After Several Attempts To Ban Content Outright Were Struck Down By The Courts, Lawmakers Have Proposed Setting Up A Kids-only Area Within The United States’ Dot-us Domain

The site features stories of survivors, including people like NFL star Vernon Turner, who overcame drug abuse and trauma, and Kathy Andersen, a sexual abuse survivor who now helps other young women who’ve survived abuse and exploitation. And you’ll be encouraged to add your own story: Readers can choose — Facebook-style — from an array of reactions such as “Stay strong” and “I feel the same way” to react to the posts, videos, and images.

Prosecutors recommended the low end of the 12 – 18 month range suggested by federal sentencing guidelines, and Maltsev’s defense attorney asked for even less time. But U.S. District Court Judge Larry Burns in San Diego suspected Maltsev’s return to America wasn’t for a vacation.

As for Yanes’ closing challenge, that is exactly what I aim to do. In the next few weeks (or months), watch for a series of posts about comics that I think qualify as serious literature. You’ll see all the expected titles like Sandman and Watchmen and Maus, but hopefully you’ll also come across some that you haven’t heard of before, or ones that you hadn’t thought about in those terms. And I fully expect you to tell me about all the ones I’ve missed, because GeekDad readers are awesome like that.

PyMusique, another tool Johansen and two other engineers released earlier this year, allows people with Linux operating systems to buy music from the iTunes store and save it in an unrestricted format.

Hypocrisy in Anti-Spam Land?

Over at the Smithsonian Magazine website, there is an absolutely astonishing article on Britain’s Tin Noses Shop, otherwise known as the Masks for Facial Disfigurement Department, which revolutionized the art of facial reconstructive surgery even as World War I produced more disfigured soldiers to practice on than anyone knew what to do with.

Wecks: I want to turn a little bit more toward your particular career in writing. You have chosen not to go the traditional route by working with an agent and then a publishing house, etc. How did this come about? Was this an accident or on purpose? *Why not pursue this strategy from the beginning? Why did you wait until now to do all the things that we’re talking about?
* *
So this is a really important point. It’s really easy to have a nice philosophy about openness, but moving the world in that direction is a different thing. It requires both understanding where you want to go and being pragmatic about getting there. In politics you get this all the time. It’s easy for people to have a point of view on how things should be, yet the people who are actually in the Senate or Congress or White House need to balance on a daily basis where they want to go with how they actually get stuff done.

Of course, there’s also the (admittedly very large) possibility that perhaps it’s something far more obvious altogether.

Heck declined to say how many vehicles are using Nauto’s cameras and software, but said the company expects to accumulate more than one billion miles of real-world data within the next year.

After several attempts to ban content outright were struck down by the courts, lawmakers have proposed setting up a kids-only area within the United States’ dot-us domain.

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10:27 Address book.
Maps app is full screen, you can switch into satellite view. Looks like Google satellite of course. Showing the Eiffel tower.

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If you’re curious about the graphical installer, have a look at the (quite lengthy) screenshot walkthrough on Debian Admin. The images are of the beta3 version of Etch from late last year, but they give a nice glimpse of the installation process.

But in Austin, Minnesota, also known as Spamtown USA, Spam rules.

Each player starts with the same number of products (in a 6-player game each person controls two, but in a 2-player game each player controls four). Each product gets a turn to increase its user base, earn revenue, and hire employees. The growth of the user base is determined by a die roll, plus the number of engineers (nerds) that currently work on the product. Each company can also hire a Big Nerd (CTO) or a Big Suit (CEO) which generates more users and revenue across the entire company. Once you hit a certain spot on the user track, the product is launched and becomes public. Revenue is determined by the user base, plus the number of suits assigned to that product. Money can then be spent to hire up to two new employees, either from the pile or by poaching from other companies. You can also retain employees by paying them some more money.

Mozilla’s TowTruck is a new project aimed at making it easy to collaborate on the web in real time – think real-time screensharing and co-authoring on any webpage.

