The Proximate Cause Of The Blocking Was A Major Bandwidth Drain, Slowing The Site Down For Everyone Else

the proximate cause of the blocking was a major bandwidth drain, slowing the site down for everyone else. we do hear, extensively, from the community that sites shouldn’t take community ads to monetize them, period. there’s also one other major issue still under investigation, where we have yet to determine who’s responsible. I do like the visual aspect, talking internally.

In letters sent to possible buyers in recent days, Yahoo advisers asked them to submit proposals for their bids, including what assets they hope to acquire and for what price. Some buyers may be only interested in Yahoo’s core Web business, or pieces of it, while others may also propose bids for stakes in Alibaba Group Holding or YahooJapan.

Wall Street’s conventional wisdom holds that seasoned executives are brought in to guide a company and manage strong-willed founders once it has become successful, not the other way around. But Jobs showed that a founder could come back and be an effective CEO.

As I skimmed the first few paragraphs, I felt undeniable flickerings of real hope. With a contusion injury to my third cervical vertebrae rendering my body below my shoulders useless, I guess it’s only natural – but time has taught me to maintain emotional detachment.

“I have realized over time that I missed the mark with HyperCard,” he said from his studio in Menlo Park, California. “I grew up in a box-centric culture at Apple. If I’d grown up in a network-centric culture, like Sun, HyperCard might have been the first Web browser. My blind spot at Apple prevented me from making HyperCard the first Web browser.”

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But their creation dovetails with a host of concrete problems we’re facing in the United States when it comes to police accountability. After the shootings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown this summer, the ACLU, the International Association for Chiefs of Police, and countless editorials from media outlets began advocating loudly for the need for cops to sport “body-worn cameras” while policing. The Aposematic Jacket, instead, imagines a future where civilians are equally accountable.

Do electromagnetic pulse weapons keep you up at night? Well, now get ready for plasma weapons, says former Congressman Curt Weldon, whose talk today on Capitol Hill was unsubtly named: Getting Serious about World War IV (part of the National Defense University’s always excellent breakfast series on nuclear weapons and missile defense). I couldn’t pass that up, so I dragged myself to the Hill to check it out.

Eventually OpenID will likely disappear from the web, not because it was a failure, but because identity will be managed in other ways. Mozilla is hard at work putting identity in the browser. It’s not hard to envision Firefox managing your OpenID credentials for you, just as it does today with your passwords. In that sense OpenID may end up like RSS (another tool routinely declared dead), invisibly powering features behind the scenes, essential, but unnoticed. Eventually online identity may even come full circle and move back into the real world – chips in your phone, tokens that generate random codes or biometric devices.

The company has partnered with popular music blog aggregator Hype Machine, which plans to post reviews for the music in its “2008 Zeitgeist” list using Musebin later today.

According to Internet-monitoring firm Keynote, overall Internet performance had recovered to close to normal speeds at 3 p.m. EST Tuesday, after dipping to 8 percent to 10 percent slower than normal earlier in the day.

Also, Fwix isn’t yet a reliable source of breaking news. The day the Bay Bridge was shut down due to structural damage – a huge news event in San Francisco – there was nothing about it on the Fwix homepage even hours after it happened. Also, the bridge closure presented a perfect opportunity for users to submit relevant photos and tweets, but I didn’t see any show up on the website.

The 501st legion is a worldwide professional costuming club that specializes in the “bad guys” of the Star Wars universe. We never charge for appearances and have shown up to everything from charity walks to formal weddings. In the past 12 years, the st501st Legion has grown to more than 5,000 active members worldwide.

The Wolfram|Alpha answer engine is going live in a few days, and we’ll get to see the unbox — warts and all — live as it happens.

In comparison, Snapchat’s main rival Instagram Stories, where users and businesses can post a string of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, had more than 250 million users as of Aug. 2.

The Russian-born Aleynikov worked for Goldman Sachs until June 2009, when authorities said he siphoned source code for the company’s valuable software on his way out the door to take a new job with another company.

The Apache attack helicopters involved in the incident are identified as Crazy Horse 18 and 19, of the 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment. The names of pilots, as well as those of investigating officials, were redacted in the Central Command report. Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks, who reviewed the findings, ordered that “members of the press be encouraged to wear identifying vests or distinctive body armor within the MND-B AOR,” or Multi-National Division-Baghdad area of responsibility, although he directed that such action be “passed to PAO [public affairs office] for coordination through CPIC [Coalition Press Information Center].”

The judge also ordered Berkovich to pay $2,773,074 in restitution to approximately 300 victims. “He actually offered to drive their trucks for free and paint their houses,” says Sloan-Hillier. “Obviously, that’s not how the system works.”

Some designs bring to mind earlier eras. Robynne Raye, cofounder of Modern Dog Design Co., designed a pin featuring a line drawing of a dove, a daisy chain, and the words “clean energy.” “If I just glanced at this, I would think it’s a Hubert Humphrey button, or a Eugene McCarthy button—both Democratic candidates that relied heavily on environmental messages,” McQuillen says. Others draw from digital culture. Hyperakt studio’s “Pantsuits for President” riffs on a popular meme. The button from Open features the triumphant “Praise” emoji.

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Rasmussen suggests that the government should have taken a different course altogether when a 17-year-old Camez first approached Adams looking for a fake driver’s license.

The Dow Jones industrial average climbed 7 points, less than 0.1 percent, to 22,304. The Nasdaq added 3 points, less than 0.1 percent, to 6,374.

This years Team Projects included a space traffic management plan (if our satellites are about to crash into each other who has to move?), a lunar archive of historical and biological materials (what would you need to know and what would you need to have on hand to restart society if any part of it was lost?), a report on the future of on-orbit servicing, and a report on using satellites to monitor and respond to earthquakes. (Past project reports are available on the 2007 SSP website, presumably these will be available soon as well.)

In public, Arista said it planned to focus on narrow markets such as high-frequency trading. Privately it was working on building a flexible and easy-to-program switch that could be sold to large internet companies that were Cisco customers.

One thing that “happened” to McCloud was a near-fatal accident. On December 9, 1971—he rattles off the date in a way that suggests it’s indelibly etched into to his brain—he fell out of a window. He was tripping at the time, and says it saved his life. “I was on LSD when I had my death-rebirth experience. It would have just been a death experience without the LSD, for sure,” he says. “That’s a recurring theme in LSD. A lot of people think they would have died when they had an accident [without the LSD].” It’s a little like saying you read Playboy for the articles, but McCloud says his gratitude towards “the Sunshine” (the acid he dropped that night was called “Orange Sunshine”) is partly why he’s collected blotters all these years.

Apple Inc. said Wednesday it will open its new campus in April and spend six months moving employees into a glass-encased building reminiscent of a spaceship.

__4. __Broadcast a really good space-western TV show, move it around a lot from time slot to time slot to make sure its ratings suck, then after it starts to really become popular with the geek community cancel it with three episodes still in the can.

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