Installation Is One Line Of JavaScript Code

The developer community was up in arms when iOS developers received similar letters from Lodsys earlier this month. Companies like Apple and Google provide developers with the payment technology used to perform these in-app functions, so it would make sense for Lodsys to file suit against the big companies instead of the developers who use the technology.

Investigators say there are at least half a dozen other arrests currently in the works. In addition, U.S. Postal Inspectors and Customs and Border Protection agents have seized at least 3,000 suspicious packages that authorities say can be tied to Silk Road.

Ever since I started homeschooling my kids, I’ve been searching for a fun, age-appropriate Spanish program that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I didn’t start learning Spanish until the 5th grade, so I wasn’t sure where to start with my primary aged kids. We’ve checked out books from the library, bought a couple of preschool Spanish workbooks and found a website or two that taught some things, but nothing really grabbed both of my kids. My daughter is naturally interested in everything, so she has been excited about learning another language from the start. My son, however, requires more bells and whistles to inspire him, and nothing I had found so far had piqued his interest.

Installation is one line of JavaScript code. Even more impressive, Chartbeat already offers canned widgets and an API – something Google Analytics has been promising to deliver on for a long time.

After searching Robertson’s car and his parents’ home, authorities found no weapons, traces of explosive material or any other evidence that the teen was planning to attack his school.

“Step one was figuring out what room I was in,” he said. “Step two was running into things. Step three was getting the hang of navigating blind.”

Note that this direct-sales thing lets Louis get your e-mail address – because you trust him. Meanwhile, if you sell music through iTunes or many other platforms, you don’t get the e-mail address of your fans, and perhaps even worse, someone else does.

“Driverless cars are very rule-based, and they don’t understand social graces,” said Missy Cummings, director of Duke University’s Humans and Autonomy Lab.

Everything Is Green at This Fair

Wednesday marked the launch of Quarkbase, a website popularity index.’s purpose for being is to know all about your site. Its logo says it all: “Everything about a Website.”

“The situation has kind of blown up here, a lot bigger than I thought it would,” says Defiant, a 19-year-old man whose first name is James. “I wish I was a minor right now because this is going to be really bad.”

But late last year the company, whose website features information related to buying or renting a home, disclosed it had overstated revenue and restated results for 2000 and 2001 because of advertising barter deals.

I must make mention of a really handy feature found on the power supply. It has a USB port that will allow you to charge your USB devices.

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