“Not All Of Our Intelligence Is Under Our Conscious Control,” Said Brooks

Will Missing-Ear (infected) – wants the race moved to summer in Georgia for warmer weather, less chance of rain (I second this one). Plans on running next year.

6) There’s a competition to guess what the last article in Wikipedia will be
If you’re feeling clairvoyant, you can try your hand in a pool to guess exactly what the last article ever written in Wikipedia will be. Other pools exists for other milestones, but the last article inspires a bit more attention.

After all of the heroes have acted, then the environment has its own turn. Again, the sequence is: start of the turn, play a card, end of the turn.

“Not all of our intelligence is under our conscious control,” said Brooks. “There are many layers of intelligence that don’t require introspection.” In other words, the emphasis on common-sense reasoning doesn’t apply to some efforts in the AI field.

TradeFortress says that this was a social engineering attack, meaning that the attacker masqueraded as someone he wasn’t in order to get access to the site’s systems on cloud-hosting provider Linode. “The attack was done through compromising a chain of email accounts which eventually allowed the attacker to reset the password for the the Linode server,” he said.

The insight is tinged with sadness, for these monuments to bravery – after nearly 100 years of harsh Antarctic weather and after being picked over by souvenir hunters – are clearly dying.

That last one is very specific, but hey! It’s friggin’ Hamilton! They’ve got your back:

In comparison, the “Love Bug” infected over 1 million machines during its initial run in May 2000. Variants of the “Love Bug” still infect machines, and the worm remains on most antiviral companies’ top 10 threat lists.

The FTC, on the other hand, could step in. Its role is to protect consumers against unfair business practices, and it seems like sites riddled with bots would qualify. Bidders say they’re ready for someone to interfere:

The entire iBook is well-written and professionally formatted. Unlike some self-published books that look kludged together, Sparks has included a mix of high-quality clipart and photos into the text and the iBooks Author application gives a writer the ability to position these images in a polished manner. Look at the screenshot below and you can see how Sparks has mixed a screencast, a screen clip of a search menu, and a small piece of clipart and still made the page look nice and not cluttered or crammed together.

February: It’s been a quiet week on Clastic Detritus … we went through a move earlier this week to be a little closer to my new job.

[partner id=”wireduk”]When Andrew Brooks learned the skills needed to manouvre the high-end post-production equipment used in advertising photography, his creativity and eye for detail lead him to completely new worlds.

CNN was investigating the cause of the error, which was discovered and fixed Wednesday. CNN spokeswoman Edna Johnson said technicians were trying to determine how long the mock-ups had been exposed through the development site, which was not directly accessible from the main CNN news site.

__Are you running fans? Do you have friends or family members along the route to watch when you run races? __

The new straps are currently only listed on Nintendo’s Japanese website, but I think we can expect North American and European releases to follow.

Formed in 1994 during the internet’s Wild West days, the W3C’s original intent was to provide the unifying rulebook the web’s disparate developers could use to build compatible applications. The browser wars of the late 1990s saw Microsoft and Netscape continually trying to one-up each other by adding new, unique features to their respective browsers. Developers often had to make a choice – a website either worked perfectly in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, rarely both. The W3C was pivotal in reducing that friction over the years and in paving the way for an open, standardized web.

Amazon on Thursday said more than 36.8 million items were ordered on Cyber Monday alone, setting a new company record.

Mulvihill says Green Apple, after nearly four decades in the business, opened a second location in 2014 due in part to people’s seeming rejuvenated eagerness to buy print books. Instead of killing print books, enthusiasm for ebooks seems to have leveled off. In fact, ebook sales fell 10.5 percent to $68 million for the first five months of 2015, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which tracks print and digital book trends. At the same time, according to Publisher’s Weekly, bookstore sales rose 2.5 percent in 2015, the first time sales were up in the sector since 2007. Total bookstore sales in 2015 reached $11.17 billion, compared to $10.89 billion in 2014, according to government data.

Privacy advocates and some eBay users screamed foul, accusing the company of engaging in a nefarious marketing scheme to bolster its mass-marketing offerings and abilities. But many e-commerce promoters said that eBay hadn’t done anything wrong.

Bond connoisseurs can also get to know each other better via a newly redesigned Quantum of Solace social media site. Bond’s homepage,, now includes an expanded collection of wallpapers, videos, games and forums for fans to swap notes on Solace.

“We can’t have a true understanding of ecological systems unless we know all the parts,” Kelly agreed. “We only know a few percentage (of all the species).”

Still, Thompson hasn’t forgotten her technology roots. Much like Bill Gates’ plan to put a PC on every desk and in every home, she hopes to copy his strategy and pop “a chocolate in every mouth.”

If there’s one drawback in her résumé, however, it might be the fact that she’s not human. Seonaid’s creators claim she is the world’s first real-time virtual character to star on a government website.

Nine of those are supplied by 26 North Yachts, a boutique brokerage house that’s been working with Sailo since last August to list boats from its charter division.

Other efforts include, a free legal search engine created by law professors Tim Wu and Paul Ohm, and Ed Walter’s comprehensive Public Library of Law, which covers state courts as well.

“Pen and paper is sketchy, ambiguous and fast,” he said. “Drawings are inherently ambiguous. The ambiguity enhances creativity. It encourages people to look at different options. Decisions have not been set in stone.”

It wouldn’t be easy. Not long after he joined, Snapchat suffered another big spam attack. Boutros set up a war room to deal with spammers. “We went from a bad situation, to where it’s very, very difficult for spammers to create accounts,” he says.

I read recently that the volcanism around the area of Uturuncu changed about 1 million years ago and that the area stopped erupting.  This would imply to me that there were fairly frequent eruptions in the area until about that time.  Are there any ideas floating about which might explain what happened a million years ago that shut down what seems to have been a very active area?

November’s 52-page indictment, along with papers filed last week, offer an unusually detailed glimpse into a shadowy world where hackers, often not old enough to vote, brag in online chat groups about their prowess in taking over vast numbers of computers and herding them into large armies of junk mail robots and arsenals for so-called denial of service attacks on websites.

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