These Days It Seems Like Every Government Has A Far-reaching And Well-developed Digital Surveillance Operation, Complete With Defense, International Espionage, And Offensive Components

Now we find ourselves approaching the moment of truth. The real 7 Minutes of Terror occur this weekend and we will know at approximately 1:30 am on Monday morning (Eastern Daylight Time) if Curiosity survived the landing and successfully reached the surface of Mars. If you haven’t seen the process in the 7 Minutes of Terror article above, I highly recommend you take a look. The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument was built at my home center, the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the first time I saw the video of the planned landing sequence was during a NASA training class where the whole process was described in detail. While the complexity required to put such a large rover on the surface is terrifying, it is also awe insipiring to see the amazing things humans can achieve. We all sat and watched in awe.

Inboxes filled with messages asking for advice have already become the norm for those hit hardest by SirCam: anyone whose e-mail address appears on a website.

The person responsible, a programmer named Silent, explains how it was done. (Via Trip Kirkpatrick on Twitter.)

Just in time for a close presidential election in which science policy could actually influence the outcome, an all-science, all-the-time television network has launched its first broadcast, which tackles the hot topic of stem-cell research.

Rasch said the FTC’s legal arguments and the company’s business practices were “right on the margins,” ripe for challenge in an important dispute that could have broad effects on the future of Internet advertising.

In a YouTube extra from his interview with John Oliver posted late last week, Snowden offered some password security advice: He pans Oliver’s comically awful suggestions like “passwerd,” “onetwothreefour,” and “limpbiscuit4eva,” and instead wisely recommends that computer users switch from passwords to much longer passphrases. He goes on to offer an example: “MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY.”

However, the NiMH batteries in the hybrid vehicles sold by Toyota, Honda and Ford are from Panasonic and Sanyo of Japan, companies that were not allowed to participate in USABC because they were based outside of the United States. Panasonic and Sanyo had each begun work on NiMH batteries before the Department of Energy project started.

Drew Neisser, president and CEO of Renegade Marketing Group, a New York advertising firm, said Apple has been working hard to keep the iPod fresh and fashionable, and may eventually offer different color earbuds to distinguish different groups of users.

These days it seems like every government has a far-reaching and well-developed digital surveillance operation, complete with defense, international espionage, and offensive components. Smaller nations even join spy alliances to pool resources. But there are still many nation-states that for various reasons prefer not to handle their cyber intelligence development in-house. So they do what we all do when we need software: They buy it from a vendor.

Readers need what Oprah gave them, Cheng said: a personal experience with the book rather than a marketing pitch.

If there’s one thing I really hate doing, it’s housework. I’m sure this revelation doesn’t exactly make me all that unique but it’s true nonetheless and almost certainly something you can relate to. However there is one specific household job I loathe above most others and that is cleaning the windows. You see at least with other jobs, the end result is positive; when I iron my clothes they go from being messy to being neat, when I clean my kitchen counters they go from dirty to clean. That’s not the case with cleaning windows because when I’ve actually bothered to do it, they’ve always gone from being dirty to being clean but covered in so many streaks they actually look worse than when I started. If there’s anything more galling than wasting precious time doing boring chores, it’s doing them for no real benefit.

Messenger had already recently added payments, and a handful of GIF-friendly apps. There was enough there to make it feel like its own entity, even if it was essentially the same prom date in a slightly different tux.

To those who don’t care, breezy is fine. To those who do, it’s infuriating. The lack of contention can’t help suggesting the premature senility of a field we’re deeply invested in.

“You as the user don’t care where it is — you want access to electronic media,” explained Rovi executive vice president of produce management Corey Ferengul, who expects devices with the Rovi chip to be available to consumers in time for the 2010 holiday season.

The California Energy Commission is proceeding with a proposal this summer to ban the sale of TV sets that do not meet new efficiency standards when they are turned on and displaying a picture — a measure of power consumption that is not currently regulated at all.

Cascio: If a climate war were to break out right now, it’d be who is the last man standing after pissing in the punchbowl – who can continue to adapt while things go to hell or while helping them go to hell?

Ready, set, code! It’s Computer Science Week and hundreds of thousands of educators, teachers and tech geniuses are participating in the global Hour of Code movement. With a half a million computer science jobs available in the U.S. job market, the importance of educating students at a young age is more important than ever. That’s why one company, Primo Toys, is looking to teach preschoolers! Watch this fun video on how one little robot named Cubetto is educating America’s youth.

But the walkout was also troubled by allegations that strikers in Delaware intimidated and harassed non-union replacement workers, including chasing, ramming and surrounding a contract worker’s van on Interstate 95. Union locals said any problems were isolated incidents not sanctioned by labor leaders; a Delaware judge said Thursday he felt the unions had “a causal role” but declined a Verizon request to hold them in contempt of a prior court order spelling out permissible strike activities.

It’d be easy to be cynical about this effort—to laugh at people who over- identify with a Bollywood starlet or to question why meditation teachers, the masters of directing attention, are working with the social networks that cause so much distraction. But when you sit with Bejar and his colleagues at Facebook as they review these reports—when you see all the breakups, all the embarrassing photos, the tiffs between mothers and daughters—it’s hard not to feel sad and awed at the amount of confusion and hurt. Over a million of these disputes happen every week on Facebook. If you had a God’s-eye view of it all, wouldn’t you want to handle that pain with gentle hands?

“We do with one layer of Unequal what used to be done by 10 layers of traditional Kevlar,” Vito said. “If you opened up a soldier’s equipment, you’d find the same stuff we’re using in our gear.”

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