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The Speech-to-Text Platform Joke__You’ll Need A Wireless Keyboard For This

For some Marine family members, the command’s dissatisfaction with Basetrack’s Facebook page is hard to fathom. “I haven’t seen anything they’ve done to put any of these kids in harm’s way,” says Jackie Giambrone, mother of a Marine in the unit. “They’ve done what they promised – they kept us connected.”

And a #DeleteUber Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) campaign has been gaining momentum since Kalanick was misperceived as being supportive of President Trump’s travel ban. He has since stepped down from Trump’s business advisory panel, but the damage was done. The Wall Street Journal reports that archrival Lyft is gaining significant market share and is looking to raise $500 million in new funding to further capitalize on Uber’s management missteps.

If you’re looking to sell your house, there are many things to consider before putting it on the market. Have you found the right Realtor to properly price your property? Is the condition of your home at its best? And while you might not think about your credit when you put your home on the market, selling your home can have an effect on your credit.

Musk: It involves the design of the airframe. If you think about it, a rocket is really just a container for the liquid oxygen and fuel—it’s a combination propellant tank and primary airframe. Traditionally, a rocket airframe is made by taking an aluminum plate perhaps a couple of inches thick and machining deep pockets into it. Then you’ll roll or form what’s left into the shape you want—usually sections of a cylinder, since rockets tend to be primarily cylindrical in shape. That’s how Boeing and Lockheed’s rockets are made, and most other rockets too. But it’s a pretty expensive way to do it, because you’re left with a tiny fraction of the plate’s original mass. You’re starting with a huge slab of material and then milling off what isn’t needed, so you get a huge loss of material. Plus, machining away all that metal takes a lot of time, and it’s very expensive.

Friday’s arrest of a Minnesota teenager who reportedly confessed to coding a variant of the Blaster worm provided little comfort to those who are still struggling to clear its contamination from their computers.

But anyone who wants to do it must supply with a name, credit card number, and home address. The agreement does not include a way to select or pay for more than five links to each article.

Lumentum Holdings makes what are instead known as vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, or VCSELs for short. These are a key component of 3D sensors that could power some of the expected features of the new flagship iPhone, such as the ability to unlock the phone through 3D facial recognition.

The move marks a return to Yahoo’s core mission: to act as a directory of content, rather than providing the stuff itself – an expensive proposition, as Yahoo found out during its webcasting negotiations. Yahoo plans to let other companies pay for content while selling ads on a directory that hooks into those services at the artist level.

__2. The Speech-to-Text Platform Joke__You’ll need a wireless keyboard for this. Set up a meeting with a colleague to teach them a speech-recognition program (you’ll need a plausible reason why the company needs this). Then, right before the meeting, connect your keyboard wirelessly to the victim’s computer. Explain to the victim that the program will have to be trained to recognize their voice, and give them a sample sentence to try out. As they do this, have a co-worker a few desks away type gibberish into the program page (“Boomshakalaka!).

It’s not that Glaser opposes gun control. A steady Democratic donor, Glaser founded the online streaming giant RealNetworks back in the 1990s as a vehicle for broadcasting left-leaning political views. It’s just that any conversation about curbing gun rights in America tends to lead more to gridlock and finger-pointing than it does to action. “I know my personal opinions aren’t going to carry the day in this current political environment,” Glaser says.

The great experiment in copyright trolling that is Righthaven appears to be nearing an end.

The attack came right after the group issued a fund raising appeal ahead of the final weekend before Tuesday’s vote. The measure seeks to ban same-sex marriages in California, which became legal in June this year after the California Supreme Court struck down the state’s laws banning gay marriage, finding them unconstitutional.

And so the race between Instagram and Snap continues, especially as talk of a Snap IPO heats up. Now that Instagram has seemingly matched Snap in the audience game, why miss the opportunity to go after some paying customers, too?

Today is the beginning of one of the toughest (and most egalitarian) races in the world.

Google SitesGoogle Sites, the offspring of Google’s JotSpot acquisition, is now available to the general public. Previously Google Sites was tied in with the Google Apps suite, which meant you needed your own domain to host a site, but that limitation has been removed.

