“Never?” The Customer Asked

Stephen Sullivan: The rumor was that they buried them behind the [management] building out on Sheridan Springs Road. And this person who I’ve spoken to, who has more direct knowledge of their fate, says that they were definitely buried in the landfill along with all the other garbage.

That push has already begun – the company beat Wall Street’s expectations with $924 million in revenue in its fourth fiscal quarter of 2016. Notably, the total number of monthly users for “Madden NFL Mobile” grew 30% in 4Q year-over-year.

A comet with a magnitude of 2 or 1 would be easily visible in the sky. A magnitude of 5 should still be visible. Oh, you can have negative magnitudes. A full moon has a value of -12 and Venus can have a magnitude of -3.82.

For genetics-savvy readers a lot of these predictions may seem, well, predictable, so I want to emphasise that my purpose here is not really to make risky forecasts; I’m more interested in laying out what I see as the major big picture trends for the year to come, with a few specific predictions about unknowns thrown in. In any case (as you will see) I’ve gone for the approach of throwing enormous numbers of predictions out there in the hope that at least a few of them will come true.

Mathewson has bigger ambitions for the secrecy changes, too. He hopes they can foster more tools that allow untraceable, private communication, like Ricochet and the Tor-based filesharing application Onionshare. Those apps automatically create Tor hidden services on their users’ machines for private communications, so preventing anyone from discovering those private Tor instances will make similar apps easier to build and more secure. “It’s these things that are using hidden services as a building block that are going to get far stronger, with much more privacy than they had before,” says Mathewson.

Frontline A new drone, billed as a “Humvee of the skies,” is raising some eyebrows among long-time aerospace watchers, who wonder if this is another case of Stavatti Aerospace, the company famous for its extravagant claims about advanced aircraft and weapons.

“We’re entering the post-technology age where users will be able to get on with what they want to do without worrying about making the technology work,” IBM’s Hawk says.

WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg puts new homemade gunsmithing tools to the test as he tries three ways of building an untraceable AR-15 semi-automatic rifle—a so-called “ghost gun”—while skirting all gun control laws.

Apple Inc’s highly anticipated iPhone X features a slew of innovations but delayed availability could hurt holiday-quarter sales.

Second, the status bar (as always with Safari) is invisible by default. You have to manually turn it on under the View menu. I’ve always argued against this practice. A browser that doesn’t supply a visual link destination for each and every click is an insecure browser. I just don’t trust those bullies out there on the web, and neither should you.

1. How did you find out about the Womanthology project?
My cousin, Laura Morley, told me about it.

The cost for the downloads has not been announced yet, although Felisan said that the labels themselves would be setting the price points. Other deals have seen downloads range between 99 cents and $2.99 per track.

The site is the Trump campaign’s answer to what they believe is the liberal mainstream media, says Trump’s digital director, Brad Parscale. “It allows us a nice playing field to do some opposition research and let it show,” Parscale says. “We want people to see all the truth, and not the sometimes one-sided truth that we get from the media.”

“I’m only bummed by the fact that no one at Vmyths has received a salary in over a year,” Rosenberger said.

“Never?” the customer asked. “Don’t you want to? How can you spend all day answering questions about a machine you’ve never used?”

Google’s inclusion of scanned books (those in the public domain) from its Books project could rile Amazon. Amazon told a federal court looking into the project that allowing Google to scan and sell millions of out-of-print books whose copyright owners can’t be found gives Google an unfair advantage. That objection comes despite Google’s offer to let Amazon and other booksellers resell the orphans, as well.

You’d think creators and consumers of news would have learned their lesson by now. But the latest version of the fake cancer cure story is even more flagrantly flawed than usual. The public’s cancer cure–shaped amnesia, and media outlets’ willingness to exploit it for clicks, are as bottomless as ever. Hope, it would seem, trumps history.

A San Francisco woman, for example, was determined to prove that she wasn’t human. She had trouble articulating why she believed that, but somehow the Secret Service was involved. In a more recent application, a New York state man claimed that he could summon the appearance of small objects while walking down a road. “The results are plain to see and obviously appear by themselves, in various random arrangements,” he wrote the foundation. “I will these phenomenon into being, and/or they happen because of my physical presence alone, therefore I claim to have these powers.”

Bringing more of the design work in-house cuts complexity, people familiar with the processes say. Instead of managing one or more design teams and then a fabricator, Apple has only to manage the fabricator.

The fourth and final draft of version 3 the GNU General Public License was released by the Free Software Foundation late Thursday. The GPLv3 addresses multiple issues central to the debate over patent protection, and contains some specific wording to undermine any further patent protection agreements like the one Novell and Microsoft set up in November, 2006.

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