I Don’t Think My Kids Made Any Great Discoveries While They Roamed The Aisles Of Glass Cases In The Pember Museum

Currently struggling through school final exams, Gigabyte and Nostalg1c said it’s unlikely they will end up at the same university in the fall.

If you love Lego and Star Wars (and particularly Lego Star Wars) then you’ve probably already heard of DK Publishing. From their Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary to their recent record-setting Lego mosaic mural, DK clearly has a lot of love for the franchise. This winter they’re sharing the love with their “Star Wars in Your Stocking” sweepstakes. The grand prize includes several of their Star Wars books, a Pez dispenser, a Lego Star Wars Brickmaster and a maquette of Ahsoka from Clone Wars. (I got to play with the Brickmaster set—see my write-up after the jump.)

I don’t think my kids made any great discoveries while they roamed the aisles of glass cases in the Pember Museum. But they enjoyed the alligator and the menacing grizzly bear, the boar’s head and the giant rhea (there’s a nice slideshow on the Pember’s Facebook page). And it was an interesting glimpse into an earlier way of doing science – and especially how science used to be enjoyed by people who weren’t scientists.

“There [are] 40,000 terrorist sites — handles on Twitter. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) have done a pretty good job of bringing them down. We just want the social media companies to bring them down, including Twitter. You don’t have as a foreign terrorist organization a constitutional right to use American companies to spread hate and propaganda and recruit,” he said.

The mobile app also allows you to enter calorie information, and the Bluetooth connected device can also give you a mobile workout accompanied to music you’ve stored on your phone. The Bluetooth connection makes sure your workout is effective.

“It wasn’t malicious; it wasn’t meant to be antagonistic,” Blake said in a phone interview with Wired. “It was an expression of my generation, and computer culture, and making art with computers. I don’t use a brush. I use a mouse and a keyboard, and how I express myself is with those tools.”

That wouldn’t apply to, say, Usenet flamers, but it would impose a new layer of bureaucracy on anyone seeking to make use of the Internet’s unique ability to direct political pitches at someone based on their ZIP code.

One thing’s for sure: a veritable cottage industry of ad blockers has cropped up. Some have been around for years, while others were newly created for ad block-capable iPhones. This already bustling industry seems likely to continue to bustle, in part because there seems to be some real money to be made in blocking ads. As publishers and advertisers try to reinvent or at least refresh how they make money off of your attention, ad blockers are pushing just as hard to make money off of ending distraction.

“You don’t want to antagonize your greatest fans,” he said. “I would think they would think twice about suing someone who is devoted to their products. It’s unusual and it could blow up.”

“I wouldn’t want to refer to it specifically as an American phenomenon, but I definitely find that when I’m dealing with indie bands or rock bands in the UK (versus) dealing with -– not always American bands, but bands that are bigger in America than they are over here, like Judas Priest or Metallica -– I find that there seems to be an extra level of machismo in some of the PR agencies that I basically find tedious.”

Vegawatt’s founder and inventor, James Peret, estimates that restaurants purchasing the $22,000 machine will save about $1,000 per month in electricity costs, for a payback time of two years.

Which means you’re getting a lot of people starting companies who shouldn’t be starting companies. Another investor I talked to called this “buying a cheap call option on a guy who doesn’t know that’s what you’re doing”—on a guy, that is, who thinks you’re investing in his success, not betting on the high-risk, high-yield chances of it. You know the odds on any given company’s success are long, but that’s why you make a lot of bets. In the first dotcom boom, the risk was largely carried by the investors, but now the risk has been returned to the youth.

McNealy has a point: When consumers are shopping for something, they have the option to take their business to companies that are sufficiently privacy-protective – that is, if they even care.

“Apple is really an iPhone business,” said Sean Stannard-Stockton, chief investment officer at Ensemble Capital Management, a Burlingame, Calif., wealth-management firm with $500 million in assets; it counts Apple among its largest holdings. He added, “The next [iPhone] cycle should be strong.”

The gathering was the first event for a technology-focused effort within the White House Office of American Innovation, which seeks to overhaul government functions using ideas from the business sector. Several of the executives complimented Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to Trump, and his wife, Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and a senior adviser, for helping to drive the initiative.

