I Hope That They Do Want That Business, And That They Offer Dirt-cheap, No-obligation Plans For People Who Buy Expensive, Unsubsidized Phones

She cocked her head and raised her eyebrows. “You sound like you’re quoting something,” she said, “but I don’t know what.”

The Acme saga began when Connecticut resident James Turner filed a case in small claims court against Acme after renting a car from the company. Turner also filed a claim with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

It will, that is, if automakers and technology companies can agree on open standards that will make these types of applications inexpensive and practical. Proponents of several protocols under consideration – meeting at this week’s Eye on Auto telematics conference near San Diego – say there’s no reason why a car can’t be as much a part of a network as your home computer.

Companies that sell Wi-Fi products want their hardware to be simple and interoperable, especially as more than just computers – wireless TV monitors, digital music receivers, DVD players and game consoles, for example – are wirelessly connecting to home networks.

The Weekly Weinersmith

A UK mathematician has made a public appeal for people to phone a dedicated number so data can be gathered to hone a tool that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease by analyzing voice patterns.

Click Fraud Claims Drive Lawsuits

It’s fun to have several players controlling the heroes, because then they can discuss strategy and try to plan their attacks. It’s definitely a game where you’ll find yourself cheering out loud for a really great flick (even if it damages you) or groaning when somebody totally biffs a shot. The pillar obstacles on the boards are a key element — without them it would be much easier to just flick back and forth, but they change up the rooms and give you something to maneuver around (or behind, if you’re a cowering Wizard).

Toyota Motor has settled a patent-infringement case that has dragged on for six years. The settlement, announced Monday, came the same day the U.S. International Trade Commission was to launch a hearing on Severinsky’s claims. Had the commission sided with the engineer, it could have barred Toyota from importing the Prius and other hybrids.

Another feature unique to the Union Record is the graphics galleries, which use pictures and associated sound files to tell stories in a way that static Web pages cannot. Currently the galleries include a selection of local singers, and a set of stories on Seattle’s homeless population, as well as a series of recent Horsey cartoons.

This month, the agency began using a $35 million computer system that tracks complaints and other telling data about officers – then alerts top supervisors to possible signs of misconduct.

If I don’t like it, I can always quit the business and earn $1,700 a week posting links on Google. I know this because I recently saw this headline on Huffington Post: “How I Make $1700 a Week Posting Links on Google.”

Here’s what the site has to say about the process:

Several people have tried to sneak onto the unfinished store’s construction site, security guards report. Not to steal anything, mind you, but to get a sneak peek at the interior.

While valuation estimates for Yahoo’s core assets vary, sources have suggested that first-round bids for the assets ranged from $4 billion to $8 billion.

If a magician invents a device that allows him to, say, teleport across the stage in the blink of an eye, he can patent the device. But the patents themselves are open to the public. Anyone can see them. When an R.J. Reynolds tobacco newspaper ad revealed Horace Goldin’s “Sawing a Lady in Half” illusion and Golden sued for “unfair competition,” the court sided with Reynolds, essentially arguing something like “if you wanted to keep it a secret you shouldn’t have patented it.”

Even as the team found a way to work effectively with CMS lifers—both sides realized they could learn from each other—some engineers felt their bosses were being overly cautious about instituting dramatic changes during this first open enrollment because of the high political stakes. There was a generalized fear that an error in implementation could lead to a whipping by Republican representative Darrell Issa in a congressional hearing. “People are more scared of things here,” says Ben Komalo, a Marketplace Light engineer who recently returned to his job at Khan Academy . “The costs of failure are perceived as being much higher than where we’re from.”

Investors sold Samsung shares after the delay announcement on Thursday, stripping about $7 billion from the firm’s market value. Sentiment recovered somewhat in Friday trade as the shares rose 0.6 percent compared with 0.3 percent in the broader market <.KS11>.

To the extent that auteur-driven triple-A games (in Japan and beyond) survive, this is probably how it will happen. The economics are different when you actually make a game console—the game doesn’t need to be profitable in and of itself, if it can create a virtuous cycle by which more fans buy your console because of its exclusivity.

The final menu item is Profile, which contains your profile information, such as an automatically assigned “JB” number, location (if GPS is enabled), and status in the game – everyone starts off as a “NOOB”, but some have moved on to “PROSPECT”. If you link the app to Facebook, it will add your Facebook picture as your in-game picture and tell you how many of your Facebook friends also have the Jack Boxer app (which enables you to message them in the Comm Center).

In a Jan. 21 New Yorker article, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell discusses a proposed plan to monitor all – that’s right, all – internet communications for security purposes, an idea so extreme that the word “Orwellian” feels too mild.

Another major exception is Hulu, whose videos are encoded in Flash. But it’s not Skyfire’s fault that you can’t view Hulu videos. Because of licensing terms, the company doesn’t allow mobile devices to stream Hulu videos for free, as you could with a computer by visiting

Jobs presents Otellini an Apple-designed custom award for all of their hard work. Looks like a circular iPod-styled clock.


Having – by accident – watched the movie adaptations of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, I walked in there with very little hope. To be honest, it was mostly because I had no clue who directed it and what to expect from the movie.

The Romanian phishers posed as representatives from JP Morgan Chase, Comerca Bank, LaSalle Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo and others.

The ride-hailing service has recently been rocked by a number of setbacks, including detailed accusations of sexual harassment from a former female employee and a video showing Chief Executive Travis Kalanick harshly berating an Uber driver.

He had been in jail for 60 days when he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He appealed, and was released on bail. Although his sentence has been reduced to three years, he still faces charges of insulting the leader and writing propaganda.

The innovative new website of thenewno2, the group Harrison formed in 2001 with friend and filmmaker Oli Hecks, relaunched this week ahead of the band’s first North American tour, which starts Thursday in Dallas. (Thenewno2 is on the road with Aussie headbangers Wolfmother.)

This crowd of amazing science journalists got together to write stories and they ended up generating a beautiful website. From “How to Write a Science Feature” to imploring the National Institutes of Health to fund research on orphan diseases, they publish essay after essay, all lovely, about the culture of science itself.

Lanny_davis_2Former Clinton White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis has launched an online petition calling on Obama to choose Clinton for VP.
Photo: Associated Press/Manuel Balce CenetaRickie Banning, president of “Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too,” a website, says that she’s received hundreds of e-mails from Clinton supporters who are angry at the Democratic National Committee, and who are registering as independent.

The temporary restraining order and lawsuit (.pdf) mark the first time the FTC has targeted the amateur spyware market, where stalkers, jealous spouses and ethically challenged private investigators can buy keylogging software that secretly monitors people’s every online move.

I hope that they do want that business, and that they offer dirt-cheap, no-obligation plans for people who buy expensive, unsubsidized phones.

BJ’s Wholesale CEO Chris Baldwin on Wednesday discussed the company’s future investments in online retailing and how it can utilize online strategies to complement their brick and mortar stores.

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