Other Big PC Games For This Holiday Season Include The Online Role-playing Game Dark Age Of Camelot, Which Is Essentially A Quicker-playing Version Of Everquest; Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Which Is Basically The Real-time Strategy Blockbuster Age Of Empires II Set In A Galaxy Far, Far Away; And The Oh-so-timely Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Which Has Players Commanding A Special Ops Military Team

“I think Twitch Plays Pokémon appeals to a desire to be a part of something significant while spending as little effort as possible,” the programmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told WIRED.

In the 2007 walkout, shows including NBC’s “Tonight” and CBS’ “The Late Show with David Letterman” went dark for two months. They returned during the strike either without writers or, in Letterman’s case, with a separate guild deal through his production company. That won’t be an option for CBS’ current “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert because a CBS entity now produces it.

Some visitors looking at the source code of the maintenance page realized that it included a hidden iframe tag that loaded a mysterious clump of Javascript code from a Verizon Business internet address. By midday, the code was being circulated and dissected all over the net. Mozilla confirmed the code exploited a critical memory management vulnerability in Firefox that was publicly reported on June 25, and is fixed in the latest version of the browser.

It was the story of a little girl in the UK who was a member of the Lego Club Jr. When you are a member of this club, you get a magazine four times a year. But when her new magazine arrived it wasn’t the regular magazine, but the new Lego Club Girls.

One seventh-grade math teacher, Terrance Tom, said he has not heard any talk about HIPSchools among teachers at M.S. 246, and did not have much success when he tried to use it last year. He said the messages he tried to send did not work and that he gave up.

Maybe Manuel Noriega could sue the RIAA for cruel and unusual punishment for when the United States played Rick Dees’ “Eat My Shorts” to get him out of the Vatican embassy in Panama.

By David Cornish, Wired UK

But successful turnarounds are few and far between. They’re extremely challenging, even for the most seasoned veteran. And they’re even harder when half the stakeholders think everything is fine and have no interest in changing a thing. That’s what makes the turnaround of America Inc. so challenging.

In the Uber office, operations managers watch a screen showing a “God View” (below) of the entire city, which displays all the active Uber cars in real time to ensure quality is maintained on the system at all times. Kalanick said it’s mesmerizing watching the car requests light up all over the city during peak hours.

In Mexico, wireless phone users also outnumber fixed-line phone users: 14 million cell phone users to 12.3 million fixed-lines.

Steve: “We like our own stickers better. Don’t get me wrong, we love Intel chips, it’s just that everyone knows it, so I think that stickers on the box is just redundant.”

Guardian iPad Edition [iTunes]

If rods are too interesting for you, check out orbs. Where rods take the form of moving blurs, orbs manifest themselves as roughly circular blobs. Spine-chillingly circular!

Photo: Pleo (dh/Flickr)

“For a century, you’ve had the Italian lira, the German mark, the Dutch guilder and so on,” Bednar said. “All these countries have had currencies that have historical references to their country. Now all of a sudden, within five or six weeks they are going to be pulling these things off the market and people are going to have this nondescript euro.

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“Microsoft will continue to be in the public eye mainly because of its large presence and attractiveness as a target,” he said.

Someone’s already used Apple’s new time-lapse photography camera at the New York Apple Store for an inevitable purpose – a flashy wedding proposal.

Okay, I’m rather frustrated that I haven’t been able to dig up more than what the Engadget  article on this showed – primarily because the company (Festo) that makes this is European, and while there’s an American English section to their website, I’ve had no love if finding anything but the German page on this… toy?  I think it’s meant to be a toy.  And I hope they’ll let me buy one.  Just look at the video and be amazed.

Not everyone is so sure. Blankenship, for one, is skeptical. “I don’t buy that,” he said. “I don’t see any data here that suggests that oxygenic photosynthesis occurred that much earlier.” To him, the work by Redding, Fromme and their collaborators has not answered these questions; it has only conjectured about what may have happened. To solve that puzzle, scientists will need the reaction center structures of other bacteria, so they can continue evaluating the structural differences and similarities to refine the twisting roots of their evolutionary trees.

During their annual “Upfront” sessions this month, TV networks are flinging several dozen new shows against the wall in order to see what sticks to the 2009-2010 prime-time wall. Given corporate media’s 90 percent mortality rate for new comedies and dramas made the old fashioned (expensive) way, webotainment — produced on a shoestring — continues to gain traction.

Well, consider how these cubes could be used to support collaboration with the right designed game, or help students with dyslexia develop literacy skills through the moving and shaping of blocks with letters and words. The cubes offer a whole range of options when learning about spatial concepts and engaging students in game-based learning activities. They will also be offering the Sifteo Creativity Kit which will allow anyone to refine and change games. It isn’t a full blown development tool for non-programmers, but it will allow children and parents to develop the complexity and challenge of playful activity using Sifteo cubes.

Yesterday’s Hero: ePub (free), .mobi (free), Barnes & Noble, Amazon

To find out, I contacted Oneupweb, a search engine optimization, or SEO, firm based on the shores of Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, no one there knew the answer either, so Lisa Wehr, the founder and CEO, offered to conduct a study of 30 clients for me.

Von Kaenel said OESU was intended to be the “uberpatch” that incorporated many of the most critical outlook security updates into one package. But many of the testers said Microsoft’s scanner suggested that they needed to install up to a dozen Outlook patches to be fully protected.

The cinematography, the sets and coloring are all unmistakably British. The special effects are understated and work really well. But, the highlight is the writing. The script really draws you to the characters, so that even with major actor changes from the pilot to episode one, I still felt a real connection with the morally-troubled vampire, werewolf-in-denial and scared ghost.

Image: EDWW day_dae (esteemedhelga)™/Flickr

Other big PC games for this holiday season include the online role-playing game Dark Age of Camelot, which is essentially a quicker-playing version of Everquest; Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, which is basically the real-time strategy blockbuster Age of Empires II set in a galaxy far, far away; and the oh-so-timely Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, which has players commanding a special ops military team. And real-life replicator The Sims continues to sell well.

It appears that this outrage has made an impact: Steinberg announced on Tuesday that his clinic will not be offering “cosmetic” screening to couples, at least for the moment:

As with many social engineering attacks, its outward simplicity helps ensnare potential victims. Underneath that exterior, though, researchers who have tracked the campaign say that it uses a clever combination of defense measures to make it harder for spam filters, antivirus programs, and phishing scanners to flag.

Pentagon leaders were furious over the Afghanistan documents, but the American public largely greeted them with yawns. Iraqis might not be so sanguine.

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