Based Near Hollywood, And Still Closely Tied To New York, Calacanis Is Perhaps Best Positioned To Launch A Personality-driven Podcast Network Able To Garner Mainstream Attention

Pairing by region is also a fun angle to take. One of my earlier postswas called the “Terroir of the Tune” and commented on that idea. Forexample, there are some incredible wines and incredible music comingout of Oregon these days.

Renauld’s extremely low tech Blogger page deflates the concept a bit, but if increasing numbers of people keep checking in, the concept will start looking less like a pyramid scheme and more like a viable revenue stream.

Based near Hollywood, and still closely tied to New York, Calacanis is perhaps best positioned to launch a personality-driven podcast network able to garner mainstream attention. But despite all the digital breadcrumbs, at this point, Project X remains a mystery. The one factor arguing against Project X being a podcast network is the fact that Calacanis’ own video podcast is already being served by, the other upstart video podcast network, led by Robert Scoble. Whatever Project X turns out to be, the heat generated by speculation has already given the project more momentum than most new ventures—nice start.

Instead of ending the game when the Thunderstone reaches rank 1, the game ends when the Thunderstone Bearer is either defeated or escapes the dungeon hall. The Thunderstone Bearer is sort of like the Guardians in the original series: tougher to beat, and with some powerful effects.

Another worrisome specter for privacy advocates is Google’s use of tracking cookies. According to Hoofnagle, Google’s privacy policy still reserves the right to use a single cookie across product lines, including web searches, e-mail and other applications.

With the browser-based service, after you login you’ll be taken immediately to the satellite map image page that also contains menus and buttons for a large number of features and services. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I eventually figured out the few items I wanted to set, leaving a large number of features turned off or not configured. There’s a Predator setting that can show you where registered sex offenders are located in your area and you can configure it to alert you if your child comes within 500 feet of these locations (units of measurement can also be changed to metric if desired). I turned on the feature momentarily and just about fell on the floor when I saw all the little blue-man icons pop up. I live in Atlanta, a solid metro area. The map was so blue I couldn’t make out any details. Zooming in helps, as my first instinct was to sell my house and get my family out of the area… after zooming in, I realized the closest registered offender to my home was about 5 miles away and not living next door. (That said, I’m now wondering about all the UN-registered offenders.) Still, if this is something you’d like to know about, the Amber Alert GPS device makes it super easy to find out. You can even type in an exact address (if you know, for example, where your child might be going in the future) and get the same blue-man icon feedback.

At the time of his arrest, Aleynikov acknowledged taking the code, but told FBI agents he only intended to collect open source software files on which he had worked, and that his collection of proprietary files on his last day of work had been inadvertent.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said people without prescription drug coverage who use the card would see average savings of 17 percent on brand-name drugs and 30 percent on generics. McClellan said those figures were discounts off an industry reference price, not the retail price.

But Violin’s flash gear shouldn’t be confused with the tech offered by Fusion-io and its well-known chief scientist, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Fusion sells flash devices that sit inside the server, plugging into machines via a motherboard connector called the PCIe bus. Violin’s memory array sits outside the server, offering a kind of storage pool you can use across your network.

Vegas box CoverVegas

So they asked if they would all come and meet with us as the OpenID community, and tell us why aren’t you adopting federated login. Why are the problems with it? and there were three primary areas of feedback they gave us at the meeting. The first was that the user interface that the identity providers had was too complex.

JWST was supposed to be finished by June 2014 and to cost about $5.1 billion. An independent review panel, however, last fall determined it would likely cost $6.5 billion and not be finished until September 2015. This is of course not a good thing, but it’s nothing new. In fact, there was a NASA project that was supposed to launch in 1983, but didn’t make it into space until 1990, and by the time it launched it had cost triple its original budget – about $11 billion in 2011 dollars. In the 21 years since its launch it has cost many billions more in servicing missions.

If you are a science geek the Galileo Museum of the History of Science in Florence, Italy, is a treasure house of wonder — even though it’s almost everything a science museum should not be.

With that said, there are some features missing that I’d like to see in version 2. One major minus is you can’t comment on stories like you would on You can view comments, but you can’t actually write any. According to Tap Tap Tap, which developed the app with Digg, the public Digg API doesn’t support adding comments yet. So hopefully we can expect this feature in a later version.

In the case of the V-word, it seems silly to be embarrassed. After all, the word vibrator has a number of uses, most of them non-titillating. For example, a vibrator is a setting on a number of musical instruments, as well as our cell phones. And, there is a British punk band named the Vibrators. However, despite the everyday usage, Trojan has chosen to name their purple branded line “Vibrations,” so even a company known for selling products designed strictly for sexual use has wiggled on the V-word. On its website Trojan adds some gravitas to its promise of ecstasy, citing the science of vibrators via scholarly research from the prestigious Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

Smith says TechSpark is a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment to help teach computer science to students, expand rural broadband and help create and fill jobs, among other things. The other programs will be in Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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