, “97B Counterintelligence Agent”, and “98J Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst.”

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the USDA has been revamping its regulatory process for several months, said Meghan Thomas, an APHIS spokeswoman.

Bedi urged employers to hire and train employees to take advantage of ML-based processes. Once humans are comfortable with ML’s ability to produce reliable data and make correct decisions, he said the industry will transition [to] machine decision making guided by human oversight.

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