Mosseri: But that’s what we do do. [Facebook does take action against false news that is born from Groups and appears in News Feed, but it doesn’t eliminate Groups unless they violate the platform’s terms of service or community standards.] You wouldn’t want to say “Oh, anything that is political is going to get less distribution. Any political group is going to get less distribution.” Because now you’re impeding speech just because you think you’re going to reduce the spread of one false news story, a small percentage, but you’re also going to reduce a whole bunch of healthy civic discourse. And now you’re really destroying more value than problems that you’re avoiding. Same thing with custom audiences, by the way. I think that targeting doesn’t exist really on the feed side, it exists on the ad side. But I think it’s really useful. You don’t really want to see an ad about diapers unless you’ve got kids. So that’s actually a useful thing. And you wouldn’t want to like, all of a sudden, get much less relevant ads because you’re trying to make this problem slightly less easy. We find that it’s much more effective to go after it specifically, so we do—if we think that a group or page is sharing a lot of misinformation or false news, we definitely go after its distribution directly.

Warner said he consulted with Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Pat Roberts, (R-Kansas), and Appropriations Committee chairman Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), and they agreed “that this should be immediately disestablished.”

Griffin Colapinto grew up in San Clemente, California, known for its many consistent surf breaks. Here at the Surf Ranch, he experiences a new definition of “consistent.”

The warning comes more than one year after the CPSC issued a recall of more than 500,000 lithium-ion battery charged hoverboard units due to safety concerns. The recall affected 10 retailers.

The site and curriculum, released in association with the Yahoo! Developer Network, covers basic subjects such as HTML, CSS and design theory. The course authors are all established web developing professionals within industry, and their course material helps guide students on programming websites using the latest approved web standards. Opera’s hope is to teach good web development practices to the next generation of web developers.

NEW YORK – News, a website focused on crime and courts that sought bankruptcy protection last month, may have found a hero in the form of, an spokesman confirmed on Monday.

As an ex-convict, Mitnick’s entrance into the zero-day market may mean he’ll face extra scrutiny himself. From his teens to his early 30s, after all, Mitnick went on an epic intrusion spree through the networks of practically every major tech firm of the day, including Digital Equipment, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, and many more. For two and a half years, he led the FBI on a manhunt that made him the most wanted hacker in the world at the time of his arrest in 1995.

“On our editor on the site, I end up creating a whole bunch of steps and uploading these images step by step,” says Wilhelm. “And I spend a lot of time organizing the images, in iPhoto, or Picasa, getting them into the steps before I then go to upload them.”

“My favorite myth is one that will never see the light of day.” The myth was that the cardboard box that sugary cereal comes in is actually more nutritious than what was in the box. They tested it with some lab mice. The control ate regular food and another set of mice ate fruit loops and a last set of mice ate a cardboard pellet variation that Jamie made. Jamie monitored the mice for a week and by Friday he could see that something was not quite right with the cardboard mice.

Johnston later mentioned the lower bound on a couple of websites, but “I don’t think anyone really gave it any particular heed,” Houston said.

Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond, told public radio’s Marketplace program Wednesday evening that residents were delivering flowers and notes of support to its Beijing offices following its announcement.

Used CD stores and pawn shops in states that pass the law are also barred from paying cash for CDs, offering store credit instead, and must retain CDs for 30 days before reselling them. (Surely, RIAA lobbyists are behind this on some level). PC World reports:

Acxiom prides itself on its privacy policies. However, the Electronic Privacy Information Center asked the FTC to look into whether the company violated its own privacy principles of notice, access and choice when it added sensitive customer data (such as income and household size) to data that JetBlue gave a government contractor.

The deal with Micro Focus, a multinational software company based in Newbury, United Kingdom, was announced along with HPE’s latest quarterly earnings. In the third quarter, HPE reported net revenue of $12.2 billion, down 6 percent from $13.1 billion a year earlier.

“You can do whatever you want: execute code, read e-mails, install a backdoor, steal their keys. You could intercept all that stuff,” Maiffret said.

Using software that is handed down from one winning team to the next (with additions and refinements), writers on Codex started by submitting a puzzle idea. If the idea had potential, the head editors assigned a specific editor to oversee the writing process. To be considered, a Mystery Hunt puzzle idea needed to be more than a concept, rising above “I want to write a Doctor Who puzzle.” Instead, the writer needed to describe the process solvers need to follow in said puzzle. The process could involve a single step or multiple parts before ending with a single answer. Once the editor approved of a working concept, the writer(s) developed a full draft.

Dave Pickens, an engineer and parent of three children, got the school website up and running and donated a server to the school himself.

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