Questions become currency and science becomes the great conversation. Just in time, the dialogue expands to include a wider audience. Here come the citizen scientists and a new, golden age for exploration. It’s curiosity gone wild.

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>’It was like we had been lost in the desert waiting for someone to rescue us by helicopter. But then we decided we just had to hike out. We didn’t know quite where to go, but we had to get there under our own power.’

Genetic ancestry will bring in big money, but it will trigger a backlash from indigenous populations. The development of tools for discerning high-resolution estimates of geographical ancestry based on SNP chip data (the same data currently used by personal genomics companies) will make genetic ancestry even more insanely popular than it is already. However, these tests are only as good as their reference populations. Research groups that have been quietly collecting DNA from different ethnic groups for decades will suddenly find themselves the subjects of considerable commercial interest. At the same time, increasingly aggressive efforts to collect samples from indigenous communities will raise hackles and accusations of biopiracy (as have similar sampling projects).

But nonetheless Gawker slid its dollars across the table, and now everyone at Gawker Media uses Slack. Even Valleywag.

Cutting off the transport route would be a disaster that would resonate across the mid-west and beyond.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, a derivative of lysergic acid found in the alkaloids of the ergot grain fungus, has been illegal worldwide since the mid-1960s and still generates controversy. The conference was picketed Saturday by a splinter group from Scientology opposed to drug use.

In fact, HTTPS protects more than confidentiality. It also offers authentication and what website administrators call “integrity.” For a site to register in a browser as HTTPS encrypted—noted with a padlock in the browser’s address bar—it needs to authenticate itself: to prove that it’s the site it says it is, rather than an impostor. To do that, a website’s administrator asks a “certificate authority” company like Comodo or Symantec to issue the site a “certificate,” a cryptographic key that in theory can’t be forged. Though certificate authorities have occasionally been hacked, like in the case of the Dutch firm Diginotar in 2011, breaking that system of trust. But in general, a certificate means that when your browser says you’re at, you really are sharing your data with a Google server and no one else.

Rothenberg, 32, greeted them with the confidence that comes from accomplishing significant things at a young age. A sandy-haired smiler with a firm handshake, he’d rocketed to prominence on a pedigree that touched all the bases in tech. He paired an Ivy League-endorsed intelligence with a star-studded network of college friends, many of whom had already started companies worth millions. When he founded Rothenberg Ventures in 2012, he leaned on this network for both investors and companies to invest in. He set out to bolster his new firm with spectacular events: BBQs with tutu-ed ponies or luau dancers, puppy parties, luxury boxes at Warriors and Giants games, a sponsored race car, and an all-day founder-and-investor soiree that involved renting out the Giants stadium every year. To keep his culture of “awesome” — a favorite adjective — he hired scores of millennials for sometimes below-market paychecks, once doling out VR headsets instead of bonuses, and relied on his instincts, aided by his team’s diligence, to get equity in companies with auspicious projections. To a degree, the strategy seemed to be working. The firm’s 100-company investment portfolio includes stakes in promising companies Robinhood, SpaceX, and Revel Systems.

“I spoke to 10 attorneys who told me 10 different things. I went on the INS website and they did not have any information that even indicated a timeframe to me,” he added.

Why would the long tail theory apply to eMusic’s website but not 24/7 Entertainment’s mobile-oriented business?

The No. 2 U.S. long-distance telephone carrier and one of the biggest movers of Internet data, WorldCom paid about $1 billion for the wireless assets at the height of the Internet boom in 1999 through the acquisition of other companies. The company said it would file information about the Nextel (NXTL) agreement and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court will hold a hearing to consider the transaction.

Jones: Groklaw itself will continue covering legal news, SCO or no SCO. I have a commitment from an attorney to begin covering a patent case as soon as he finds one that appeals to him. I’d like to get other lawyers involved. I am arranging for some law students to help me also. We are working on a redesign of the site, to make it work better for the growth we have experienced. So we’ll cover more subjects, eventually, more cases.

They can handle 320 trillion operations per second, representing roughly a 13-fold increase over the calculating power of the current PX 2 class.

Instead of touting flashy website promotions or money-losing e-commerce plans, CEOs are more likely to decide how to use technology in practical ways.

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