Appropriately, Briel will build the replicas in his garage. The original Apple I’s were hand-built by Apple’s co-founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, plus a handful of others, in Jobs’ parents’ garage. Priced at $666.66 – a figure that got the fledgling company into trouble with Christian fundamentalists – only 200 were made.

In the first six weeks of the holiday season, which spans November and December, shoppers spent an estimated $16.7 billion online, according to a report by Goldman Sachs, Nielsen/NetRatings and Harris Interactive. Overall spending was up 28 percent from a year ago, based on survey data.

TiVo court battle ends: Ending a three-year legal spat, TiVo and Gemstar-TV Guide settled their dueling lawsuits over the electronic program guide built into TiVo’s digital video recorders.

The AFL-CIO, which has about 13 million members, said the average CEO made a record $20 million last year, buoyed by nearly 50 percent more in stock options and 22 percent more in salary and bonus, while the typical hourly worker received a 3 percent increase.

Greg Antollino, Obabueki’s attorney, said ChoicePoint never sent his client a letter telling him it was providing adverse information to IBM as the law required. ChoicePoint sent a revised report after Obabueki complained, “but the damage had already been done,” Antollino said.

Stanford’s tech savvy library is what really drew Rumsey to the California university. For the past 19 years, Rumsey has digitized his 67,000 maps from his personal collection onto a self-sustained, public website. His digital collection will join Stanford’s, and the rest of his donated physical library will eventually be scanned as well, and given a permanent URL. “This link always takes you to that map, from now until forever,” says Rumsey.

Consumer groups tough on MS: A coalition of consumer groups sent a letter to state and federal prosecutors asking them to be tough with Microsoft (MSFT) in the four-year antitrust case, calling for extensive business restrictions and allowing individuals to sue the company.

“The Navy is exploring multiple cognitive enhancement technologies to improve mental and physical performance. We plan on using that in mission enhancement,” Szymanski said. “The performance piece is really critical to the lives of our operators.”

That’s why when Google is forced under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act to take down a search result for alleged copyright violations, the company links to a copy of the official takedown notice. Transparency in action.

The study was conducted as part of an integrated WIRED and Marriott partnership, as the hospitality leader reimagines the guest experience for a WIRED world: expertly blending high-tech services with high-touch experiences to meet today’s evolving customer needs in a meaningful way.

“That ecosystem approach is something that we will absolutely maintain and, in fact, if anything keep continuing to evangelize,” Nadella said.

“If the government can establish that the problem has gotten worse and that the technology has gotten much better, it then becomes easier for the government to prevail,” he said.

Then there’s the majority of us who lie somewhere in the middle: We don’t want to break the bank to buy a digital camera, but we still want a high quality product that will crank out clean images and last us a long time. Here’s where a little research is required.


“Once we can clone exact replicas of ourselves, the next step will be to transfer our memory and personality into our newly cloned brains, which will allow us to truly live forever,” the Raelian website says.

And the Bible isn’t the only book Sears expects owners to read on their Godspeed. The Christian book and music business is a $1.9 billion industry. The marketplace suffers from limited distribution channels, many small print runs and many valuable out-of-print books. All of which, he said, would be well addressed by going digital.

Take single sign-on, for example, where a user signs-on once per session, and a separate site takes care of all the authentication and verification, delivering an OK signal to any sites the user visits.

“He did something wrong, he did two things wrong, one really bad,” Kryeziu said, but declined to elaborate. “He put some strange stuff in there, and yeah, you guys identified it as PearPC.”

Despite its outsider stance, Popbitch is becoming quite influential. It is widely read by gossip columnists and celebrity journos. Popbitch stories are often picked up by the press, which is also starting to adopt a less-worshipful stance toward celebs, Anon said.

Babylonian Twins Splash Screen

A silver berry scaley hair plant at low magnification Photo: Courtesy of SkyLight

After a short stint offline Tuesday morning, the FTP server’s incoming directory appeared to be back online later in the day with proper access permissions. The outgoing directory, which contained patches and other support information, was still inaccessible, however.

Much of Coffer’s subject matter is taken from his 50-acre Dundee farm. His horses, cows and chickens play feature roles, along with the occasional self-portrait.

Robert Brenne’s Hungry Hungry Hippos auxiliary amp.

However, it said EU rules would allow for an injunction ordering that the internet connection be password-protected as a deterrent.

I think at current levels, Skyworks shares look compelling and could be a very interesting way to play a potential recovery in the smartphone market (especially iPhone), particularly since it can grow revenue fairly independently of industry unit growth through content growth.

If completed, Verizon’s acquisition of the service would add to the company’s video offerings and potentially boost its Internet subscriber rolls. Verizon is now the sole owner of Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. wireless carrier, and operates the FiOS cable TV service.

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Icrib_2 As if it weren’t enough to pass on our good looks to the geeklets, we’d love to mould their musical taste too, or at least make sure they don’t embarrass themselves by saying “Elvis who?” when they get older.

Twice in the past two years or so, Sanchez has lost a job while the company retained an H-1B. His last employer said Sanchez, 45, lacked database skills. That’s something of an irony, since he’s devoted his free time to building an anti-H-1B visa website with a database of Labor Department statistics. According to Sanchez’s site, Adea filed an application to pay software engineers last year as little as $40,000 – a salary well below the 1999 Department of Labor estimate of an average $65,780 for application software engineers.

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