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Google’s Dominance Of Online Advertising And Search Gives The Company Such Power Over The Internet That It Needs To Be More Transparent, According To Jeffrey Chester, Who Heads The Center For Digital Democracy And Helped Author The Federal Trade Commission Complaint Against The Google-DoubleClick Acquisition

The bug is easy to use and modify. David Martin, a computer science professor at the University of Denver, quickly intercepted a message this reporter forwarded to a colleague with his own version of the bug.

Google’s dominance of online advertising and search gives the company such power over the internet that it needs to be more transparent, according to Jeffrey Chester, who heads the Center for Digital Democracy and helped author the Federal Trade Commission complaint against the Google-DoubleClick acquisition.

Apple and AT&T said iPhone 4 pre-orders exceeded their expectations: Pre-order sales were 10 times higher than the first day of pre-orders for the third-generation iPhone.

When adults do parse it, it looks pretty bad. Teens are posting provocative photos, and they frequently summon the kind of language parents would rather not see under their children’s bylines, while swapping sexual banter, dishing on school faculty or peers and sharing stories about drinking and drugs.

Though E Ink displays aren’t any cheaper than LCDs, Brewer hopes it can create the perception of greater value among buyers.

Bloomfield, author of How Everything Works: Making Physics Out of the Ordinary, dismissed theories bubbling up in comment threads about the videos that suggest harmonious vibrations are heating the corn.

Oracle said in late August it would hire more than 5,000 engineers, consultants, sales and support people this year to boost the fast-growing business.

So instead, Simz traded in the major labels for her own and formed Age 101 last August. Until Blank Canvas got her an industry-level blessing, Simz had been using beats she found online to accompany her flow. No one wanted put their time into someone they’d never heard of. “I struggled with working with producers because no one openly wanted to give me a chance to rap on their beats,” says Simz. “That’s just honest talk. No one really wanted to take that risk.” So She kept writing and mixing all of her songs essentially in her bedroom. With the juice she picked up from Canvas Simz was able to make her first EP of entirely original work, called E.D.G.E.. She kept working with local producers and her Space Age crew and started releasing the Drop tapes under her label, which caught the attention of Red Bull Studios in London earlier this year.

Monster Energy will become the third title sponsor in the history of the premier series, following in the footsteps of RJ Reynolds and Sprint. NASCAR’s second-tier circuit, the XFINITY Series, took on Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) as its leading sponsor in 2015.

The title went back to jolly old England today when Devon Byrnes, 18, of Olney made the sprint in 58.5 seconds to beat Kaela Krueger, 19, who took first place in Liberal.

“This creates something that BitTorrent has until now lacked, which is a centralized node to target,” Lemley says. “One of the differences between BitTorrent and Kazaa has been that there’s a central Kazaa company…. There hasn’t been a similar centralized service or site associated with BitTorrent, and now there is.”

Not just fast food anymore: Fast food giant McDonald’s and computer maker Compaq Computer (CPQ) said they have developed a computer system so that kids can play the latest video games in McDonald’s restaurants.

To some lawyers and gun control advocates, the intention of the injunction was clearly to keep these blueprints from being used to make guns at all. “I think [selling them] is a disingenuous workaround of the judge’s order. The core aim of the temporary injunction was to safeguard the public’s security while the legal issues are being determined. Selling the blueprints isn’t an exercise of First Amendment freedoms, but rather a subversion of a lawful judicial order,” says Lawrence Gostin of Georgetown Law, who specializes in public health law.

The official apps will also serve Promoted Tweets from Twitter’s ad platform.

That’s one of the unique things about Section Zero: the characters age in real time. The three issues we published in 2000 are still set in 2000; when we get to new material, it’ll be set in 2012. The team we had in 2000 won’t be quite the same in 2012. All the characters will have changed to some degree – some drastically – some will be gone, and some new faces will take their place.

Arguably, some of the greatest treasures from the Apollo Program were the wealth of fantastic photos brought back from the lunar surface. Astronauts were armed with modified Hasselblad EDC cameras which were mounted to a special chest harness on the front of their spacesuits. Due to the position of the camera in relation to their helmets, the photographers were not able to see through the viewfinder. However, during each mission series of photos were taken in a 360 degree array, to capture what the landscape looked like in all directions.

But I think the memo has a far more practical purpose than that. More likely, it’s a desperate attempt to pump up Gawker’s valuation ahead of the bankruptcy auction slated for next month. Ziff-Davis is currently the lead bidder with $90 million on the table – a steep drop from the $250 million Gawker was said to be worth prior to the Florida jury ruling.

Whether or not you will enjoy Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days probably has a lot to do with your reaction to words like “gentle,” “pure,” and “nice.” My husband and I have discussed lately how our family may be suffering from acute dystopia overload–the books, movies, and games we’ve been consuming have all centered on post-apocalyptic themes and as I mentioned previously in my review of the new Wii U game system, I can understand why my teenaged sons would be drawn to this mature content. However, sometimes, it is just nice to come together as a family to laugh and snuggle with some popcorn–that’s the kind of experience you’ll have with this film.

Gardner says: “It was really affirming to see the guardians of culture and knowledge taking Wikipedia increasingly seriously. That wouldn’t have happened five years ago.”

“Most of the milblog(er)s are there or have people close to them there,” he wrote in an e-mail to Wired News. “They maintain OPSEC because it is personal to them. Self-preservation. It is risking them and/or theirs.”

Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, said he and other Sony employees have been frustrated for years with management’s reluctance to introduce products like Apple Computer’s (AAPL) iPod, mainly because the Tokyo company had music and movie units that were worried about content rights.

Henning hopes other cultural institutions are taking notice — and watching closely. “When we’re successful, I think my colleagues will follow,” Henning says. “What’s important is to be first.”

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