FSTEC certification records showed the Information Security Center, an independent testing company based outside Moscow, has reviewed IBM’s source code on behalf of the agency. The company was founded more than 20 years ago under the auspices of an institute within Russia’s Ministry of Defense, according to its website. The company did not respond to requests for comment.

Abell 2218, a massive galaxy cluster gravitationally lensing a more distant cluster. Credit: NASA, ESA, and Johan RIchard (Caltech, USA) Acknowledgement: Davide de Martin & James Long (ESA/Hubble)

Somorjai said there will be no major changes in the way the Salesforce1 Fund is run compared to other Salesforce Ventures investments. co-invests with venture capital firms and does not lead investment rounds, so the company is able to make more investments in a greater number of companies.

It’s sort of like the New Yorker’s weekly caption contest for news photos. Except, in this case, AP and Reuters didn’t ask anyone to provide an ironic punchline.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman also said on Facebook that “our IT experts are doing their job and protecting critical infrastructure … The attack will be repelled and the perpetrators will be tracked down.”

K2: Frankly I’m astounded by it. And delighted. We just saw a gender politics dispute go badly, with Donglegate. I suspect that people were ready to hear that there is more than anger and recrimination to the gender discussion. We are all, on all sides of the gender discussion, trying to figure out how to work together and make each other comfortable. This is an example of starting that conversation from a place of camaraderie.

Equipment Operator 1st Class Leonard Kelly (left) uses an auger to dig a hole for the placement of a bollard while Engineer Aide 3rd Class Roger Alexander guides him at Cable Beach, Jan. 13. Both sailors are assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 28, Shreveport, La which is deployed to Guantanamo Bay in support of general improvement, engineering, construction and project management.

Western Union shut its website for five days in September 2000 after hackers stole the card numbers of more than 15,000 customers.

The rough sequences was a scientist blogging (Redfield) > blogs (Ed, me, many others) > online MSM (Carl’s Slate piece), and finally > MSM (the Times). Twitter helped drive things from one stage to another. Each stage was critical, providing more filtering. The most robust filtering, I’d have to say, occurred in the blogosphere and online. And the combined power of Zimmer’s Slate piece and then blog post on What the critics said was simply devastating.

For instance, James Haslim started working at Otto in May 2016. “Shortly after I joined Otto, my team began working on a lidar project intended for autonomous trucks…known as Spider,” he wrote in documents filed as part of the lawsuit. “Uber acquired Otto in August 2016, and since that time, I have been responsible for the technical development of Uber’s lidar sensors.”

Control Center provides fast access to tools and networks. From any screen on the phone—even while using apps—swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Why does Glass work so well in those private settings when it so totally flopped in public? Perhaps because in the enterprise world, Glass is not an outgrowth of the intrusive and distracting smart phone, but a tool for getting work done and nothing else. The Enterprise Edition runs only the single application necessary to do the job. There’s no Facebooking, Tweeting, Snapping, notifications, or rage-generating headlines. “Glass in an enterprise setting is not a toy,” says Lundquist. “It’s a tool that enhances our ability to perform as professionals.”

A recent bulletin published by Microsoft, however, says disabling the Messenger service is a last resort and Windows users should first install a software firewall to protect against the pop-ups. Weinstein said AOL believes most home users can safely disable the Messenger service without affecting bona fide applications that may need to use it.

From its headquarters at Florida’s Patrick Air Force Base, the State Department directs 51,000 annual hours worth of air operations. In Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan, and Guatemala, it mostly performs “counternarcotics and law enforcement activities,” explains State Department spokeswoman Pooja Jhunjhunwala, and in Afghanistan it does transportation support as well. Diplomats at the mega-embassy in Iraq also rely on State’s contractor air fleet to move about the country. And in recent years, that fleet has also needed to perform short-term air missions in Sudan, Honduras, Malta, Libya and Egypt. Private-security giant DynCorp currently holds the contract for supporting the diplomatic fleet.

“I am sure that bigger and better things await all of us,” Mr. Tynan wrote in the memo, which was first published on Politico and confirmed by The Wall Street Journal. “As for Yahoo, I am sure it will continue to be Yahoo, for better or worse.”

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