The Goal Of The Interview With A Matchmaker Is To Figure Out Not Just What Someone Is Looking For, But The Barriers — Psychological Or Otherwise — Preventing Them From Getting There

The one-minute television spot, which begins airing Wednesday night, ends with this message: “Gateway supports your right to enjoy digital music legally.”

As for the iPhone, officially there are no augmented reality apps in the App Store yet — because Apple doesn’t provide an open API to access live video from the phone’s camera. This barrier prompted augmented reality enthusiasts and professionals to write an Open Letter to Apple pleading for access to this API to make augmented reality apps possible in the App Store.

Others are applying these techniques around the world. Global Forest Watch (GFW), a conservation project established by World Resources Institute, began offering monthly and weekly deforestation alerts in 2016, powered by AI algorithms developed by the University of Maryland.1 The algorithms analyze satellite imagery as it’s refreshed to detect “patterns that may indicate impending deforestation,” according to the organization’s website. Using GFW’s mobile app, Forest Watcher, volunteers and forest rangers take to the trees to verify the automated alerts in places like the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia, which calls itself “the last place on Earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers are found together in the wild.”

CERN is dedicated to peaceful research. So it’s understandable that they would not want any of their work to be turned to military uses. But they may be downplaying, just a bit, the long-term potential for antimatter weapons.

Oracle foresees rocky future: Microsoft launched its corporate database software program aimed at taking market share from Oracle.

The goal of the interview with a matchmaker is to figure out not just what someone is looking for, but the barriers — psychological or otherwise — preventing them from getting there. In my personal session, Tessler asks me to address head on why I’m single. She wants to know about my work hours, my family, and why I seem to be attracted to unavailable men. She is the opposite of a cold, impartial algorithm, and it can be unnerving. Tessler also wants feedback on every match: if her client isn’t into it, she needs to know why, so she can do better next time. “Screw the guy,” she says to one female client. “Our relationship is what really matters.” I thought about the conversation I had with Tessler all week. I didn’t meet a life partner via Dating Ring, but the positive experience started to change the way I approached my love life. And when I tell my friends about the babe I met on the flight out to San Francisco that Friday, I credit her.

“Dr. Paul is continuing to try to work within the Republican party to bring it back to the traditions of limited government and personal liberty,” Benton says.

To speed up Web browsing, Transcast will send out news updates overnight that will be cached on the TVs, and an enhanced programming guide will provide local TV listings. Users interact with the TV through a wireless keyboard, and can have up to five e-mail accounts.

“Working on the (Sydney) site at Quokka was an incredible experience. Frankly, it was one of the highlights of my career. Really an amazing creative energy and excitement surrounding the entire project,” said David Thomsen, one of the few former Quokka employees who agreed to speak on the record.

Dude, would you like a Nokia with that Dell? [intomobile]

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