Over The Last Few Years, YouTube Has Shifted Its Focus Away From Single, Viral Hits—the David After Dentists, The Keyboard Cats—and Onto The Long-standing Set Of Videomakers It Called “creators

One of the panelists – I’ll never forget it, it was the mother half of the Charles Todd duo – slapped the table and shook her fist and said, “You just write! You stop dreaming of writing. You stop talking about writing. You stop wishing you were writing. And you write!”

“But I do not believe WikiLeaks is aiding terrorists,” he said. “I think there’s so much hyperbole around it.”

The cashers wired 80 percent of their take to King in Russia through Western Union, while Thomas tracked card numbers and amounts on a spreadsheet and kept copies of ATM receipts, which the cashers were required to scan.77 As far as Thomas was concerned, it was all about keeping King happy. If Thomas got labeled a ripper, King and others wouldn’t do business with him, and then he’d lose his value to the FBI. Every six months Thomas says the FBI rebudgeted for his surveillance work, and he was always worried that Butler would pull the plug if he didn’t prove his worth.

His work uses HTML5 and JavaScript to quickly render the instrumental lines on screen and begin playing. The interactive part comes when you start clicking and dragging the dots to change the melody. (Warning: strangely addictive.)

There’s a lot of talk about how this new verbosity will manifest on Twitter—it’s possible that this new, limitless Twitter will be an answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles; a way for publishers to post stories natively to the platform. Whatever the new function looks like, it’s clear that Twitter is thinking outside its original 140 character box. This constraint served Twitter well, but maybe it just isn’t enough anymore—maybe we’re going to be eased into a newer, bigger, wordier future. Maybe 140 isn’t quite the right fit anymore… so what is? Can we quantify exactly how many characters we can use to best tweet?

Over the past two weeks or so, I’ve been playing around with some new, experimental Firefox add-ons that explore new ways of aggregating headlines of news stories on the web. One of the most promising, called Ambient News, brings RSS feeds into your browser without requiring you to click on a single subscription link or visit a special website. You don’t even have to know or care what RSS is for it to be useful.

Over the last few years, YouTube has shifted its focus away from single, viral hits—the David after Dentists, the Keyboard Cats—and onto the long-standing set of videomakers it called “creators.” Glotzbach is broadly in charge of YouTube’s Creators program, which manages and cares for the people who actually make videos. He’s like an encyclopedia of YouTubers: In a single hour, he references conversations with everyone you’ve ever heard of, including the Gregory Brothers, John Green, Epic Rap Battles, and a guy named Sammy from Germany who’s apparently become a gigantic YouTube star. And, of course the paragon of YouTube stardom, PewDiePie, the gamer-comedian whose subscriber count is pointless to print because it grows so fast. (I just checked: 36,489,262.)

Callas tweeted on April 19: “I deleted my Dropbox account. It turns out that they lied and don’t actually encrypt your files and will hand them over to anyone who asks.” (Technically, Callas is incorrect because the files are encrypted, just not encrypted on the users’ devices.)

An Apple technician from Cupertino. All watercolors courtesy of David Pierce.

On one hand, you have a company that rose up from modest beginnings to become one of the richest businesses in America (indeed, the world), and in the process revolutionized the use of technology to create a new way to do business – helping people find what they want.

Surprise zombie!

More than 350,000 names will be carried on the New Horizons mission to Pluto, which leaves next year.

Briefly told: Sony (SNE) and Ericsson (ERICY) are in final talks over a merger of their mobile phone units…. AT&T (T) named Hossein Eslambolchi as its new chief technology officer and president of AT&T Laboratories…. Sonera (SNRA) named Ericsson executive Harri Koponen as its new chief executive behalf of Ericsson.

The Kobe Bryant documents were posted by someone known as Rustydj64, who Gaynor thinks is a Colorado-based private investigator. Rustydj64 didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Ziff Davis Media has agreed to revamp its website’s security and pay affected customers $500 each after lax security exposed the personal data of thousands of subscribers last year.

Like most street artists, 2wenty concealed his identity behind a pseudonym early on, a habit that stuck when made the switch to photography a few years ago. He’s gone by the moniker ever since, and Photoshops a diamond over his face in photos. Until recently, he posted mostly on Instagram, but he’s now got a website, too. In everything he does, 2wenty wants the work to be front and center. “I usually never explain what anything means unless asked,” he says. “I want people to discover what they see in it.”

“[My book] is the story of those times – inventing it, and not so much inventing but the social process of trying to get everyone to use the same standards. The reason the Web took off is not because it was a magic idea, but because I persuaded everyone to use HTML and HTTP.”

The world’s biggest online retailer said its net sales rose to $32.71 billion in third quarter ended Sept. 30 from $25.36 billion a year earlier.

Except for a short-lived surge in early 2000, Goldfield stock hasn’t budged above a dollar for more than five years.

What are your views on social media? You seem to have a Twitter account, but don’t tweet.

They benefited from various wonderful donations : the initial Sci-Fi collection of its founder Pierre Versins, the thousands of pulps once belonging to American bookseller Malcolm Willits and the Vernian Collection of Jean-Michel Margot. There are more than 20,000 items, including numerous rare or unique editions, posters, recordings, the most diverse objects, as well as an unequaled set of documentation and critical material including theses, essays, biographies and nearly 8,000 articles and press cuttings from around the world.

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