The Clinton Administration First Issued The Strict Rules On Cookies In 2000 After Its Office Of National Drug Control Policy, Through A Contractor, Had Used The Technology To Track Computer Users Viewing Its Online Anti-drug Advertising

As more information comes out about the kinds of information the hackers accessed, the repercussions could be much graver than anyone thought.

Which is most likely the reason behind HP’s decision to once again beef up its inventory for a last TouchPad blast.

I ran it through some basic tests, and it’s stable. You can switch between the three rendering engines by right-clicking on the current tab under the menu bar. The option to select an engine appears in drop-down menu. There’s also an auto-engine switcher that forces specific pages to use one particular engine.



Men are bigger couch potatoes than women: Women have always suspected it, but now it’s confirmed that men in the United States click the remote control more than women do, according to a study by AT&T Broadband.

The Clinton administration first issued the strict rules on cookies in 2000 after its Office of National Drug Control Policy, through a contractor, had used the technology to track computer users viewing its online anti-drug advertising. The rules were updated in 2003 by the Bush administration.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed playing Hero Academy. The graphics and animations are a lot of fun. If you don’t mind a lot of ads I think the Council is a great team to use overall; it can get pretty pricey if you want all the teams and colors and lots of taunts. Occasionally there have been reductions in prices on the teams, but it might be worth buying at least one extra team to get rid of the ads.

1Correction 7/8/2014 12:27pm: An earlier version of the story misstated Glenn Greenwald’s and Laura Poitras’s role at First Look as founders.

Users can add recipient email addresses, cell phone numbers, additional frames, and auto-generated email addresses to send photos to the frames, and set timing of uploads all from the photo sharing page.

And the Redstone family, Sumner and his daughter Shari, who control the bulk of the voting stock, continue to explore a combination of CBS (NYSE:CBS) and Viacom (NYSE:VIA).

Website defacements don’t normally cause problems for anyone but those in charge of the altered sites. And for most people the war-related e-mail viruses, which don’t yet seem to be in wide circulation, are nothing more than an annoyance.

I look forward to running it next year! Who’s with me? Who should I dress as next year? I’m trying to convince my husband to join me so we’re looking for a geeky Disney pair – Han and Leia? Mr. and Mrs. Incredible? Woody and Jessie? Giselle and Prince Edward?

Tourists will be pleased to know our island is not as squeaky clean as it used to be either and now boasts two mega-casinos, euphemistically named Integrated Resorts. I have nothing against casinos but really if the only justification for allowing an activity is that it makes money then why not legalize drugs and prostitution?

The site aggregates stories and videos from about 100 cities worldwide, mostly in North America. Each city has its own home page, and each city’s page has different sections for politics, crime, sports and other topics.

In the last few days, the official mouthpiece of the Iraqi regime, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, has become the subject of fan sites, spoof weblogs, petitions to get him a TV show and merchandise like coffee mugs and T-Shirts.

And then there’s Hit Song Science. It uses an idea similar to Bristol University’s equation, by using algorithms to analyze the world of popular music to look for trends, styles and sounds that are a popular amongst listeners. At the website Uplaya, wannabe hit-makers can upload a track and get a score. The higher the score, the better your song is.

“It could be huge, are you ready?” Meyer recalled asking them. Everybody said “yes,” but as Meyer later realized, no one knew what “huge” meant.

Too often open source projects seem to turn up their nose at documentation, arguing that the code is well-commented or that developers should be able to figure it out for themselves – with the implicit suggestion that those who can’t don’t matter. That’s fine for some projects, but if you want your code to be more than a random page on Github, you’re going to need good documentation.

Buy the Playbar for $699 on Amazon or

The current conversations are at an early stage and no final decision about a valuation has been reached, the paper said.

A powerful congressional committee is investigating a Transportation Security Administration website that promised to help air travelers caught up in terrorist watch lists, after a Wired News blog revealed that the site was potentially exposing user’s personal information to eavesdroppers.

However, I did get the chance to try out a few new and upcoming games over the weekend. Ray Wehrs of Calliope Games made the drive down so I could get a glimpse of Tsuro of the Seas, the sequel to the excellent tile-laying Tsuro, which was on our 2011 Games of the Year list. I wasn’t allowed to get photos of anything but the prototype box, since things are still in development and might change a little, but here’s the scoop: Tsuro of the Seas uses the same basic mechanic as the original, laying tiles and following the paths on the tiles, trying to stay on the board as long as possible. The board is a little larger now, with a sea theme (the pawns are Imperial Red Ships), and there are giant monsters roaming about randomly on the board. So not only can you be knocked off the board by other players, you could fall victim to a bad roll of the dice as well, when the monsters devour your ship. What’s really interesting is that the monsters can remove tiles from the board, which opens up new locations as you play. The game is slated for later this year, so we’ll be sure to have a full review once it’s actually available. So far, though, it looks great.

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